My Summer Beauty Essentials.

I have mentioned previously that as of late I have significantly scaled down my makeup purchases. First off, this isn't entirely true. Second, if you meet a girl who can just cut makeup out of her life and stop spending then please introduce me, I'd like to shake her hand. But thats not me. I can't do it.

I have tried to cut out buying new makeup for the main reason being, I can't wear it much. Sad I know. I would love to have a glamorous job where I can doll myself up every day in expensive foundation and sharp, chic suits, but unfortunately for me, that's not the career path I chose. I don chef whites and work with 6 other guys in a hot kitchen in a fine dining restaurant in Dublin city six days a week. When I'm not doing that however, there is nothing more I love than dolling myself up in expensive foundation. Not sharp suits though. That just ain't me.

Over the past few weeks I have infact bought a teeny few makeup things. Whoopsie! And I'm so happy that they are all things I adore. During the summer, I love being tanned, I feel healthy when Im tanned, which is a bit ridiculous and shallow, but it's true. I love having bronzed and glowy skin, as I feel I can get away with wearing a minimal amount of makeup.

My essentials for summer are simple. Bronzed face, chic hair, balmy lips, dewy skin, bare eyes, big lashes.  And that's pretty much it.

I have been told in the past to embrace the pale, as I am naturally quite pale, but to be honest, I feel so much happier when I'm all glowy and bronzed.  I love using the St. Tropez combo when I actually have the time to tan. You know, exfoliate, apply, wait 6 hours, wash off, the whole shebang. I would rather do it all it one sitting, than let it develop overnight. I really can't fathom the stained sheets in the morning! The mousse is perfect, and the illuminator gives a subtle sheer glow. When I don't have the time, I use this Sublime Bronze Spray by L'Oreal, it's so quick, you just spray, and it develops over the course of the day, doesn't leave streaks, and actually smells really pleasant. A tan that smells nice?! Believe it.

Lately, I have been using this Tresemmé hairspray to fix my locks in place when I throw it up, usually in a Lily Bee Bun fashion. It's miniature size, and perfect for on the go. It smells delicious, and gives a perfect, firm hold.

Stobe cream by MAC is perfect for adding subtle highlights to the skin to give it a dewy finish. I apply this on my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, and a teeny bit above my top lip. Instant highlight.

I find with mascaras, I use up one, and never repurchase it. The new ScandalEyes mascara by Rimmel is amazing for giving volume and oomph to lashes. Love, and quite possibly will repurchase!

And to lips. I purchased the new 1000 kisses  Lip Tint and Balm by Rimmel in two colours; Endless Blossom and Nothing but Nude. Unfortunately for Rimmel, I prefer just using the balm at the top, with a lipstick of mine that had been banished to the back of the shelf out of sheer dislike. MAC's Myth is something I have had a hatred for for quite a while. I briefly mentioned my distaste for the Satin finish in this post, but now I find it quite wearable paired with a balm. It doesn't make my lips look dry, but glossy, and I have been on a search for a glossy wearable nude for a while. I pair these together and feel very Kimberley from Made in Chelsea. If you don't know what I'm talking about, google her! Not sure why I feel like that, but I do.

I usually throw on a blush or some gel liner, but these are the basics.
 I can't believe it's nearly August already!! What are your summer beauty essentials?


Into the White.

Hello all! Hope everyones well, and hello to my new followers!

I have scaled down the makeup buys quite a bit recently, which I'm quite proud of, although my full attention has turned to purchasing new clothes, hello Zara sale! How the tables have turned! I have become a mad woman, once I pick something up I like, thats it, say goodbye to the rest of the day, we're going on a shopping binge. I can't stop. On my break on Friday I went crazy in town, it was pay day after all, and I scoured out H&M, Zara, Topshop and River Island, and left them all with a massive bag of buys in tow. Here are my favourite purchases.

I've been loving big necklaces lately, and got these ones from Topshop and H&M. The flats are from Topshop, €10 on sale! The shirt is from Zara, down from €70 to €20. The little buttons are actually tiny skulls, which makes me feel very Alexander McQueen. And the heels. MY GOD. I debated with myself whether to get these or not, because they hurt a teeny bit, but I absolutely love them. So glad I got them. Also from Zara. :)

I love reading Instagram update posts, and so I thought I'd share mine, now that I am the proud owner of a beautiful new iPhone.

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Thank you for reading! Hope you are all having a lovely week :)

My Perfect Day, Part 2.

It continues. After scoffing down a delicious five course fine dining lunch in the Greenhouse, the boss and I scuttled along to a very posh Afternoon Tea. MORE FOOD?!??! You bet your bottom dollar. I'm a glutton see. It was the prospect of having a delicious brew in a floral China tea cup with a saucer that really appealed to me, it makes me feel very ladylike and proper. And for some reason it tastes better too. Or so I like to think.

Carl and I popped along to the Shelbourne, one of Dublin's finest hotels, a 'Renaissance Hotel' they call it. Afternoon Tea was held in the drawing room, and without a reservation, we were assuming we'd get turned away, but decided we'd chance it. And lucky us! There had been a cancellation. So we plopped ourselves down on the huge Baroque style couches and just relaxed for the afternoon. Our Tea in question came with assorted finger sandwiches, buttermilk scones, various conserves, pastries, and little shot glasses filled with gorgeous things. It was quite delicious.

Aprés  a completely chilled and filling afternoon, we were about to burst, but managed to go and down another few cocktails before grabbing a late bite to eat. It was probably way too much food in fairness, but the tipsy heads on us got the munchies. Enter Bang Restaurant, a quaint and stylish establishment off St. Stephen's Green.

We shared a deep fried hens egg with house black pudding and tomato relish to start, while I had Duck and Carl had Lamb to follow. We also got three complimentary courses, but I forgot to take pictures of those :)

After a seriously long and food filled day, it was safe to say that we were spent. And so were our wallets!

I hope you enjoy these posts, I now have Instagram, follow me on it! (noonabean), I will be seriously Instagramming it up, as I have a proper obsession with my new beautiful white iPhone!

Hope you are all having a lovely week :)