The Topshop Collar and the Gok Wan Specs

I spotted this embellished collared top in Topshop on a few occasions before finally commiting to purchase. I felt that I had enough Peter Pans in my wardrobe before adding another one. But I couldn't resist. It's a gorgeous short-sleeved little number perfectly paired with jeans or dressed up tucked into a skirt. And I adore it.

 It's a perfect fit with a sharp structure that sits in all the right places. The collar is adorned with pretty little square studs that add a bit of a wow factor to an otherwise plain white blouse. The Specs on the other hand I have had for a while. I am actually quite blind, so prescriptive glasses were required for my otherwise deteriorating eyesight. I liked the frames on these and that's why I bought them, but have since been ridiculed and derided by family and friends for looking like 'a hipster'. I don't care. I love them. And they actually make me see better. Win win. :)
I have been working like a loon and not doing much else, although I am planning a week away in November. I have a mountain of new lipsticks and various other products to show you, I can't seem to stop shopping. :)

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Hope you are all having a lovely tuesday! :)


  1. LOVE your glasses, they really suit you! Such a cute top too x

  2. those glasses look so sophisticated! you can totally rock them :) i love your top too. you're looking fabulous as always :)

  3. Oh I loveee the collar!!! Your glasses really suit you :) and make you see better ;) haha!

    Robyn Mayday

  4. I think I have those glasses! Love them and your top xx

  5. Really cute! I love those little collars.
    S xx

  6. So I have glasses just like those .... Except they have clear glass ha ha ha . Dunno if I'm brave enough to go for it!!!

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