So while I should be sorting out my room and organising my desk all pretty and nice for college, Im prancing around taking random pictures of things and making youtube videos.

I think its in my nature to procrastinate, I wont do things until i really have to,or until the last minute, which is good for assignment deadlines, because I work better under pressure :)

I have 3 weeks left until I start college again for my final year (gah!) but my desk has been crammed full of random pages and books and things for 3 months while I was away. I love feeling a sense of achievement when Ive tidied and prettied my room, and so i promised myself that today would be that day.

Anyways! Its days like today when im supposed to be doing something that I always find myself daydreaming about something else.

Being nostalgic. Looking through old photos. Old memories. Looking back to certain times in your life when you made those memories and knowing at that moment that you would never forget them.



  1. my middle name is procrastination, well, it should be! lol xx

  2. Yes I am just the same, I love looking back through picture's and thinking WTF and oh those were the days. Oh I heart the westwoods, I still have to wear my red pair :P xxxxx

  3. thank you hunni yeah we should both do a westwood wear post :P They are really high for me, they don't look that high. How are you? Is it great to be back? xxxx