Ins and Outs; Jan 2010

Ive seen bloggers do these sort of things and I love reading them. I love to rant full stop so I thought I'd do these too :) This wont just be about fashion, more kind of my life. Ha. Fashion is a big part of my life so it will be included obv :)
Anyways Im rambling.



  • Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy Perfume - My god this is amazing. I usually purchase non-celeb perfumes but I got this as an xmas present and so I forced myself to wear it.
    Many people have tried comparing this to different things, vanilla, cotton candy etc. I know exactly what it smells like. Anyone remember those fizzy cola lollies?? Thats exactly what it smells like. And I love it. I could eat myself up I smell so good!
  • Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Skincare Products - I recently went to Boots and found that these products were 2 for €7.50 so I bought a few. I got the foaming facewash, the exfoliating scrub, the nose pore strips and the peel off facemask. And they are amazing! My face feels so nourished and clean afterwards.
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation - This has gotten rave reviews. And it does exactly what it says on the tin. Full coverage, non drying, no need to even wear foundation! It lasts all day too. Any foundation/powder that doesnt need to be touched up during the day gets a yes vote from me.


  • Tweed Blazers - Vintage tweed blazers. Ive gotten my hands on a few different vintage tweed blazers recently and I cant stop wearing them. Theres just something about them that makes me not want to take them off! Aaaaaah.
  • Neutral Heels - Pale pink and nude patent heels are enough to set off any dreary black outfit, and make it seem fun and sophisticated. Lovves it.

Everything Else

  • Boiled Eggs - These are a godsend. So so addictive. Ive been having one every morning the last while and I know its bad for you and all that but when I dip my toastie soldier into that soft gooey sunshine yellow yolk and it bursts out over my egg cup I get a fuzzy feeling inside.
  • Exams are over! - yay!!! Had my exams in college this week and I now have two weeks off. I don't know what to be doing with myself. Any ideas?



  • Tanning -Im getting sick of it at this point. I've been using Doves Summer Glow Body Lotion the last while and although I loved it at first, I loathe it right now. Im all streaky and horrible and I cant make it go away! I have had much practice applying tan to myself the last few years, perfecting a streak free application, but why now does it all go wrong?
  • My foundation bursting all over my makeup bag - Hello! Revlon Colourstay is in a GLASS bottle! What the hell happened?! Now my lovely miniature brushes and lipglasses are ruined :(


  • Suede Boots getting soaked in this weather - Ruined. Just ruined!
  • Being outbid on a MUST HAVE item on ebay - it was a MUST HAVE! A gorgeous hot pink and black checked vintage blazer.. It was so beautiful! And now I am so sad.
  • Ladders in yer tights - Why does it always happen? WHY!

Everything Else

  • Gaining like half a stone from nowhere - The scales lie! Either that or I seriously need to get my jog on.
  • Unemployment - No money, no new things!

Woop! Ciao for now :)


  1. Love this post, I hate the ladder in the tights thing- wyhy does it always happen, and then u can't hlelp but look like a total trap! urgh!
    Ur tweed blazers sound lovely too- so at least u have bought something nice :)

  2. Ahaaa, this was such a good in and out. I'll definitely be following for more. Please come check my blog out :)
    The ladders thing I can definitely relate to, sorry, but it's not my fault I look like a hooker, it's the tights I tell you!

  3. Clear nail polish on a small ladder (if your out) seal's it from going further :P

    I hate being outbid on Ebay !!!!!!!!!!


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