June Ins and Outs

Hola Beauties!!
It has indeed been a while since I have done one of these!
I am actually in work AS WE SPEAK but now is the only chance to get online so I thought i'd do a sneaky blog post ! Ive seriously been missing beauty babble! So heres a small bit for you :)


New Skincare Routine - Yay! I tend to change my skincare products on a regular basis but im going to stick to this one for a while to see if I actually get any good results!! i havent used toner in YONKS so I invested in a nice new one with rosewater that tingles my face after I apply and I can actually feel my pores closing! Strange but good :) I also purchased a new organic moisturiser that doesnt dry my skin and really moisturises! I exfoliate using Neutrogenas Face Scrub every 3rd day or so, and clease using Neutrogena's 2 in 1 mask every morning and night.

Light Makeup - I have hardly been wearing makeup since ive been in France for a few reasons;
1. im working ALL the time and sure who'll be lookin at me!
2. I havent found any places that actually sell makeup in this town so I dont want to run out!
3. Im quite enjoying letting my skin breathe for once!
I do throw on some foundation if im going out for the night, but most days its just a light dusting of MACS Studio fix Powder plus foundation, a sweep of blush and a slick of mascara! Done!

Summer dresses - A godsend.

French Cuisine - Working in a kitchen with an unlimited supply of food is like the best. thing. ever.


Rain in France - And I only brought summer dresses!

French Cuisine - Working in a kitchen with an unlimited supply of food has me snacking like a mofo. Seriously need to get my ass in gear!

Lack of makeup and clothes shops! - Im seriously going out of my mind staring at boulangeries all day.

Leaving loved ones behind - My boyfriend in particular. Its so hard. :(

Living with boys! - They leave the toilet seat up, their dirty cups in the sink, and are full of silly innuendos! Why! oh why!

Working mad hours for no pay. - Seriously tiring.

I do infact have a few more OUTS which doesnt seem very good now does it.. Obviously June is not a very favourable month!! Hopefully itll get better!

I hope all of you lovelies are doing well and having a nice summer so far!
Comment and let me know what youre upto!!!


Aoifs xx

Bonjour mes belles!

Hi girls :)
Hope youre all well.Unfortunately this is not a haul, product review or outfit of the day.
Just an update on whats been happening with me over the last while :)

So if you read my previous post youll know im in France at the mo!
I havent been able to get the internet the last 2 weeks so i havent been able to post videos or blogs :)

So im over here working with 3 of my college mates in a hotel cheffin it up and its pretty good craic. The first week was hell as I worked 70 hours and only got 45 euro. C'etait terrible! We do have a villa together which is pretty good fun. The other day we bought a paddling pool to put in our living room! Not out our back, our living room!

I saw a Sephora in the town next to me so hopefully ill be stopping in there. But there are NO clothes shops where I am. Its so sad! :(

My boyfriend and I are going to go to Paris when I finish up here, so hopefully I can make up for lost shopping there! :)

I might get a few things I purchased online recently mailed over to me.. here they are :P

Theres a few new MAC things aswell so ill update you on that :P haha!

How is everyone back home?! I seriously miss girlie rants and babbles about beauty and fashion!!!!