This post has absolutely nothing to do with it's title. Im sorry. Yes, it's another ramble. I have been finding it difficult to actually sit down and review products despite a mass amount of new products joining my collection as of late. My new found richness from my grown up job has been generously spent on clothes (new winter coat; investment!), makeup (MAC, I forgot how much I loved you), and hair products, (Kerastase, how did I ever cope without you!?). I have also been saving part of my moola each week as I promised myself I would towards my car. I haven't even started my driving lessons yet but that's not the point. At least im actually saving something. Pat on the back to me. :)

This is what I learned this week.

  • Wearing a fur coat does not make you cooler than everyone else. It makes you look the same. (I do want one of course, faux obviously, but I'm in two minds about it still. Indecisive Gemini I am.)

  • Sitting down with a cuppa and a good book can instantly make you channel your inner zen and give you a bit of much deserved 'you time'. (My book of choice was the Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days Cookbook. Glutton, I know.)

  • Just because you don't wear nice clothes to work or doll yourself up during the week does not mean you have to slob around at the weekend. Dress up! (I work in a kitchen, a full face of makeup is both unrealistic and wasteful as most of it would slide off anyway. Bummer. But on the weekends I parade around Dundrum looking like I'm done up to the nines for a night out on the town. It's ok, it makes me happy.

  • Pigging out once in a while is ok. Really. It is.

  • Getting a Urinary Tract Infection is not nice. No-suurrr-ee. (I totally just put that in for the sympathy comment.) No really, it's horrible.

  • Coming home to a nice shower, a DIY pedicure and clean jammies is all you may need to get out of the 'euuuugh I hateeee my jobbb and my liiiiife' slump.

  • Colleagues are not always considered your friends.

  • Chocolate makes everything better. (I have argued this one, but I just have to give in, I just do. It's the bean of miracles.)

  • I am in love with statement lips now. That's all.

  • People who you thought were your friends may not be your friends at all.

  • Don't trust men from your past who fucked you over then randomly text you offering you things.

  • Don't trust men in general. Especially those with highlights.

  • Red wine fixes everything. For like an hour, then shit gets real. (Excuse the vulgarity).

  • Going to bed at 9pm does not make you a granny. (Or so I tell myself sometimes).

  • Reconnecting with music you used to listen to years ago makes you feel young, hip and nostalgic. (I mean goooood music, not S Club 7. Although they were a bit amazing in their heyday.)

  • I always seem to attract weirdos at the bus stop who feel the urge to chat to me.

  • Being a girl will make you cry, scream, weep, laugh, moan, and bitch for no apparent reason.

  • No matter how bad things may get, just remember karma is a bitch, and those who upset you will get their comeuppance.

My next post will be a makeup related one, I promise! Hope youre all having a good week :) Nearly the weekend! Hey ho!

Love :)


  1. I love it! Should be given as list to all females!

  2. I hate my jobbbb and my liiiiifee = me, everyday!

    And jammies really do cure all :)

  3. Love this post! I can relate to almost everything on your list :) xo

  4. Oh bless you, I agree with all of the friends not being true and shitty men stuff, oh and the red wine. Hope you're okay from looking at this.x

  5. Random people always seem to talk to me on the bus one ,time a man asked me to go on holiday with him!! - needless to say I got off at the next stop and walked the rest of the way!:)xx


  6. love the last one. Karma sure is a bitch ;) check out my blog if you'd like xxx

  7. Definitely with you on the urinary tract infection, one of the worst things ever!!
    Love this post anyway :) xx