Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

December already! As soon as Christmas FM goes on air, and the Coca Cola Christmas ad comes on the television, you know it's the beginning of the festive season. With the big day fast approaching, I thought it was about time to pile together a little series of gift guides for you for those in need of a little inspiration. 

I love reading these kinds of posts, I always find something to add to my Christmas list from reading them :) This particular post is dedicated to the lovely lady in your life! Bear in mind, many of these gifts are quite large and excessive gifts, but I couldn't write a Gift Guide post for women without including at least a few extravagant pieces. All of these gifts are items I would absolutely love to receive myself, although I will be posting two more Gift Guides this week featuring gift ideas for him, and stocking fillers or more inexpensive and fun gifts so keep an eye out! 

 1. The Mulberry Willow Tote - I saw a picture of Kim Sears with this tote and absolutely fell for it. It's more sophisticated than the cult Alexa and Bayswater totes from the Mulberry range, and although it is available in various colours, I am always drawn back to this electric purple hue. A beautiful gift for any lady! 

 2. This Works Christmas Deep Sleep Pillow Talk - A lavender scented pillow spray and a stress reliever and relaxation oil make up this little bundle; a lovely gift for the insomniac in your life!

 3. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette - First there was 1.. Then 2.. and now 3! The third edition of this classic neutrals palette promises 12 never before seen shadows. A beauty junkie essential. 

 4. Diptyque Candle in Lavender Leaf - A delicious candle from the esteemed Parisian brand Diptique is a beautiful present for the candle and fragrance lover. Available in a huge range of scents, here I've chosen Lavender leaf. 

5. Jo Malone Cologne Collection - A luxe and lavish present in it's entirety. Jo Malone gifts are a little bit extra special. This cologne gift set includes miniatures of five of their famous fragrances. 

6. Givenchy Turnpin Shark Tooth Bracelet - A luxurious accessory and an amazing gift! Givenchy! I would love this bracelet. It's quite a unique piece. I just love it. 

7. Estée Lauder Zodiac Compact - A powder compact from Estée Lauder embossed with a personalised zodiac sign. A lovely little compact! 

8. Marc Jacobs Baker Gold Watch - A watch is such a thoughtful gift for anyone any time of year. But the gold hardware and Marc Jacobs brand is what makes it a little bit more magical! 
 9. Tom Ford Lipstick in Cherry Lush - This lipstick has secretly been on my own personal list forever! A perfect red for the festive season.

 10. CIAK Pink Daily Diary - For the organiser! A perfect planner to start the new year!

Hope you enjoyed this post :) 
Part two is a Christmas Gift Guide for him coming soon!

The Babyliss Big Hair Styler

Volumising hair tools have been available for yonks. I've had mine for ages, but only recently started using it when I jumped on to the middle parting bandwagon. My hair was in an awkward length phase, past shoulder length but not long enough to have beautiful full and bouncy tendrils a la Kate Middleton or Kim Sears.

I ended up having to get a minor trim, although it ended up being sufficiently more than I had hoped, and I ended up with even shorter hair. To compensate for this, I impulsed cut and asked for a middle parting. I have only ever had a middle parting once in my life; before hitting my teens, so I never really knew how to style it without looking like a Hanson brother.

Enter the Babyliss Big Hair. For me, this has to be used when my hair is 95% dry. Any wetter and it just doesn't work. Essentially, it's a salon blowdry at home. No fancy bristle brushes, no hairdryer attachments, just this.

My hair is slightly layered all around my head, so this affects the overall look, but if I take the time and effort to do it properly, the end result is quite satisfactory. I tend to focus more on the lengths of my hair rather than the roots, so I end up with a more polished look than a 'big hair' look. 

I have seen two other newer 'big hair' products from Babyliss; another 50mm barrel whose only difference is that it includes three temperature settings, and another smaller tool, a 42mm barrel, which would supposedly be perfectly suited to fringes and shorter lengths. Personally, I think one of these tools is enough, so I think I'll stick with my trusty old 50mm.

Overall, I quite like this hair tool, although having to dry my hair with a dryer first, before using this, kind of misses the point of it being a blow dry styler. I may try the Remington Hot Brush next, it seems like the perfect go between tool. Heat and styling, without the blow dry.

 What do you think, have you used this styling tool?

Illamasqua Blaze Lipstick

Illamasqua Lipstick in Blaze - €21/£16.50

There's nothing more in your face than a nice bright lipstick. Pow!

I used to have more of a penchant for statement eyes over statement lips, but I eventually came to love a good statement lip; my first notable encounter was with this baby; and possibly remains my favourite lip colour to date. 

I dabbled with the idea of Illamasqua products for the first time last year when I went to London. Illamasqua is a brand scarely available to us here in Ireland which is so disappointing as it's such a beautiful brand. Although Illamasqua products can be purchased online, certain products like foundations and powders are pretty much out of the question due to lack of swatching/colour matching facilities. So I usually opt for lipsticks, polishes and blush. And shadows.

This lipstick, Blaze, is the first I have purchased from the brand. I had high hopes for it as it looks so beautiful and pigmented, but with the inability to swatch, I had no idea of texture, consistency or possible longevity. But I bought it anyway! And it didn't disappoint.

It's quite reminiscent of Topshop's Infrared, but not quite as popping as MAC's Morange. It's quite satiny but matte in texture, and the pigmentation is beautiful. It's not creamy, but slightly dry, so unfortunately I had to prod it numerous times with the lip brush in the hope of getting any lipstick on it. (Note: I always apply with a lip brush!) It is matte, a texture which I loathe, but this is surprisingly non drying for a dry lipstick. 

I sound somewhat negative with my thoughts on this lipstick, but aside from it's matte texture, everything else about this is quite positive. Beautiful colour, amazing pigmentation, and substantially long lasting. The packaging is beautiful too. 

What do you think? Have you tried any Illamasqua products?

The Autumn Wardrobe Lust List

1.| 2.| 3.| 4.| 5.| 6.| 7.| 8.| 9. 

1. I for one never need an excuse to buy new shoes. I saw the Zara Suede Platform Sandal on their website and obviously, I need them. Obviously. Although I can see myself wearing heeled shoe boots this Autumn, I think these may be a sweet little alternative for an evening out. I especially adore the ankle strap detail.
2.The Zara Leather City Bag has a sort of Celine vibe to it. Not as beautiful of course, but the colour is what drew me in. I can see myself wearing alot of purple/oxblood/burgundy over the coming months, and this bag is just delish. 
3. Every Autumn I go for a new jacket/coat, something a little bit lighter than a full on Winter wool coat. The Topshop Soft Black Trench would fit very snugly into my Autumn wardrobe, and I can see myself wearing this alot. I wear black quite a bit already, but this would go with everything.
4. I usually leave white coloured ensembles and accessories at the door when we transition into Autumn, but these Miu Miu Hexagonal Acetate Sunglasses just called to me when I saw them. I love the shape too, and they would add a bit of interest and freshness to an otherwise dreary coloured Autumn outfit. 
5. Everyone and their mother seem to be jumping on the cut out boot bandwagon. And I love them. The New Look Black Cross Strap Cut Out Boots are the nicest ones I've seen so far, and one of the more pocket friendly pairs too. 
6. In my fantasy 'capsule' Autumn wardrobe, these Topshop Burgundy Tailored Turn Up Trouser would be a definite addition. I love the tailored and modern detail of these, they look quite polished and perfect. 
 7. Continuing with the burgundy accessories theme, the River Island Purple Contrast Fedora also tops the list. I've tried this on numerous times trying to convince myself that the Fedora style does in fact suit me, it's so feminine and pretty. 
8. This Topshop Horus Crop top by Sister Jane isn't exactly Autumn inspired, but I adore the little jewels and Egyptian inspired details on it. 
9. I have lusted after a faux fur collar for ages, and never really found one that ticked all the boxes. This Ted Baker Faux Fur Collar however, ticks all the boxes. In reality it's actually quite large, which means cosy and snug. It comes in a nudey beige too, but I think the black would look better with my hair. :)

What are you lusting after this Autumn?

The Pretty Pink Lip and Blush Combo

MAC Lipstick in Creme Cup - €17.50/£15 | Illamasqua Powder Blush in Katie - €23/£18 

I don't usually do 'matchy matchy' with my lips and cheeks, but a soft pink on both can look gentle, subtle and effortless. MAC's Creme Cup is a soft cremesheen pink, a very wearable and feminine pink. I love the cremesheen finish on MAC lipsticks, and although I have a multitude of soft candy pinks in my collection, I tend to reach for this alot. I find it is similar to Hue and Patisserie in colour but has a bit more pigment due to it's finish, and seems more substantial on the lips as a result.

I pair this with MAC blushes Dainty and Mocha quite regularly, but I love it with Katie, a soft powder blush by Illamasqua. I adore Illamasqua blushes. They are so pigmented and quite large in the pan, so they most definitely last a long time. Katie is a soft candy baby pink, but comes across more candy like in the pan, and more of a flushed pink colour once applied to the cheek.

Combined, it is quite an effortless and minimal look, providing a bit of colour without going overboard. 
Are there any combinations of products you reach for regularly?

The Topshop Printed Trouser.

Trousers - Topshop
Cami - Topshop

My bottom half is definitely not one of my best features. My short stature adds a bit of a hindrance in deciding what to wear from time to time. Skirts and dresses alike need to be the precise length in order to accentuate and emphasise. 

Printed trousers, are usually, for me anyway, a definite no-no. I never really saw the appeal. However, like many Geminis, the decisiveness got the better of me, and I saw these trousers in Topshop and immediately decided that they were for me. 

Incidentally, the pictures do them no justice really, as my bended leg fails to deliver the flattery these trousers actually give. (For a a better-postured picture, have a look on my Instagram here.)

I wore these, very bravely and apprehensively might I add, to a Michelin starred dinner. Dressing for a fine dining meal is daunting enough on it's own, without debuting a new ensemble for the first time in the process. It may not have been the classiest choice, as I felt the teeniest bit of self-consciousness at the fact that this outfit may be a bit 'young'. I bought these for a trip away, and figured that if I didn't wear them, it would have been a complete waste. So I slapped them on and headed to my dinner. 

They are high waisted, but they aren't entirely fitted; they droop a bit on the bum, thigh and hip area, and provide a more bootleg style than skinny style on the leg hem. In other words, they're a bit on the loose side. Now this isn't because I bought a size too big, because they're a perfect fit on the waist, but it may be because of my awkward leg shape as previously mentioned.

I had to wear these with heels because flats would have a) made it casual and not very appropriate and b) abbreviated the length of my leg further. The pattern of these trousers is more summery that Autumn, but the monochrome detail adds a darker factor.

Overall I quite like the simplicity of these trousers, but at the same time they exhibit a somewhat intricate and more ornate characteristic. I would definitely try to dress these up more than down, limiting my wear of them to nights out.

In other news, I got my hair 'done', which basically meant a full head of highlights for me, but my roots are still slightly visible in the right  wrong light. I also braved it and opted for a middle parting, which on some days makes me look like a Hanson brother, but looks semi-ok when I whip out the Babyliss Big Hair Styler to try and achieve a more polished look. But I'm getting used to it. :)

What do you think of the printed trouser?

The Little White Dress.

Dress - Love Clothing via Asos
Shoes - H&M
Necklace - Second Female

In the summer it's all about little dresses for me. Light, floaty and bright, it's safe to say I pretty have a dress in nearly every colour. And when it's hot, I adore wearing white. 

This little Asos number has seen it's fair share of wear the past few weeks with all the warm weather we've been having, it's one of those staples that I always come back to, and that I love wearing. It's fabric makes it so light and wearable in warm weather, and the colour is just so clean and fresh. It's the simplicity of this dress that I love. No faffing with pattern or embellishment, it is what it is. 

 It's main negative characteristic is that the neckline fabric droops a bit too much for my liking so it either has to be pinned or belted to avoid exposing oneself. That minor detail aside, the only other qualm I have with this dress is that it creases like a bitch. A bit of last minute ironing never killed anyone, but when I'm rumbling for something to wear, alot of the time this staple white dress comes to mind and I tend to groan with displeasure because I know it most probably has to be ironed a la minute. And then it will probably crease again five minutes later. But it's ok. My love for this dress cancels out nearly all unfavourable attributes I associate with it.

It's a staple. Simple, clean cut, fresh. I'm sold. I feel very dainty and feminine in it's floaty conformation.
I recently wore this on a meander up the mountains, (yes! I practically live in the mountains!), and despite it's light weight, when we strolled down at sunset I didn't feel a chill whatsoever. The fact that it's not strappy around the neckline makes it a more substantial dress, and feels more appropriate in chillier times of day. 

Unfortunately I can't see myself wearing tights with this dress in the Summer to Autumn transition, it's brightness just makes me feel like summer and I don't want to decimate it's summery nostalgia by incorporating it into my Winter wardrobe. Even though I love these types of dresses, I am getting very excited about the prospect of cosy nights in, woolly hats, leather boots and big furry Winter coats. :) 

 Hope you are all well!

The Sunday Face.

Sundays for most people involves relaxation and minimal effort. Makeup wise on sundays the opposite is true for me. It is pretty much the only day for me that I can go all out with liner and blush, because for every other day of the week, I can't really sport a full face. Shock.

Due to the environment I work in, it's both impractical and unrealistic to wear makeup, as well as a bit unhygienic. I'm a chef for those of you wondering. So for this reason my days off allow me to play around with and also rediscover makeup loves hidden away in my slightly neglected collection.

Ironically, yesterday was infact a relaxation and minimal effort kind of day. Park for a stroll in the market and a small family gathering. So I tended to keep it light and neutral colour wise and opting to wear nude hues on my lids and lips.

001. Illamasqua Powder Eyeshadow in Lestat - I paired this with the MUFE eye seal to create a thick, jet black liner and it stayed put all day. On it's own it's a deep matte charcoal shadow, very pigmented, and very long-lasting.
002. Make Up For Ever Eye Seal - A lovely little multipurpose product. I have a full review here.
003. Illamasqua Powder Blush in Tremble - A soft matte candy pink, highly pigmented so you only use a teeny amount.
004. Chanel Vitalumiere Powder Foundation - A relatively new addition to my collection, it's really starting to grow on me! It is light and provides relatively good coverage, recently reviewed here.
005. L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara in Carbon Black - A very pigmented black mascara, provides very good length, volume and curve.
006. MAC Strobe Cream - The perfect highlighting product. Used on the cheekbone, and sometimes even a tiny bit blended with moisturiser to give a subtle glow.
007. MAC Lipstick in Creme d'Nude - One of my favourite lipsticks, ever. Cremesheen finish, perfect nude hue.
008. NARS Bronzer in Laguna - The perfect bronzer for my skin tone.
009. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - My go-to concealer. I use two colours; #1. Light for under eye, and #2. Fair for blemishes.
010. Soap & Glory Archery Brow Tint and Pencil - My new staple brow product. Tint on one end, precision pencil on the other. Love.

Hope you all had nice weekend!
:) x

Chanel Vitalumiere Liquid and Powder Foundation

I had been meaning to purchase the Vitalumiere Aqua foundation for a while, I had heard marvelous things about the beautiful light consistency and dewy finish, and I eventually got around to using up my Smashbox 15Hour foundation and thought it was time for a new addition to the makeup family. I had a long and lengthy chat with the manager of the Chanel counter and found myself veering towards the original Vitalumiere foundation, turned off by the Aqua version's sheer lightness, as I favour a fuller coverage. She explained that the Aqua is pretty much a step up from a tinted moisturiser, and while I relish a 'barely there' face in the summer months, I figured if I was splashing nearly €50 for a foundation, I might as well go the whole hog. I have been let down by tinted moisturisers in the past, controversially, the Laura Mercier number being one of them, and when she mentioned it was not too dissimilar, I had my mind made up.

The foundation itself, which Chanel describes as having extracts to boosts cell energy to enhance radiance, and light-reflecting pigments to smooth away imperfections, is lighter is consistency that some foundations I've tried. It doesn't provide as much of a glowy finish as I would've liked, and it's longevity is mediocre. On the plus side, it blends very well, and it delivers on coverage. I was advised to wear the Vitalumiere Powder Foundation along with the liquid version, although I have found that the combination of liquid foundation and powder foundation is quite excessive and cakey. For me, its either or, and not together.

The powder foundation, is light and gives a soft matte finish to the skin, which unfortunately I am not really a fan of. Its consistency is sheer and natural on the skin and provides light coverage when used with the powder brush, and medium coverage when used with the sponge. It's also quite the handy little compact to carry around for touch ups. 

So for days where I want a fuller coverage, I'll opt for the liquid, with a swish of powder on the top, and for days when I'm not particularly bothered about a full face, I'll swipe on a light dusting of the powder foundation.

Overall, I will always choose a liquid foundation over it's powder counterpart, I can't help it. There is something about liquid that I love and will always come back to. I do like this foundation, although I am quite fussy when it comes to each component and aspect of a foundation, and this one ticks half the boxes.

Have you tried this foundation?

The LBZD - Little Black Zara Dress

There is something about summer sunshine that makes me want to get the legs out and throw on a light little number, and when I spotted this baby in Zara last week, I'll have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first. It was hidden beneath an assemblage of floaty tops and other bits that were dreary and non-appealing, but it's halter neckline is what drew me to it, even though at first glance it reminded me of the 90's. 

It is simple and delicate and light, and I figured it would be a perfect dress for a summer's day or evening. Hung loose and non belted, it swallows me, and although this look works for some, it made me feel frumpy and shapeless, and so I opted for a tan belt. 

The back is split and kind of unusual, and I like this little detail. The only downside is that you have to brave it and go bra-less, or wear one of those bras with the clear back strap. A halter bra with a clear back strap may I add. How complicated. So I braved it.

It is quite short, although it hangs a teeny bit lower at the back, almost in a drapy tunic like fashion. I can see myself breaking this out quite alot over the next few months!

Dress - Zara 
Belt - Therapy for HoF 
Necklace - Topshop
Earrings - H&M 

In other news, I am attempting to grow out my hair and embrace the middle parting look everyone seems to be hopping on. I've been using the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil and I really have noticed a difference to the general health and feel of my hair.

I also purchased some new Chanel Vitalumiere goodies that I tried out for the first time today and so far I am loving the glowy light look and feel on my skin.  

I hope everyone has been enjoying the sunshine! Hopefully you've had some sun where you are :)
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 :) x


Walk on the pier at Howth | Apple Parfait Dessert from work | New Laptop! | Sunday Brunching | Greystones Beach | Fishtail braid! | Denim shirt | Rhubarb Terrine | Leather and layers | YSL Rouge Volupte Treats | The biggest burger I have ever eaten | A sunny morning at Carton House | Stephen's Green Park | Magenta jeans | Petit Fours!

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Hope youre all having a lovely monday! :)

Beauty Wishlist May

May's Makeup Wishlist is kind of dominated by compacts, brights, and just really pretty pieces that seem like amazing investments. There are three, THREE Chanel beauty bits included here, because 1. They are so beautiful, and 2. I just really love Chanel. The pops of coral shades are just so summery and juicy that they make me so excited for summer, sun and the beach. Although Ireland is a bit of a disappointment when it comes to sunshine, the past few weeks have been quite bright and cheerful, albeit a little chilly, but these wishlist beauties make me rearing to be bronzed and bright lipped for the summer months!

001. Pierre Hardy for NARS Blush in Boys Don't Cry - This is a Limited Edition blush from NARS that just looks so stunning and vibrant that a little would probably go a very long way. I adore NARS blushes, and I adore bright blushes even more. Two birds, one stone!
002. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation - This foundation has actually been on a little secret wishlist of mine for a long time now. Chanel boasts that it gives a fresh, natural complexion, and I am all about a fresh natural complexion.
003. YSL Rouge Volupté Shine in Coral Intuitive - I have two other YSL Rouge Voluptés in my collection and I absolutely adore them. This coral number just oozes sunshine and I am really really lusting after this one.
004. Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder - I need this in my life; the new Chanel powder to hit the shelves will most definitely be a big hit this year; an additional product to provide a luminous and bronzed healthy glow for summer? Yes please.
005. Chanel Les Tissages de Chanel Blush Duo Tweed Effect in Tweed Sienna - Ok I am definitely on a Chanel roll this month! Look at the beauty of this blush! Classic Chanel tweed pattern pressed into a beautiful powder blush; it comes in four shades and I honestly want them all. The Sienna has a hit of orange though which I am I slightly more drawn to!
006. MAC Lipstick in Sounds like Noise - This Hayley Williams collaboration from MAC is similar to Morange in colour and just screams fun, loud and eccentric. More orange!
007. NARS Eyeliner Stylo in Carpates - I've been on the hunt for a new liner for a while; I've been faithful to my trusty Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel liner for almost two years now, and I feel like I need a bit of a change up! The stylo's come in a range of colours, but classic black is the one I'm after for a perfect cateye flick.

What is on your summer beauty wishlist?
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 :) x

Fashion Wishlist April

April's Fashion Wishlist comprises more brights than I have been sporting the last few months! Apart from the horrendously snowy/random weather we have been having here in Dublin lately, this week has been quite sunny and bright, and it's getting me all excited for the warmer months; hence the hot pink and the sunnies. I've been lusting after more shapely and sophisticated ensembles lately, adding a bit of eccentricity from my accessories.

001. Topshop Curved Panel Shirt - I love the shock of pink this shirt could bring to any outfit, I can see this paired tucked into a leather skirt or shorts for a night out. Also it reminds me of MAC's Impassioned lipstick, one of my favourites, and now I want it!
002. Topshop Skull with Crown Collar Tips - I usually favour a necklace but these collar tips look adorable!
003. YSL Gold Glass Ring - I've seen this ring in so many different colours, but I love the simplicity of the creamy white one, and you can't go wrong with a bit of YSL hand candy!
004. River Island White Mesh Bodycon Dress - I love how bright and fresh white can look, especially with a tan, and this block white dress would be a perfect alternative to the LBD for a fancy evening out. Want!
005. Kotur Morley Neon Lace Box Clutch - This clutch is so pretty! The lace panelling paired with the lime green and white detail struck me straight away, it's so bright and spring-y!
006. Topshop Jersey Wrap Dress - Mint green is my favourite colour, and I could see myself wearing this with so many colours and styles in the next few months; blazers, statement necklaces, ballet flats, I love it!
007. Topshop Metal Brow Cat Eye Sunglasses - I've veered towards cat-eye style sunnies the last year or two, and these retro looking specs are simple but the white detail on the rim add something a bit different.
008. Topshop Surrender Bow Platforms - Lusting after chunky heels lately, and I am in love with the platform and the strap detailing on these!
009. Topshop Eye Textile Circle Skirt - I love the monochrome detail and pattern on this skirt and it's a great length to transition from wearing light tights in the spring to getting the pins out in the summer!

Hope you are all having a lovely Easter weekend!
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It's Been A While..

I have been off the blogging bandwagon for a few weeks. I do apologise, some of you have been asking where I've been and it seems the time has flown and I haven't even noticed. I have been MIA due to work,  I am now two months in to my new job, and working 15 hour days, 5 days a week leaves little room for seeing family, friends and my boyfriend, let alone any room for relaxing, reviewing, shopping or blogging. 

This is a little post to let you all know that I am still alive and well (although that is debatable!). I recently did a bit of a sort through/overhaul of products both new and old, and came to realise that there is a core selection of products that I always tend to reach for, use the most, and also repurchase. And so, here is a little update into the products that have become the firm and trusty favourites in my collection.

See, still alive! (Top - Topshop, Jodphurs - Zara)

Although my skincare routine changes quite regularly, there are a few products I constantly have to hand, Trilogy's Everything Balm being one, which is a balm/mulitasking/wonderous product that can be used in a multitude of ways. I love it for slathering on my face before bed and waking up with perfectly smooth and rejuvenated skin.
The Body Shop products are so tasty I could eat them all up. Two of my favourites, the Coconut Body Butter and the Vitamin E Night Cream are two products I repurchase time and time again, as they are so creamy, nourishing, and smell just darn delicious.
La Roche Posay's Effaclar Duo Corrective Anti-imperfection cream is a product I purchased fairly recently and I use it nightly on the oily patches of my face to minimise imperfections and unblock pores.

I am a total Cocoa Brown Tan convert. I received a bottle recently to test out and it surpassed all of my expectations. Amazing tan in one hour???! Sold. I am quite impatient, and so waiting 4 hours or even worse, overnight for a tan to develop is my idea of a nightmare. This tan provides a rich longlasting colour, in one hour. I don't think I can really elaborate. It's amazing!

I absolutely adore highlighting. The subtle glow a highlight can add to the right parts of the face makes such a difference, and for that I nearly always use MAC Strobe Cream; I like the consistency of a cream as a highlight, paired with the powder of a bronzer or contour, to add perfect shadow and light. To contour I always reach for MAC Matte Blush in Harmony. It's the perfect matte brown for my skin tone, works with nearly every colour blush, and stays put all day. It's perfection.
I used to be an avid liquid liner addict. Now nothing but gel liner will do. Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner is my go to liner. It beats some popular higher end and more expensive gel liners hands down. I have this one in both brown and black, and it stays creamy and pigmented forever.
I go through phases of using various mascaras, using up a tube and moving onto the next. But I really love the L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara, it provides amazing volume, rich colour and doesn't clump or flake.
I've mentioned before of my love for little palettes, and the NARS Arabian Nights Palette is my absolute favourite. The colours are so vibrant and pigmented, and it's perfect for travelling or nights out.
MAC Creme Cup lipstick is one of my most worn MAC lipsticks, I love the cremesheen finish and the colour is a gorgeous satiny pink hue. These two YSL lippies (Rouge Volupte in #19 and #4) were a recent splurge and I absolutely adore them. The colours of both, and the texture and shine of the Rouge Volupte range is uncomparable to any other lipsticks I own. They are smooth and beautiful and I love the packaging something terrible. I have also become quite a fan of Topshop makeup, their blushes and lipsticks in particular. My favourite Topshop lipstick is Whimsical, it is a stunning coral peach, a colour I have nothing similar to in my collection. The finish is somewhat satiny, but the colour payoff is amazing. I look forward to wearing this alot in the summer!
Chanel Coco Rouge Shine in #71 needs no introduction. I posted a blog post devoted entirely to this lipstick alone here. It's the perfect nude, amazing with a smokey eye, so slicky and balmy that it doesn't even really feel like a lipstick.

What are your makeup favourites of the moment?
I hope you all had a lovely St. Patricks Day! :)

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in #71 Style

I have been on the hunt for the perfect nude lipstick for a while. The perfect nude for me is glossy and balmy, but stable, durable and long lasting. While I relish a nice statement bright, there comes a day, or night for that matter, where slicking on a simple nude to finish off a face is all I need/want. Especially with a statement eye.

I have a few nudes in my collection, a good few, but I've never been entirely satisfied with any of them, be it their colour or consistency, there is always one characteristic that lends a hand to their downfall.

But the Chanel number is absolutely perfect. In every single way. I actually adore it something terrible.

(Just-purchased token Instagram photo.)

So the thing about nudes is that they don't really suit everyone. Why try rid your lips of their perfect pink pigmentation? I once thought that lipsticks were supposed to augment the natural shade of lips rather that obscure or mute them. But then I came to realise that a perfect nude, paired with the right palette of colours for the rest of the face can look timeless, sexy and classic, just like a pillarbox red can. In my opinion, the key to a perfect nude is consistency and finish.

My search for the perfect nude began last year, in February, when I went to the IMATS in London with Julie. I splurged my last few Sterling pounds on Myth by MAC in the airport, but unfortunately became entirely turned off nudes for a while, my distaste for it briefly mentioned in this post. Its texture and consistency made my lips dry and flaky, and it's colour just did not suit my complexion.

Fast forward a few months and I decided I absolutely needed to find a nice nude. I was all set to buy Creme d'Nude by MAC, a muted beigey cremesheen nude which looked as if it had the potential to be my saviour. I love a bit of cremesheen. Unfortunately for MAC, I had a few mishaps that day with customer service, and I ended up at the Chanel counter. I settled for Style, no.71 in the Rouge Coco Shine collection and left feeling very smug and quite delighted with myself.

(Sidenote: I have since purchased Creme d'Nude, and while it is beautiful, Style definitely surpasses it!)

Now first off, it doesn't really look very nudey. It's a very pale pink, with gold shimmery flecks and a very glossy finish. The thing about Style is that is mutes my lips, while still giving a slight pigment of colour, lasts all day and looks glossy and beautiful. That to me, is the perfect nude. One that mutes, but still delivers on shine, durability and texture. 

Do you have a perfect Nude?
 :) x

Fashion Wishlist January.

1.| 2.| 3.| 4.| 5.| 6.| 7.| 8.| 9.| 10.| 11.| 12.| 13.

January's Style Wishlist compiles darks, studs, jacquard and tweed. Quite a few darks and studs for that matter. Spring hasn't fully sprung for me yet, so I am still embracing darks and basic colour combinations, but adding a pop of colour here and there with pieces I already have in my wardrobe.

001. Topshop Bouclé Tshirt - This tee looks casual but has a dressed up feel about it. I saw this in Topshop and it seems more jumper-y that a tee, which is actually perfect for this weather!
002. Topshop Stingray and Stud Box Bag - I am usually not a fan of small clutches as I'm terrified of leaving it down somewhere and forgetting it when out. Also, I carry way too many things around with me, that more than likely wouldn't fit in a tiny bag! But this one has a shoulder strap and just looks gorgeous, and I'm finding it hard to resist it!
003. River Island Black Metallic Tweed Biker - I love dainty little jackets and this one looks feminine but has a bit of an edge to it.
004. Topshop Spike Stretch Cuff - A bit of hardware is always a lust-have; I like the silver and gold clash on this one.
005. Topshop Moto Flock Skinny Jeans - I'm starting to warm to patterned trousers, and these spotty jeans from Topshop are lovely, fitted and flattering.
006. Asos Multi Zip Horse Clutch. - This is quite a large clutch, so perfect for the stash I bring around! It's simple but has fringe detail and horse print, and I can see myself paring this with many an outfit.
007. Ray-ban Clubmaster Sunglasses - I love the shape of Ray-Bans, they just seem to suit me. The colour and style of the lenses and frames on these ones are perfect.
008. River Island Black Studded Leather gloves - Leather gloves are so chic and feminine, and these studded ones are a bit different!
009. Charlotte Olympia crepe leather sandals - I saw these and fell in love. The cheetah detailing makes them so unique.
010. Topshop Crepe Shift Dress - You can't go wrong with a classic little white dress!
011. Topshop Amigo Stud Boots - I love ankle boots and am just drawn to these.
012. Topshop Sketch Print Jacquard Trousers - These trousers are burgundy with black sketch detailing, so pretty and I am in love!
013. Topshop Burnout Tee. - I have been loving wearing slouchy tees paired with jeans and boots lately, and this Topshop one is perfect and casual.
I have just returned from a little break away to find a few lovely packages, including some treats from my Beauty Wishlist January post, and I can't wait to use them!
Hope you are all having a nice weekend
:) x

Beauty Wishlist January.

Once I purchase one new beauty bit, thats it, it's enough to set me off on a massive beauty hoard. Over Christmas I had a chance to properly befriend my dark/statement lipstick collection again after ignoring them for weeks. Months even. I had genuinely forgotten how beautiful a pillarbox or even orangey red lip can look after I came upon a forgotten favourite, Topshop's Infrared (which I happen to be wearing in this post), buried deep within my excessive lipstick collection, and so I donned it on New Years Day. It made me feel festive and lovely and after embracing nudes for the last few months, it was a refreshing change. I like to think that this tiny innocent adjustment brought about a horrible urge to spend. It started with lip products, and now I just want everything.

I purchased two beautiful YSL Rouge Volupte Lipsticks a few days ago, and now pretty much every YSL lip product is on my wishlist. I've only included two in this post, as I thought it may be a bit excessive, even for me. 

1.| 2.| 3.| 4.| 5.| 6.| 7.

001. YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat. I do not now nor have I ever tried this. Why haven't I tried this?! I have heard so many amazing things about this foundation.
002. YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres Glossy Stain. Such a big name for only 6ml of product! Preferably in 01. Violet Edition. There are 5 shades of purple ALONE in this range. I have to have them all! This product combines a stain, lipstick and a gloss in one. Also, this video has me sold straight away. 

003. Soap and Glory Archery Brow Tint and Precision Pencil. I have been using my trusty Illamasqua Brow Cake for months on end now and feel like having a bit of a change to pencil. This one ticks all the boxes and I have heard very good things about it!
004. Benefit Fine One One Sheer Brightening Colour. This multi-product was intoduced to me before Christmas at a Benefit Event, and although it is not yet released here until February, I really really want it. Now.
005. Origins Skin Brightening Facial Kit. Origins is a brand I'm relatively new to, and my skincare routine needs a bit of a shake up. This kit looks perfect.
006. YSL Golden Gloss in 47. White Gold Topaz. A shocking purple gloss with real 24 carat gold flecks in it?! Yes please.
007. Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation. Not yet available here yet either. But it is sold in Sephora! We really need a Sephora. This powder can be used dry for a matte full coverage finish, or wet for a satin sheer coverage finish. Need!

Perusing the YSL website I have spotted even more lip products I want need. Someone stop me! This list will no doubt ascend. 

I have been posting an awful lot on Instagram lately, follow me @noonabean if you want to see food/fashion/makeup updates :)
January's Fashion wishlist post coming soon!


The Resolutions List.

First off, Happy New Year to all my readers and I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!  :)

As you may have noticed, I have been a bit MIA on the blogging front the last while, and I deeply apologise.

I absolutely love blogging, and thought I'd start this year afresh, with a resolutions list! :) Personally, I love reading resolutions by others, however most of the time I'm not bothered to make any myself, because if I do make a 'New Years Resolution', a few weeks go by and I completely forget about the resolution itself and the change I've vowed to make. The New Years Resolution is such a cliché, and usually everyone has the same resolution; eat more healthily and exercise more! Fortunately for me, I eat quite well anyway, I'm that weirdo who absolutely LOVES vegetables, so eating more healthily has never been an issue or resolution. Don't get me wrong, I'm an absolute glutton, but I love the veg and thats good enough for me. :)

This time last year I made a very very long goals list, which spanned/spans over the course of 2 years. For me, making long term goals will benefit me better; physically, mentally, career wise and health wise. From time to time I have forgotten about it, but a year has gone by and I have completed 48 out of 101 goals, which is nearly half!  Some of the goals are quite farfetched and seem a bit extreme, but that's exactly why they have been entered into the list, because nothing is unacheivable!

2012 ended on a very surprising and exciting note, an unexpected job opportunity arose for me that will possibly be the best thing to happen to me career wise; a chance to work as a Pastry Chef alongside the best chefs in the country in Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, the only two Michelin starred restaurant in Ireland. 2013 sees me focus nearly entirely on this new opportunity, and because of that, my goals list has had to be slightly altered.

My new and altered 101 Goals in 1001 days list!
Start Date: 5.1.12
End Date: 29.9.14
Green Text: Completed Goal.:)

1. Purchase a sunshine yellow Kitchen Aid.
2. Be paid to cook for someone/cater; friends/family/the world. (2/3) Completed: Friends/Family.
3. Learn to drive. (Starting January '13!)
4. Make a blogging schedule and stick to it!
5. Be happy in a job. Completed.
6. Become fluent in French.
7. Go skydiving.
8. Organise my wardrobe. Completed.
9. Build a photography portfolio. Completed.
10. Complete my recipe book.
11. Apply for 5 jobs in 5 high end establishments. (3/5) Completed: Four Seasons, Relais and Chateaux, The Westbury.
12. Host a dinner party.
13. Stop biting my nails.
14. Buy Chanel's 'Coco' perfume. Completed.
15. Make homemade gifts for friends/family. Completed.
16. Visit Japan.
17. Partake in a Japanese Tea Ceremony.
18. Hire a VW Camper and go on a roadtrip.
19. Eat street food in Vietnam.
20. Visit an antiques fair. Completed.
21. Grow a herb garden.
22. Purchase a Vivienne Westwood Handbag.
23. Do someones makeup. Completed.
24. Intern at a magazine; food related or other.
25. Take an evening class.
26. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years.
27. Paint an abstract piece on canvas.
28. Take up yoga or Pilates.
29. Make 5 strange flavours of icecream. (4/5) Completed: Earl Grey, Mint Julep, Buttermilk, Honey and Creme Fraiche.

30. Build a treehouse.
31. Buy a notebook specifically for to do lists and get organised! Completed.

32. Work in a Michelin Starred Restaurant. Ongoing.
33. Walk on the beach at night.
34. Compliment a stranger.
35. Visit Hollywood.
36. Swim in crystal clear water.
37. Stay in a cliff-side hotel overlooking the sea. Completed.
38. Change someones mind about something I care deeply about.
39. Reach 1000 followers on my blog. Completed.

40. Get a massage. Completed.
41. Buy a blazer in 5 different colours. (4/5) Completed.
42. Eat at the Fat Duck.
43. Stay/Work at Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons.
44. Buy a good every day handbag. Completed.
45. Stand up for myself when I'm being treated unfairly.
46. Eat at every Michelin starred restaurant in Ireland. (5/8) Completed.
47. Buy a beauty product from each of these brands; Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Guerlain, NARS. (4/5) Completed.

48. Build a professional portfolio.
49. Live in France. (Again).
50. Read 5 non-trashy novels. (1/5) Completed.
51. Visit London. Completed.

52. Buy my first car.
53. Buy a kitsch item of kitchenware.
54. Have a spa day with my mom and sister. Completed.

55. Have a cocktails and canapés night.
56. Buy a designer piece I LOVE.
57. Buy a 2012 diary. Completed.
58. Get my eyebrows shaped.Completed.

59. Fly first class.
60. Have afternoon tea. Completed.
61. Accomplish something i've worked really hard for. Completed.
62. Visit River Cottage.
63. Donate clothes/shoes to charity. Completed.
64. Buy a new phone. Completed.
65. Open a savings account. Completed.

66. Plan something special for Carl. Completed.
67. Buy a new laptop.
68. Get a facial. Completed.

69. Plan and prepare a romantic 6 course meal. Yes! 6!
70. Try something new and completely out of the ordinary in a restaurant. Completed.

71. Join a gym.
72. Teach myself how to do something.
73. Go skiing. (Again!)
74. Make Christmas dinner for my entire family. Completed.

75. Buy my perfect pair of jeans. Completed.
76. Buy something unexpected for each member of my family. (2/4) Completed.

77. Purchase a vintage piece of some sort.
78. Buy cute stationery. Completed.
79. Be more confident. Completed.

80. Find my perfect skincare products.
81. Reconnect with old friends. Completed.
82. Make new ones. Completed.
83. Write a love letter.
84. Organise my work space. Completed.
85. Hold a blog sale.
86. Visit 5 food markets. (2/5) Completed.
87. Find a hidden gem of a place in Dublin. Completed; Locks Brasserie. 
88. Swim with dolphins.
89. Dance all night.
90. Invent a signature cocktail.
91. Grow a mini garden filled with lavender, roses and apple blossom.
92. Expand my classical cookery recipe book collection. (5/?) Completed.

93. Stay in a beach house.
94. Smile more.
95. Watch a black and white movie. Completed.

96. Save up and move out.
97. Go to a rave.
98. Make contacts in an industry I'm interested in. Completed.
99. Go somewhere spontaneous on a whim. Completed.

100. Camp in a forest.
101. Inspire somebody else to create a 101 goals in 1001 days list. Completed.

My original 101 goals in 1001 days list can be found here if you fancy a gander. I loved making this list and achieving each goal felt so rewarding and accomplished.
What are your new years resolutions? :) x