The Foundation Brush Vs. Stipple Brush Debate


I used to apply my foundation tenderly with my fingers, as I had heard by the lovely Bobbi Brown that it warmed the product up and made it easy to apply. "Fingers are the best tool for warming and blending makeup into the skin" she preaches, but my lovely MAC makeup artist says differently. She asked me how I apply my foundation when I was in getting matched to my true MAC colour way back when I first started using MAC. "Just my hands..", I responded, and she shook her head disapprovingly. She then went on to explain that the oils in the skin make it easier for the makeup to slide off when applied, and so a brush would be the better option.

I think I may have used makeup sponges maybe once in my life, when I was younger and used to sneak into my mothers room to use her oh so lavish Elizabeth Arden foundation compact. I didn't like the moistness and sponginess of the makeup sponge, and I haven't used one since.

I then moved on to the old faithful foundation brush. It was the only brush I knew of really, and thought at the age of 16 that I was the business, splurting my Maybelline foundation onto the back of my hand and swiping it up with the foundation brush, and rather liberally splodging it onto my face. Little did I know how caked it looked, at 16 I even thought it was fashionable to wear foundation on the lips. Serious makeup faux pas.

I got a bit older and resorted back to using my hands, and I was content in doing so, until I was introduced to the lovely Stipple. I bought the Sigma brush set as a result of hearing it being raved about on YouTube, and fell in love. That is until the brush started shedding all over my face like a dog. It was only when I decided to go for a bit of a more expensive Stipple from Inglot that I was truly happy with my foundation application. It was perfect. It was so quick and easy to apply, and could be blended in within one minute of application.

Fast forward to present day, and I have slightly changed my foundation application routine. Ever so slightly. I found that by using the Stipple, I used far too much product, and ran out of foundation alot quicker than I would have liked. I now apply my foundation with a lovely Clinique foundation brush, and I only use maybe one or two squirts of product, compared to maybe three or four with the Stipple. I like a nice heavy coverage see.
As the brush lines from the foundation brush are visible on my face, I then buff the product in using my Inglot Stipple. And the end result is perfect. Perfectly blended and full coverage. And the foundation in the bottle will last maybe twice as long. Result!

I think its nice to change up your regular routines, because often you get bored with the same old thing. Makeup is exciting! So change it up!

Love :)


  1. love your blog design! and i actually prefer stipple brushes, strsnge! they are so bloody expensive though! x

  2. SOOO true! I find I use so much product with stippling brushes - the F80 from Sigma is better for it though. I should consider trying a foundation brush too though, I like the look of the round one from Louise Young!

    Great post!

  3. very helpful post hun! it's nice to know that other people mess around with their routine as much as i do - and full coverage for the win! xo

  4. I do the same as you, foundation brush then stipple brush. I only really use my stipple to apply foundation if I'm using a light coverage foundation such as MAC's Face & Body xx

  5. thanks for such an informative post :)

  6. Great post! I have been applying my foundation with my fingers, but I wanted to change it up for more coverage. I'm going to do some You Tube-ing and see what I can find. lol.

  7. I haven't tried a stipple brush but I will now, great post!x

  8. lovely blog. must try these. i am now following, i hope you can follow back.

  9. i need full coverage for my horrid dark spots, so i buff it on with the flat contour blush brush by sephora :) seems good!

    Vonnie of

  10. Ahh the foundation on the lips!!! Great post, really interesting and nice to see something a bit different. You have a new follower you blonde beauty!

  11. I'm using the sponge from Etude House - but I'm intrigued by using stippling brushes. So do you use the foundation brush first, then blend it with the stippling brush?

  12. Lovely Post!
    I was also a loyal Clinique Brushes fan but then I got to know how these brands are hurting animals like goats and ponies in order to manufacture these brushes. I switched to vegan brushes immediately. Then I found this brand called Nanshy and Im seriously in love with their brushes. Try the Nanshy Round Buffer Brush, it's magical..!!! :D :D
    and I also used to put my mum's foundation on lips while I was 10-11.. Lol.. Shhhhh.. :D :D