Haul: Lord & Berry

Hello my petalpops. Sincere apologies for lack of posts recently. My internet has been on the brink the past week, and Ive been totally swamped with work. Excuses excuses. I know. But im back!

Just wanted to say a hey diddly ho to my new followers, and thank you so much for following me. It means the world. :)

Thought i'd ease back into things with a wee makeup haul from the Italian brand Lord & Berry.
I obtained these products from my Mama who received them as a gift yonks ago but she decided she didnt want them. They were still in their original packaging! Unopened! Whoop.

I had never heard of them before and reckoned they looked a bit mish mash. But upon researching I came to find they were a high class brand with only 2 stores in the whole world! (New York and Milan if youre wondering :) )

So after opening and swatching and playing I came to the conclusion that these products were indeed absolutely delightful :)

I received:

  • A little palette with 6 eyeshadows, 2 blushers and a face powder.
  • 8 Lipstick pencils
  • 2 Lipliners
  • Liquid Liner in brown/black.

Swatches ahoy!

From L-R

Ultimate Lipstick in Seashell
Ultimate Lipstick in Espresso
Lipstique Ultimate Lipstick in Goldie
Ultimate Lipstick in Rose
Lipstique Ultimate Lipstick in Choco
Lipstique Ultimate Lipstick in Sunset

To be honest the two browns look exactly the same and so do the two golds and I probably would never wear those colours! The golds are kind of glazes though so maybe :P

From L-R
Softshine Lipstick in Nouveau Rose
Softshine Lipstick in Grapevine

From L-R
Eyeshadows: Moon, Mauve, Caramel Blond, Misty Rose, Pearled Almond, Truffle
Blushers: Nutmeg, Sweet Pink

Ultimate Lipliners Choco and Angella (on the top!)

I do really like these products so far, some of the colours are a bit too crazy for me to wear but sure we'll see how it goes!

Hope youre all well! :) x

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  1. I am loving the lipstick pencils.. good pigmentation.

    These are great swatches, thanks!:D

    ***** Marie *****