December saw an array of festivities. Nights out, the Irish Blogger Meetup, Family Christenings, Preparing for Crimbo, Crimbo itself, and now, the come down from Crimbo. I love that word 'Crimbo'.

From top to bottom:
1. Night out with the girls in Coppers.
2. Me and the fabulous Aoife #1. (I'm #2. Long story.)
3. Julie and Ellie at the Irish Blogger Meetup.
4. Clockwise from left: Leanne, Laura,Sarah,Sarah C,Leslie,Vicky,Caoimhe, and Paula.
5. Cocktails at Dandelion!
6. Julie, Ellie & Laura in F21.

7. Token poser photo of my makeup for the day.
8. Me and my sista blista going to my cousins Christening then for dins at Roly's.
9. Citrus Curd.

10. Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies.
11. Foodie Hamper!

12. Rosemary and Garlic Focaccia.
13. Cranberry Sauce.

Every time I come to the end of a year I ponder and assess, and think to myself that the following year will be better. Life is what you make it, so make it good!

Point Dexter.



I did my eyes like this weeks ago, around Halloween. Not very Halloween-y I admit, but it felt Halloween-y to me. It reminded me of gothic architecture, of daggers and gargoyles. It was kind of eerie, and so, I wore it all day.

My lip colours look different in the first two pictures, which is odd because I used two lip colours to make one colour. I used both Up the Amp by MAC and Barry M Lip Paint in 101, but the first picture looks more Up the Amp and the second more Barry M. Funny what a flash can do!

A while back I saw one of the MAC girls sport a green line underneath her lower lash line and it popped back into my head as I did this look. Not a smudgy line; a slick, straight, fine, emerald green line. She wore it with burgundy lips and it just looked amazing. So subtle but it worked so well. My interpretation isn't quite so subtle but I felt it was more subtle than some Halloween looks out there. :)

This is by no means a costume, just playing around with a liner brush and some liner. Kind of Gaga perhaps? I never really get creative with eye looks, but I think the more you experiment and practice, the better you become at something. I remember my old Karate teacher saying "Repetition is the mother of learning", and it's so true! It's kind of nice and somewhat therapeutic to just spend your free time playing around with makeup. Sometimes I hate just trying out something new when i'm putting on my makeup for the night, I feel that I have to know something works well on me before I can wear it. Other times, I just apply, and i'm happy with the final result.

Here i'm wearing:

Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation in Limpide
Bare Minerals Powder Foundation
MAC Blush in Mocha
Sephora Sculpting Disk

Urban Decays Primer Potion
Sephora Smokey Eyes Palette - Noir
Make Up For Ever Eye Seal
Urban Decay Naked Palette e/s in Virgin, Naked and Buck

MAC Up the Amp
Barry M 101

Dress & hairband - Penneys/Primark
Belt - House of Fraser

Hope you are all having a fab week, I am absolutely LOVING my time off!
I also just made my debut back to YouTube after a hefty few months of not making videos, check it out HERE.


Festive Sparkle.

Happy Christmas to all my followers!!
I hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday. Yesterday for me consisted of giving gifts, receiving gifts, visiting family, eating cheese, drinking bubbly, eating, and more eating. List of foodstuffs I consumed yesterday:

5 Ferrero Rocher
Fry for breakfast including toast, sausages, pudding, bacon, eggs and tomato
Crackers with Cheese and Cranberry Relish (Homemade obv)
Roast Root Veg
Various assorted chocolates
Christmas Cake

Absolute glutton. I absolutely LOVE Christmas. I mean if you don't you're obv a Scrooge! Nah. I love seeing the look on someones face when you present them with something they really want but don't think you'll get, or when you present them with something they really never expected.

What I watched over Christmas so far:
The Wizard of Oz
Jingle All the Way
Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers (What a film!)
Mean Girls
Home Alone
Christmas Soaps

And here's my face of the day:




Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Foundation in 2.1
MAC Careblend Powder
MAC Blush in Dainty
MAC Highlight in Lightscapade
MAC Blush in Harmony to contour

Urban Decays Primer Potion
Maybelline Gel Liner
Inglot Sparkly Lashes
Lumiere Cosmetics eye pigments in Starry Night and Silver Shimmer
Urban Decay Naked Palette e/s in Sidecar

Kate Moss by Rimmel Lipstick in 03 Nude

I also thought I would announce my NARS Christmas giveaway winner in this post, as it is Christmas themed and the like.
Thank you to everyone who entered to win the Night Series NARS palette, I received a total of 176 entries!! And thank you to all my followers who consistently read my posts, leave comments, and support Fashion Turn to the Right. I really appreciate that you take the time to read my posts and leave a comment, and it makes my day! :) Hopefully Fashion Turn to the Right will be even better in 2012

at Gotta Love a Trier!!!

Congratulations Lauren!! Will post it out to you once I get your address :)

Thanks again to everyone who entered, I hope youre all having a lovely Stephens Day/Boxing Day/Day after Christmas!!


Navy Seal.

Random title. My imagination isn't sparking today. It may be as a result of overtiredness, insomnia, or because I'm dying of a cold. Or all three. This look was created a few weeks ago, but for some reason I never posted it, and I am posting it now because I realised that my lack of poser type posts on the blog may mean that some of you forget what I look like.

How vain do I sound right now.


This eye makeup was inspired my by dress, which is navy blue. Forgive the lack of photo, but it's quite shapely and very pretty, from New Look. I love.
I wear these colours quite a lot together, I just love how they contrast against eachother, but still blend in.
For this look I used:

Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Foundation in 2.1
Bare Escentuals Powder Foundation in Light
MAC Blush in Mocha
Natural Collection Sunkissed Cheeks Bronzer

Estée Lauder Stay in Place Eyeshadow Base
Catrice Gel Liner
Essence Lash Mania Ultra Volume Mascara in Hypnotic Black
Clinique Kohl Pencil in Black Noir
Barry M Dazzle Dust in Tan
Revlon Matte e/s in Riviera Blue
Urban Decay Naked Palette e/s in Sin and Virgin

Essence Lipliner in Soft Rose
MAC Lipstick in Politely Pink
Barry M Lipgloss Wand in Bubblegum

I never really co-ordinate my makeup with my clothes, but the overall look came out quite subtle.

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10 Things I'm Loving This Month.

Hello lovelies! I have been catching up on blog reading and youtube video watching and was inspired to do a favourites post after watching the gorgeous Katie Elisabeth and Julie 's November Favourites Videos. I love seeing what other people love using/wearing/watching/reading, and I also realised I haven't done one of these in a while. Instead of showing you a ma-husive haulage post on stuff I have purchased over the last while, I figured showing you what I have been loving out of those purchases is possibly more beneficial, and its also cutting straight to the point.

It would make more sense if the things I am going to show you were all beauty related, but me being me, awkward and a little bit weird, obviously it will be an amalgamation of all things I have been loving in the month of November. :)

1. Inglot 31T Angled Brush


This brush is a dream. This, paired with the Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner is my new favourite combo. I have encountered many an angled brush in my time, and none compare to this. I sound like an old biddy with life experiences and all that. So let's just say it's the best angled brush I have come across. So far. It is so precise, which I love, as it allows you to make as fine a line as you want. Precision is the key to a good cat eye. Meow. It is also cheaper than its MAC counterpart, and retails at €12.

2. Macarons


These babies are the go-to snack of angels. How corny. They really are amazing though. If you haven't tried them, or even heard of them, FIND YOUR NEAREST BROWN THOMAS AND PURCHASE A LADURÉE MACARON! That's me shouting, because I cannot justify how amazing they are in lower case letters. I made some Macs last weekend, and it was sooooo fun. Albeit difficult, but fun. They are surprisingly tricky to perfect, but the end result kind of justifies getting covered in meringue. I baked flavours galore; lemon, chocolate, vanilla, rose and cardamom, and orange blossom. I plan on making them again, wrapping them up all pretty and dishing them out as Christmas presents. If you're interested in the recipe I used, email me. :)

3. MAC Up the Amp Lipstick


If you have read any of my recent posts, I have mentioned this lipstick without fail. I purchased this for my college graduation, as I wanted something statement-y, a little bit out there, but sophisticated all the same. I was a statement lip virgin and was waaaay more comfortable donning a statement eye over a statement lip. One of the MAC girls told me I needed to break out of my comfort zone and just embrace it. She even recommended wearing a statement lip colour around the house to get used to it. I didn't do that, it felt kind of odd to be breaking in a lip colour around the house the way you would with a new pair of heels. I wore this on my graduation with a muted eye, winged liner and massive lashes, and realised statement lips weren't so bad at all. Now I can't get enough of them. I recently bought the Kate Moss 04 by Rimmel which is a deep, dark, almost black purple, and I love it! I wore it yesterday and got complimented by a sales assistant. It was then I knew that I need to embrace coming out of my comfort zone, as change is a good thing. Another thing I love about this lipstick is it's finish. I don't own any other Amplified Cremes and this is just delish. Rich, creamy, and ever so slightly glossy. Amaze.

4. Kérastase Forcintense Dosage Vita Ciment Treatment


I bought a few goodies from Kérastase in Peter Marks a while back in a bid to sort out my bleached straw like barnet. I probably shouldn't have gone back blonde having so much dye built up over the years, but I don't listen to advice, and I went for it. It took months to get it all the same shade, but it still isn't as bouncy and healthy as it once was. Bleach = the Devil. I had heard good things about this particular brand and have been using their Resistance shampoo, conditioning top seal, and this treatment for a few weeks now. The only downside to this product is there's not enough of it. Obviously a treatment is used sparingly, but I really need it more regularly than that. It comes with six tubes, which are used in two's, so you only get three treatments out of a box. The result when you use it is amazing though, my hair felt like silk. It's still not perfect but it's getting there. I most definitely will buy this product again. If it's good enough for salons it's good enough for me.

5. Trilogy Everything Balm


I love this product. It is by a New Zealand brand called Trilogy and is only sold in Health shops and good Pharmacies. Unusually, it is sold under 'Men's Grooming' on the Arnotts website, but it is definitely not just for men! I mean look at the packaging!
Quite similar in concept to Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour cream, this product is the ultimate multipurpose item and can be used for a whole lot. The only ingredients in this product are all natural essential oils including Rosehip, Olive, Jojoba, Marula, Avocado, Honey and Vitamin E. It can be used to soothe dry skin and lips, softens and protects hands, nails and feet, as a massage oil, or as a moisturiser; it replenishes moisture levels after shaving, being out in the sun, or whenever you face the elements. Love love love this for Winter!

6. Christmas Shopping


Christmas is my favourite time of year. The lights, the food, the atmosphere. I hate leaving my Christmas shopping until the last minute, one thing I do not like about Christmas is the pushing and shoving, the difficulty finding a parking spot, the queues, the girl beside you picking up the last perfume you wanted. :P
I love buying for others, and this year in particular, I went all out for my boyfriend. Last year he bought me an amazing pair of
Kurt Geigers and now I have a full time job and all that jazz, I wanted to do something a little bit special for him. I'm not going to reveal what I got him just incase he reads this post! :P But I love seeing people's faces on Christmas day and that's what giving is all about.

7. Starbucks Festive Drinks


I have never really been a Starbucks fiend, but nowadays, I can't get enough of it. Specifically, their festive drinks that they launch around Christmas; Gingerbread Latté, Praline Mocha, Toffee Nut Latté, I love them all!!! I find any excuse to pass a Starbucks to buy one, and get hyped up on sugar in the process. But it's Christmassy, and I love Christmas! If you didn't guess that already.

8. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer


I was stopped as I passed the Smashbox counter in House of Fraser and asked if I wanted to test out their new range of primers. I had lusted after the original Photo Finish Primer for ages, but never got around to dishing out the dough for it. The girl in Smashbox gave me the whole sales pitch about the new range of primers, the refreshing one, the hydrating one, the luminizing one, the colour correcting one, and the list goes on. I wasn't really paying attention, as I was more interested in their new Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Foundation. She tried both the refreshing primer and the foundation on me, and I ended up purchasing the foundation. She threw in a few primer samples for free, and I have to come to regret purchasing the foundation over the primer, as I am waay more impressed with the primer. The silicone feel is amazing and really does make your makeup last all day.

9. MAC Studio Careblend Powder


I purchased the new Studio Careblend from MAC as I wanted to try a new powder, and had tried nearly all of their other powders. I like new. I like quite full coverage, but didn't want to get a foundation-powder. I really like this. It's not too heavy, and I have recently been wearing it on it's own, with no foundation underneath! Shock horror. Madness for a full coverage junkie like myself. I have hit pan already which I suppose I'm a bit disappointed by, but I do like this and may purchase another when I have used it all up.

10. Christmas Baking


I have a huge amount of Christmas recipes in my repertoire and so they are fished out once a year and done to death. I love baking, and I love anything Christmassy. I think I've said that 4 times now in this post. Did you know I love Christmas?! 5.
These reindeer cupcakes are so cute! I think there is nothing nicer than homemade gifts. :)

That's it for the momento, if you haven't already, enter my NARS Giveaway!

Hope you're all having a lovely sunday.

Review: Anastasia of Beverly Hills Beauty Express Brow Kit

Ok, first off, I am all about the honesty. I have always, always been honest about products, if I love them or loathe them, if I received them for free, whatever. I hate lies and deceit and the whole 'free stuff' debacle is a controversial one. But that is why I am starting this post with this little informative 'in your face' paragraph.

I received this product for free. I make no qualms about it. And I'm going to tell you exactly what I thought of it, what I thought of the PR behind it, and why I am actually reviewing it at all.

A few of my fellow beauty bloggers here in Ireland were approached by a PR company representing this American brand in a bid to get the name noticed overseas. I was also contacted, and the first thing I do before even considering to review a product is research the brand and the products. I was actually reluctant at all to even think about agreeing to review a product by this particular brand, as I was informed that in order to receive this product, I had to write a blog post on the brand and the product, hyping it up and making them out to be fantastic. Was I going to do that? No. First and foremost I don't agree with deliberately lying about how amazing a product is, when one has never even heard of the product, let alone tried and tested it. Secondly, I always inform a company that I never lie to my followers and readers about products, and I always give my complete and honest opinion. Ok, I sound as if I get contacted all the time, I don't. When I do, of course I'm like, 'free stuff!', but the hype and novelty surrounding it has worn off.

I agreed to test this particular product out, and gave the company my details. It was only when I was informed that I had to write a post before actually receiving them did I step back and think: What kind of a company is this? I didn't even have to question what I was going to do. I most definitely did not believe in hyping up products and brands I had not tried out. So I declined.
I like to think I have morals, and that loyalty to my followers who actually take the time to read my posts is alot more important to me than having free products to play with.

I was surprised when a few weeks later this product actually arrived at my door, packaged up all pretty and stamped 'L.A postage'. I was confused, as I had not actually agreed to their requests. I tested it out anyway, using it in place of my usual brow set, because I was curious, and it was new, but I was reluctant to actually post anything on it at all.


This product and the brand itself appear to be quite popular in the U.S, having read a detailed review of the pristine Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Salon off Rodeo Drive did I realise that this brand is posh, highly commendable, expensive, and has been featured in Elle, Teen Vogue, Cosmo, Bazaar, W, and People magazines. The brow kit above retails for $39.50.

As you can see it comes with a brow brush, brow gel, two powders in blonde or brunette shades, and two highlighters which can also be used as shadow. It also includes assorted brow stencils, to attain the perfect brow shape.

I did like this product. I haven't used the stencils, as I find that to be a bit fiddly for my liking. The brush is accurate and precise, and the gel holds the brows and colour perfectly. The powders themselves are of adequate quality, and can be mixed and matched to achieve the perfect colour. Overall this is a nice kit. But for the price, I really wouldn't recommend running over to L.A. to buy it. You know, on your day off.

It is only now that I write this I realise this is not really a review of the product, but more of a review of the PR behind it. I may be coming across as a total snob who doesn't appreciate any of the niceties being offered to me, but as you can see, there is always a catch. I don't like the catches. I wrote a post similar to this one called The Truth About Beauty Blogging. Have a read if it interests you.

On a lighter note, I hope you are all having a lovely sunday! :)
Talk soon

NARS Christmas Giveaway!!

Hello lovelies! I am having another giveaway! :) This is because of two reasons, I am in an absolutely fabulously festive mood since the December began two days ago, and I spotted this gorgeous little NARS gem and thought it would be a delicious little surprise for one of you for Christmas. :) As we speak I am waiting for macarons to bake and listening to Last Christmas by Wham!. Best. Christmas. Song. EVER!

I absolutely LOVE Christmas! The food, the family gathering, the giving of gifts! I LOVE IT ALLLLL! I am also making foodie ornaments for my tree this year, but more on that later, as I am sure you're itching to see the NARS goodie up for grabs! It is the Limited Edition Night Series Eyeshadow Palette.



Top row:
Night Star: Sheer peach with gold pearls
Night Clubbing: Black with gold pearls
Night Porter:Black with green pearls

Bottom Row:
Night Rider: Soft plum with silver glitter
Night Flight: Black with cobalt blue pearls
Night Breed: Black with silver glitter

To Enter

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The Rules

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The winner will be selected randomly using
This giveaway is open internationally
The giveaway closes on Friday December 23rd at midnight GMT

Don't forget to leave links to your extra entries in your comment so I can see them!
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Good Luck! xx :)