Babble Schmabble.


I love these kinds of lists. I love lists in general. Over the past two or so years I have become very very organised. I make budget lists, shopping lists, things to do lists, recipe idea lists, blog idea lists... and the list goes on. You get the idea.

I have found a large number of blogs lately that I am absolutely in love with. I have stayed up for hours just trawling through them. Sad I know. But when you find something you enjoy reading, heck don't stop! These are mostly foodie blogs, and my god, I have found such amazing things, it makes me so excited and tingly inside. I do have a food blog, but unfortunately it has been neglected since January, but I think I have been motivated to hop back on that bandwagon, as I have made some things quite recently that I have been inspired by and they make me want to share them. This being one of them.


I made this cupcake for my little cousins first birthday, and toyed with the idea of starting my own cupcakery, you know, selling to friends and family etc before I could actually get the experience (and money) to open a bakery. It's something I love doing, as I majored in Pastry as part of my Culinary Arts degree and I would love to make a career out of making these, as well as other things. Like these.


This was an Autumnal inspired Wedding Cake and was so lovely to make. Spot the handmade blackberries!

I recently got a new job! Yippee! A real, proper, full time, post degree, 'real life starts now' job. One of which gives me a great deal of responsibility, and a full time pay check! YES. The only thing I worry about is going into a new job, where everyone is settled, being the new kid on the block, but being their superior and having to tell them what to do. I am quite nervous about that part actually, because although I can have a bossy side to my personality and character, I don't want to be the bitch that swans in barking orders at people. I have waited nearly 3 months to find the perfect full time job, and have turned down a few in my quest for self fulfilment. I want to be somewhere where I am wanted, and where I can show off my skills and abilities, and I am quite fussy, so yes, I have turned down jobs in search of my perfect job. Whether this is my perfect job or not remains to be told. I start tomorrow. :)

Now that I am finished college and the summer is over, I don't know what to be doing with myself. On my days off I usually had some assignment to finish, and that, along with seeing the boyf and going out with the girls made up most of my week. I have now turned my attention to something which I put off doing for the last 5 years, my driving test. Woopee. My driving test! The thought scares the living daylights out of me. I get nervous and agitated in awkward situations, but now that I have secured the full time job, (omg I cannot WAIT til payday), I have set my sights on buying my first car. I want a mini. A cream one. (Optimistic much?!) I am a nightmare when it comes to saving, so this will give me the motivation I need to get on it! I booked my theory test, for the second time, as I failed my first one (by 1 question!), and my parents offered driving lessons as a graduation present. Hopefully this will occupy me for the months ahead!

Speaking of jobs, the last 3 months have been hell, being broke, you know the score. I have made lists and lists (LISTS!) of potential beauty purchases, and things I just 'need' to have. Its hard being a girl really. I cant wait to get some decent skincare bits, to try to find my new Holy Grail foundation, and to purchase some Kerastase products to sort the barnet out.

I know this was a total babble, and Im sorry if you don't like these, but I just needed to let it out! We all need a bit of a babble once in a while.

Also, thank you all for your comments on my last post The Truth About Beauty Blogging, it was a controversial post and I'm actually quite relieved that so many of you share the same views that I do.

I have also added some new tabs to the top of my blog page, including a Blogs I Love tab and Things I Love tab. Check them out if you fancy a bit of reading! :)

Hope you all had a fab weekend!
Over and out.

The Truth About Beauty Blogging.

This is a different post. It is not a rant. Just an assemblage of opinions. I like that word, assemblage.

First off, I love blogging. I started way back in early 2010 and had no clue about the blogging world I was about to enter. I am so thankful for every single person who reads my posts, leaves a comment, and clicks that little follow button. The truth is, I didn't start blogging to gain notoriety, fame, popularity or acclaim, I did it because I felt that I had no one to talk to about my thoughts, at the time that is. I wanted to create my own personal space where I could blather on about whatever the hell I wanted, and no one could criticize, but where I felt better about being able to post something, be it a picture of something that inspired me, or a short paragraph about how I was feeling that day.

Fast forward a year and a half and I have realised that the blogging world is different to what I once thought it was, and it is no longer just your personal space, because as you gain followers, you realise more and more people are interested in what you have to say. You share your personal space with these lovely people that follow you, and you connect with people in a different way. This isn't a soppy post, or one of which I deem to be illusory or sentimental, because although I hold my hand up and say I am truly touched by the people that actually care about what I have to say, there are some things about the blogging world which really irritate and vex me.

This is not a personal attack on anyone, purely my own opinion, before you think I am some acrimonious bitch who feels the need to devote an entire blog post to a rant about a specific person. This is not it.

Recently I have felt that the beauty blogging world in particular has become a sort of competition, a race to see how many followers one can get. No one really cares about how many followers a person has, it is quality over quantity. I am more likely to read a persons blog posts before I decide to follow them rather than see how popular they are. In saying that, there is actually an abounding number of blogs that I have found recently that I truly enjoy reading, and these girls have had little or no followers. These girls shouldn't have to feel like they need an abundance of followers to be successful blogger, although unfortunately I think that's what it comes down to. There are some blogs that have thousands or hundreds of followers that I don't care to read, because the quality of the content doesn't appeal to me. Each to their own I say. If you are reading this and you don't have many followers, all I can say is, don't fret, don't panic, don't think you are unsuccessful, because out there, there is someone that does want to read and listen to what you have to say, they may just not have found you yet.

Another thing. The subject of the infamous giveaway. I am aware I just held a giveaway for makeup goodies, so don't think I am about to contradict myself when I say this, but holding mass giveaways solely for the purpose of gaining followers really gets my goat (Its starting to sound like a rant now, isn't it). It was my first ever giveaway, and I held it as a thank you to all the girls that were following me, I wanted to give something back to them, (you!). All of a sudden I am bombarded with entries from bloggers I had never seen, heard of, or chatted to, and as my followers count went up by 200, (crazy!), it dawned on me that many people only follow you to enter your giveaway. That is most definitely NOT to say I am any less grateful to those following me, so please don't think that, it was just a realisation of sorts. I too am guilty of following a blog solely for the purpose of entering a giveaway, as I think many of us are, but I think I was just surprised because 1. Most of the entries were from girls that only recently became my followers, and 2. News of a giveaway really travels fast! Honestly, I won't be surprised if some of my followers actually un-follow because of my bluntness, or because they haven't actually won my giveaway, but sometimes I think things need to be said, and hopefully you will fathom my honesty. (I don't sugarcoat nothin'!)

Free stuff. You've heard about it, i've heard about it, we've all bloody heard about it. Yes it IS amazing to get free products from companies, hell I love getting free products from companies. Does it happen often? No. When it does happen do I take every product i'm offered? No.
Again, this isn't a personal attack on anyone, so if youre reading this and you get free stuff from companies, don't assume I'm talking about you, I'm probably not. This is a collective/general thing. I have been offered various products to review in the past, both for my blog and my YouTube channel, and when it first occurred I lapped up the chance to get a bitta free makeup. Who wouldn't right? It was from the company ELF, and they offered me an assortment of products, and even though I hadn't heard much about them, was I going to turn them down?! Hell no. Before I reviewed the products, it occurred to me that I myself have purchased other products made famous by YouTubers 'reviewing' them, but really they were telling all their viewers how fantastic they were, when really, some of them truly weren't. I made a pact with myself to always be perfectly honest with my subscribers and followers about products that were sent to me for free, as I knew first hand how dissatified one felt when they had purchased products that had been raved about which really weren't all that. I reviewed my ELF products, liked some, disliked others, and was perfectly honest about it. End of story. Since then I have been wary and watchful of products that have been offered to me. If I think the product is absolutely ridiculous of course Im going to say no. I was also recently offered products from a particular company but ineptly, there was a catch. There's always a catch. I was asked to blog about the products, before I had received them. I couldn't receive the products until I did a lavish blog post about them. Was I going to do that? Of course not. I don't believe in selling or advertising something to my followers which I myself don't even know anything about. Maybe it's because I have a conscience. I want my followers to be able to trust what I have to say, not take my word as the only word, but know that I'm not going to take advantage or abuse the situation. Yes, free stuff is amazing, but what is more important? Making yourself look pretty by slapping on free makeup, or your loyalty to your followers that take the time to actually read your posts? They don't have to follow you. They follow because they like what you have to say. Don't abuse them!

Lastly, on the subject of free stuff, I feel so privileged and honoured to actually be asked to consider reviewing products, that I turn into this shy, thankful and forever grateful muppet. What gets my goat (ok, this is a rant), is when people take advantage of that, and go out of their way to request free stuff. I think personally it's downright rude. What do these companies owe you? Nothing. You don't work for them. You're not affiliated with them whatsoever. So why do you feel that you have the right to free products? You don't. It's not a competition. Whoever gets the most free stuff wins? Thats comical. That's another thing about the beauty blogging community, some bloggers turn it into a competition or just a big bitch about eachother. Please note I know it may sound like im bitching about bitching, but I am NOT bitching about anyone here! Just blabbering. I am quite sick of bitchiness in the beauty blogging world, and little sly comments/remarks. We all write posts because of our love for all things beauty right? I do it because I don't feel like my friends are into it as much as me. I have no one in the ahem, 'real world' to blather on to about makeup as much as I'd actually like to blather on about it. Us beauty bloggers, have one thing in common. That we all love talking, using, and trying makeup, all of us, that's why we post about it. So why should the one thing that brought us all together be turned into a competition. There are enough petty cliques in the real world, some of us are here for that reason alone. Because we feel that there is no one else who understands our obsession for all things beauty related. If we all have that in common, why turn it into a petty teenage clique? I have made so so so many friends in the blogosphere, I have met some truly amazing people, and it feels pretty cool to be able to consider them my friends.

I know this might not be everyones cup of blog tea, but sometimes I feel that things need to be out there. Take from this post what you like, but as previously mentioned, this was just a bundle of my own personal opinions.

If any of you have anything to add i'd love to hear it!

Hope you all are having a lovely week :)

Giveaway Winner!

So I have been bombarding my twitter with daily tweets about my MAC and Sleek giveaway, it has finally ended, and I have chosen the winner!

Before I do, I just want say thank you to all my followers for following me, giveaway or no giveaway, it means so much to me that all of you are interested in my beauty babble! Im also nearly at 500 followers, so another giveaway may soon occur :)

So! The winner!

(cliché drumroll)....


Congratulations Laura :) I have emailed you to confirm your colour and palette choices so I will send them out to you once I ourchase them and get your details etc :)

Thanks again to everyone who entered! If you haven't already, definitely check out Laura, she's a fellow Irish blogger and has only been posting since July! She definitely needs more followers :)

Hope youre all having a lovely Tuesday!


Cue string of poser type photos:





Today I was inspired by the amazing Richie Nickel, watching his YouTube videos while I was slumped in my pyjamas. Do you ever get that rush to doll yourself up to make yourself feel better?! Well it was a mix of that and wanting to channel my inner Richie. I also wanted to experiment with products in my collection that have been a teeny bit neglected. What I ended up with was a shimmery smoky eye that looks the same whenever I do a smoky eye, even though I use different products nearly everytime. Sigh. But I was happy with the overall look, and so here are the products I used, and a bit of a break down on each of them.

Break it down.

Clockwise from top left: Clinique Repairwear in no. 8 Vanilla, Bourjois Healthy Mix in no. 52, MAC Hue lipstick, NYC Lip Plumper Gloss in Pink Champage, MAC Thunder Eyes Quad, Barry M Dazzle Dust in no. 39, Benefit Thrrrob Box-o-Powder and MAC MSF Natural in Light Med.

Clinique Repairwear: I'll admit I am aware that this product is for aging skin, (I argue that we are all aging so it's ok to use on my 22year old face), and the lovely makeup artist Emma Farrell who did my makeup for my 21st told me the same, but I saw Richie use it in a video and it looked amazing, so obviously I had to have it. It has been stashed at the back of my shelf for god knows how long, a looonng time, but I broke it out today because it is quite dark for my skintone, and I wanted to embrace a bit of a tan and glow without actually having to, you know, tan. It doesn't look that off compared to my arms so its all good. :) I did have to lighten it a tiny bit with my Healthy Mix but more on that in a moment. This foundation is quite thick but also reallllly longlasting, and Im really happy with the finish. Heavy coverage too! Win win.

Bourjois Healthy Mix: If you watch my YouTube Videos or have been reading my blog for a while, you will know I always have this foundation in quick supply, I love it. Im not going to review it but let me say this; it's cheap, smooth, longlasting, smells like peaches, medium coverage and blends very very well. I always tend to bulk out my more expensive foundations by mixing them with this to make the foundations last longer in the bottle. I do also wear this alone, and it's fantastic.

MAC Hue; This hasn't been one I have been neglecting, quite the opposite actually. It has replaced Patisserie as my go to pink from MAC, and I wear it pretty much all the time. Its a glaze, which I have mentioned before I am not too fond of, as they don't last very long, but it means that you don't have to wear a gloss over it! (In this case I did but howandever). Love it.

NYC Lip Plumper Gloss in Pink Champagne: This is a cheap and cheerful tingly gloss from NYC Cosmetics, a brand I'm relatively new to. I bought this a while back, used it, then I forgot about it. It stings the lips in a menthol type manner much like the Smashbox O-Plump Intuitive Lip Plumper but is obviously a fraction of the cost. Im not quite sure it actually 'plumps', but it is a glittery pale coral tone that looks great over anything.

MAC Thunder Eyes Quad: Love this. I used the pale shimmery pink and the dark purpley shadows which are Thunder and Sketch. Abso-friggin-lutely love Sketch. It's such an unusual colour and so fantastic and pigmented that I have nothing bad to say about it whatsoever. I used Sketch in the outer corner to blend, while I used Thunder solely to highlight the browbone.

Barry M Dazzle Dust in no. 39: This colour is called Tan (thank you BarryM website), and is a sandy shimmery dust that is so pigmented and just so damn beautiful. I have a soft spot for Dazzle Dusts because they last a very very long time, on both the eyes and in the pot. Ive used this colour countless times and everytime I open the pot its completely full, like it hasn't been touched. I have a few of these gems in my collection, but I think I really need some more. I used a tiny dab of this to wash over the entire lid, and my god its so pigmented! You can see the true colour more in the first pic!

Benefit Thrrrob Powder: Although this doesn't get as much attention as its sisters Coralista or Hoola, I really like this powder. Its a really pretty pale pink and sometimes I'd rather a nice pale pink on my cheeks rather than a coral. The only downside is that it's actually not really very pigmented so you have to build quite a bit up onto your cheeks. Still lovely though.

MAC MSF Natural: As you can see from the picture this powder is nearly at the end of its little MAC life. I hate throwing things away so I was determined to get as much product out of it as possible before tossing. Perfect face powder.

I love finding little gems that I have forgotten about in my eyeshadow drawer or at the back of my makeup shelf. It's like discovering them for the first time all over again. And I get excited like a little school girl.

Thank you all for reading! If you haven't already, enter my Sleek and MAC giveaway HERE! Only a few days left now! :)

Love :)

The Foundation Brush Vs. Stipple Brush Debate


I used to apply my foundation tenderly with my fingers, as I had heard by the lovely Bobbi Brown that it warmed the product up and made it easy to apply. "Fingers are the best tool for warming and blending makeup into the skin" she preaches, but my lovely MAC makeup artist says differently. She asked me how I apply my foundation when I was in getting matched to my true MAC colour way back when I first started using MAC. "Just my hands..", I responded, and she shook her head disapprovingly. She then went on to explain that the oils in the skin make it easier for the makeup to slide off when applied, and so a brush would be the better option.

I think I may have used makeup sponges maybe once in my life, when I was younger and used to sneak into my mothers room to use her oh so lavish Elizabeth Arden foundation compact. I didn't like the moistness and sponginess of the makeup sponge, and I haven't used one since.

I then moved on to the old faithful foundation brush. It was the only brush I knew of really, and thought at the age of 16 that I was the business, splurting my Maybelline foundation onto the back of my hand and swiping it up with the foundation brush, and rather liberally splodging it onto my face. Little did I know how caked it looked, at 16 I even thought it was fashionable to wear foundation on the lips. Serious makeup faux pas.

I got a bit older and resorted back to using my hands, and I was content in doing so, until I was introduced to the lovely Stipple. I bought the Sigma brush set as a result of hearing it being raved about on YouTube, and fell in love. That is until the brush started shedding all over my face like a dog. It was only when I decided to go for a bit of a more expensive Stipple from Inglot that I was truly happy with my foundation application. It was perfect. It was so quick and easy to apply, and could be blended in within one minute of application.

Fast forward to present day, and I have slightly changed my foundation application routine. Ever so slightly. I found that by using the Stipple, I used far too much product, and ran out of foundation alot quicker than I would have liked. I now apply my foundation with a lovely Clinique foundation brush, and I only use maybe one or two squirts of product, compared to maybe three or four with the Stipple. I like a nice heavy coverage see.
As the brush lines from the foundation brush are visible on my face, I then buff the product in using my Inglot Stipple. And the end result is perfect. Perfectly blended and full coverage. And the foundation in the bottle will last maybe twice as long. Result!

I think its nice to change up your regular routines, because often you get bored with the same old thing. Makeup is exciting! So change it up!

Love :)