Current Lust Have: Kurt Geigers

Hello dollies ! :)

My favourite shoe designer of all time has to be Kurt Geiger.
There is something about Kurt Geiger shoes that completely overwhelms me when I look at them, they just scream elegance, poise and beauty.
If I could have one wish it would be to have an endless supply of Kurt Geiger shoes.
It is ultimately their shape and design that sets them apart from the competition, and it is the innovation, creativity and thought that goes into the design of each shoe and attention to detail that makes me squeal with delight when I walk past their boutique in Dundrums House of Fraser. They are so pretty I can't contain myself.
I am a self confessed shoe-aholic, so don't worry if I am coming across as some sort of mentaller, it's ok.
Have a look for yourself to see what all the fuss is about :)

And these babies are on my Christmas wishlist :)

Sigh :)

What I Wore Today.

Hello my cherubs!
Quick outfit post :)

Jumper Dress: H&M

Seriously loving turquoise eyes at the moment. Cant get enough!! :)
Hope youre all well :) x

Product Rave: Barry M Lipgloss Wands

Hiya girlies :)

So from time to time I may do these kinds of posts, when I fall in love with a beauty product and feel the need to share my love for it with all my beautiful followers :)

So, chances are alot has already been said about this product,but I thought I'd give you my opinion of it for those who don't know about the brand, the product, or for those of you who just like reading other peoples views on things :)

Today's products are the Barry M Lipgloss Wands. Now I only have 2 of them, but I actually love them both so much. I have had the Toffee flavoured one for quite some time now, and a few weeks ago I decided to treat myself to some more gorgeous Barry M products; a few dazzledusts and another lipgloss wand. (More on the dazzledusts later :) )

I opted for the bright pink Bubblegum Lipgloss.

The colour may look mad to those of you who don't usually opt for such a vibrant rich lip colour, and I must admit I was a little scared of it at first, but worn with a neutral eye it really isnt that bad. :)

Upon first application, it is quite sheer, but the colour is easily buildable and lasts quite a long time.
This product only cost me around €3 on sale, but usually retails at about €5. I think it is really good value for money as the quality of the product is of a very high standard.

It looks a tad neon and bright and frivolous and just plain crazy, but Ive really become attached to its boldness and audacity.

Value: ♥♥♥♥♥
Repurchase: Yes

Hope youve enjoyed and are all having a fab weekend :)

Aoife xx

Foundation Help.

Hi my sweets!
So im on the lookout for a new foundation.
Over the years I have tried many different foundations and although some were good, some were also very very bad. I have now decided to let go of my beloved Makeup Forever HD Foundation and branch out and experiment with something else.
Interestingly, I have never tried any of the MAC foundations. I know, crazy right?
I have been in and out of MAC many a time testing and swatching the vast range of foundations on display, getting matched to my perfect shade and chatting to the lovely MAC girls about coverage and consistency. But despite all that, I have never purchased one. It may have been due to bad reviews from fellow bloggers and youtubers, many of whom admitted to having break outs due to MACs foundations, and I slowly sidled away from the idea of coveting one for myself.
For the last few months, I have been using the HD Foundation from Makeup Forever. I really like this foundation. But it gives quite a sheer coverage, is quite light, and although that was perfect for me at the end of the summer months, I crave something a little bit more full bodied for winter. Gosh I sound like a wine connoisseur.
I have tried and tested many drugstore foundations from Revlons Colourstay to Rimmels Matte Range and just never found one that was worthy of Holy Grail status.
If im going to dish out €30 for a foundation I would like it to be of a high standard. By high standard I mean non gloopy, non patchy, stay all day foundation. After all, foundation is the base of your makeup kit, your whole face, and if that goes wrong, well what hope does my eye makeup and lippie have.
I would be very grateful if you gorgeous girlies could recommend some of your favourite foundations to me, as I am feeling quite nonchalant and open to suggestions about this whole affair.
Love Aoife :) x

Not so interesting facts about me..

Heya ladies ! :D

Im lying in bed at the mo, so tired! Had a tote stressful day, was in the hospital for an op! It was not pleasant let me tell you, but I am ok now :)
I saw this on the gorgeous
Sophie's blog and thought i'd do one too :)

1. I am addicted to Malibu and Pineapple. And when I go out dancing and ive had a few of these, im the one that does NOT get off the dancefloor.

2. The makeup I had done for my 21st made me feel amazing, and that's what inspired me to study makeup artistry. I want others to feel how I felt.

3. Ive been with my boyfriend Carl 3 years now. He's the funniest guy in the world, and he looks after me. He drives me nuts sometimes, but its one of the reasons I love him so much.

We sometimes do facemasks together.

4. Carl's daughter Ella is one of the most amazing people ive ever met. You cant help but smile when she looks at you.

5. I make wedding cakes in college. Among other things.

6. I used to have hair like this.

(Blonde Aoif)

then this.

(Red Aoif)

7. I like my food like this.

hmmmmmm. ive gone blank! oh.

8. I have to sleep on my stomach.
9. I cry at the most random things.
10. I used to play bass guitar in a few bands.
11. I want to own my own food shop one day.
12. I bite my nails like a mothertrucker.
13. I want to make new friends.
14. Im a black belt in karate.
15. I HATE blue cheese.
16. I possibly love shoes more than life itself. So shallow.
17. I can quote every single line in the film Mrs Doubtfire.
18. I have huge crushes on Michel Roux Jr, Marco Pierre White and David Bowie.
19. My favourite actor is John Cusack.
20. My favourite band are the Pixies.
21. I have blue eyes, but when im feeling sad they turn grey. :(
22. I have the biggest pupils EVER. People often ask am I on drugs. Nice.

Shocking. I cant think of anymore. The first few were ones I actually had pictures for! The rest were quite random. Apologies! But thank you for reading :)

Time for bed me thinks. Goodnight :) x

Blue Blood.

Heya sugarplums!
Today I decided to go blueee :)

Sometimes I find that when Im wearing a more colour lacking outfit that I like to jazz my eyes up and make them.. 'pop' :P

I once stated that I had a mass amount of 'crazy' colours in my eyeshadow collection, and for a while I had begun to neglect them a bit, as I had jumped on the neutral bandwagon. But as you can see in the last few posts, the crazy colours are back :D And i am LOVING them.

Here im wearing
Revlon Matte e/s in Venetian Blue (My new fave shadow!)
Revlon Matte e/s in Riviera Blue in the crease
MAC Matte e/s in Fig. 1. to blend
Random L'oreal eyeliner on waterline
Rimmel Liquid Liner on lid/upper lash line
L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara

Face: (for those of you wondering :) )
Makeup Forever HD Foundation 115 mixed with a bit of Clinique Superbalanced Makeup in 02 Fair
Sephora Pessed Powder
ELF Blusher & Bronzer Duo
MAC Politely Pink Lipstick
Barry M Toffee Lipgloss

Hope you enjoyed and let me know what you think!! :) xx

I ♥

1. Tea with 2 sugars.
2. Cooking programmes.
3. The way my boyfriend looks at me.
4. Turning my swag on.
5. My shoe collection.
6. Baking treats.
7. 80's hair.
8. French culture.
9. Michel Roux Jr.
10. Fine Dining.
11. Basslines.
12. Pussybow blouses.
13. Feeling accomplished.
14. Making new friends.
15. Waking up in the morning and feeling like P. Diddy.
16. Dancing like nobody's watching.
17. Strawberry Daquiris.
18. Brunch.
19. A runny boiled egg and toastie soldiers.
20. Feeling safe and looked after.
21. Vintage jewellery.
22. Coming home from a day out shopping and going through everything you bought just cos.
23. Making Wedding Cake Flowers.
24. Being picked for something.
25. Proper big bear hugs.
26. Picnics with lots of goodies.
27. Wearing a great outfit and feeling really confident in it.
28. Learning something new.
29. The look on someones face when you do something special for them.
30. Being young and free.
:) x

What I Wore.. The other day.

Hi girlies, finally a fashion post for you! I do apologise that my posts have been a bit random lately, i've been going crazy with the amount of college work i've to do! Im in my final year and although Im only in college two days a week, I tend to busy myself by doing loads of work at home!
This kind of outfit is not what I usually put together but I found some old gems in my wardrobe that I rarely wear and thought I would break them out. This is what I wore on sunday, and unfortunately most of my day consisted of cooking and baking in my kitchen for a gigantic dinner at our house, I didn't really get to go out. Bummer. Its quite casual and possibly not very autumnal but whatever! The weather's been gorgeous here lately.

Inadvertently, most of what im wearing happens to be from Primark.

Boots: Primark
Belt: Primark
Tights: Possibly Primark! Maybe Topshop :)
Shorts: Primark
Waistcoat/Cardigan: H&M
Tshirt: Bershka
Bangles: H &M
Bag: Vintage

I used to say to myself that brown was the most vile colour ever, and I would never buy any clothes or shoes that were brown because a) its horrible and b) I wear alot of black and they would never go. But lately I have found myself to be breaking this rule and pairing black pieces with brown or tan pieces, and I quite like it.
My eye makeup is also brown, im such a hypocrite!

I cant even remember what I used, I think it was the taupey brown from the Paul & Joe Palette, with a bit of Urban Decay's Zero in the crease? Anywho, pretty simple schtuff. :)

I also never ever wear my hair like this, as I think ive mentioned before that a stylist told me to get a fringe because I had a big forehead. I kinda like it though. Change is good. Ive used some new Umberto Gianni products that I will be reviewing and hauling on my Youtube channel soonies :)
Hope you girlies like and hope youre having a nice tuesday :) xx


Hey ladies :) Yes I have another Face of the Day post for you!

There are some new eyeshadows that have recently been added to my collection, so I thought i'd play with some of them today :) These colours remind me of mermaids, the sea, jewels and trinkets :)

The weather here has been gorgeous as of late, and athough my outfit is quite autumnal, (wooly jumper dress :) ) this look is on the summery side. What can I say the sun inspired me :)

I used:

MAC's Newly Minted on the lid
Revlon Matte e/s in Venetian Blue in the crease
Sleek Bohemian Palette colours Purple and Navy Blue on the outside of the lid and blended together

And thats it! I hope you like, let me know what you think!

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend :) xx

Sparkly Peepers.

Hey discodollies,
This is just a quick Face of the Day post to show you all my.. well.. Face of the Day!

Here it is :

Foundation: Makeup For Ever HD Foundation in 115
Concealer: Benefit's Erase Paste
Blush: Benefit's Coralista
Highlight: Sephora Sculpting Disk Highlight
Bronzer: Sephora SculptingDisk Bronzer

Make Up For Ever Pale Green e/s in 155
No. 7 Define and Shimmer Eye Palette in Autumn Plum
Revlon Matte e/s in Pink Innocence
Revlon Matte e/s in Vintage Lace
Sleek Divine Bohemian Palette colour Brown
L'Oreal Contour Kohl in Noir Intense
Rimmel Glam Eyes Professional Liquid Liner
No. 7 Exceptional Definition Mascara in Brown/Black
ELF Glam Eyes Sparkly False Lashes

Maybelline Coloursational Lipstick in Hollywood Red
Sleek Pout Polish in Sleek Cadillac

This was just fun look inspired by some old MAC images, hope you like :) xx

Sccccaaaarrryyyyy FOTD :P

Hello pumpkins!!

So it is Octooober :) And October means Halloween! (See what I did with the pumpkin thing?! Halloween?!) Ha :P

This isn't literally my Face Of The Day because I was not wearing it out among the public! It was just a bit of fun :) I havent decided if I should do makeup tutorials on Youtube yet.. I was in the middle of doing this one and my battery died without me knowing! :( So maybe its just not meant to be!

Anywho.. Its my take on a ghoul/zombie/skeleton/mighty boosh type thingy :)