The Studded Zara Blazer

I passed this blazer in Zara numerous times before committing myself to purchase it. "It is too much?, too in your face?!", I thought countless times, busying myself at other shelves in the store, occasionally glancing back at the rail hung with several spiked blazers.

I eventually returned to the rail, not finding anything else in the shop that credulously piqued my interest like this spikey blazer. I rifled through, hoping they had my size, when two women picked the first one up and began chattering about it.

"Wow, that is amazing."
"But would you wear it?"
"It's stunning, but I wouldn't wear it".

And they sidled off, leaving the rack of blazers in my possession. Then I thought, why wouldn't you wear it?! It is such a statement blazer, nothing of which I have in my collection, one embellished with spikes and such. So I nabbed it and paid.

The only little teeny problem I have with this blazer is the length. I feel like it swallows me. Just a bit. But then again, I have no blazers this length, which is a good thing. The collar is a bit odd too, in the fact that there isn't really one. It doesn't have any buttons in which to fasten it up, but I like that, I think buttoned up it would look too military. On that note I don't think I have ever buttoned up a blazer! It is very structured, which I love, and fits like a glove. Overall I think it was definitely a worthy purchase.

I wore it out last weekend and received so many compliments, and I am so delighted I bought it!

Top: Topshop
Jeans: River Island
Heels: Topshop
Blazer: Zara
Necklace: Topshop

In other news, I am spending my dosh like a maniac on new ensembles. And I have succumbed and jumped back on the makeup buying bandwagon. Whoops! I think the makeup ban has lasted long enough.

So I treated myself to four new lipsticks. FOUR! Three of which are Topshop, the other, Chanel. I also bought some Inglot necessities and a Chanel perfume.

They make me happy ok!?