Bonjour mes belles!

Hi girls :)
Hope youre all well.Unfortunately this is not a haul, product review or outfit of the day.
Just an update on whats been happening with me over the last while :)

So if you read my previous post youll know im in France at the mo!
I havent been able to get the internet the last 2 weeks so i havent been able to post videos or blogs :)

So im over here working with 3 of my college mates in a hotel cheffin it up and its pretty good craic. The first week was hell as I worked 70 hours and only got 45 euro. C'etait terrible! We do have a villa together which is pretty good fun. The other day we bought a paddling pool to put in our living room! Not out our back, our living room!

I saw a Sephora in the town next to me so hopefully ill be stopping in there. But there are NO clothes shops where I am. Its so sad! :(

My boyfriend and I are going to go to Paris when I finish up here, so hopefully I can make up for lost shopping there! :)

I might get a few things I purchased online recently mailed over to me.. here they are :P

Theres a few new MAC things aswell so ill update you on that :P haha!

How is everyone back home?! I seriously miss girlie rants and babbles about beauty and fashion!!!!



  1. I love those shoes! They are gorgeous! xox

  2. Shoes are really nice!:D Have fun!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. ooh wow hope you have a lovely time! :D x

  4. Hey! hope ur having a fab time ova there! It'l all be worth it. I saw on ur twitter there's no shops close to ya? :( that must be so annoying! lol. Stil thou u wont be there for too long, an to be honest there isnt much new stuff out in the shops at the mo anyways.. :( xx

  5. glad your well hunni, yeah I saw those shoes at Topshop and wanted to lick them :P ....I'm uber poor so I have to be good. Have a great weekend xxx