June Ins and Outs

Hola Beauties!!
It has indeed been a while since I have done one of these!
I am actually in work AS WE SPEAK but now is the only chance to get online so I thought i'd do a sneaky blog post ! Ive seriously been missing beauty babble! So heres a small bit for you :)


New Skincare Routine - Yay! I tend to change my skincare products on a regular basis but im going to stick to this one for a while to see if I actually get any good results!! i havent used toner in YONKS so I invested in a nice new one with rosewater that tingles my face after I apply and I can actually feel my pores closing! Strange but good :) I also purchased a new organic moisturiser that doesnt dry my skin and really moisturises! I exfoliate using Neutrogenas Face Scrub every 3rd day or so, and clease using Neutrogena's 2 in 1 mask every morning and night.

Light Makeup - I have hardly been wearing makeup since ive been in France for a few reasons;
1. im working ALL the time and sure who'll be lookin at me!
2. I havent found any places that actually sell makeup in this town so I dont want to run out!
3. Im quite enjoying letting my skin breathe for once!
I do throw on some foundation if im going out for the night, but most days its just a light dusting of MACS Studio fix Powder plus foundation, a sweep of blush and a slick of mascara! Done!

Summer dresses - A godsend.

French Cuisine - Working in a kitchen with an unlimited supply of food is like the best. thing. ever.


Rain in France - And I only brought summer dresses!

French Cuisine - Working in a kitchen with an unlimited supply of food has me snacking like a mofo. Seriously need to get my ass in gear!

Lack of makeup and clothes shops! - Im seriously going out of my mind staring at boulangeries all day.

Leaving loved ones behind - My boyfriend in particular. Its so hard. :(

Living with boys! - They leave the toilet seat up, their dirty cups in the sink, and are full of silly innuendos! Why! oh why!

Working mad hours for no pay. - Seriously tiring.

I do infact have a few more OUTS which doesnt seem very good now does it.. Obviously June is not a very favourable month!! Hopefully itll get better!

I hope all of you lovelies are doing well and having a nice summer so far!
Comment and let me know what youre upto!!!


Aoifs xx


  1. wow sooo jealous your in France right now... Im living in tokyo... France sounds like such a world away.

    Cute blog



  2. hay soooo good to hear from you hunni. Oh hope you have more 'IN's soon. So how is it all going? Oh I hope you get some sun soon, so you can waer all your dresses :) I still need to sort out my Twitter, I suck at it. So what else have you been up too? Yeah boy's can be dirty, but than again soo can some girl's. Well big hugs and hope you are having some fun. xxxx

  3. ive been loving light makeup as well!


  4. Hey Aoife.
    I love your blog & have chosin you for the
    "I love your blog" award posted on my blog.

    Please check out my blog for the rules on this award.
    Thanks :)

  5. Hay hunni I need to add you on you tube I hope everything is well and looking foward to you getting back ....I miss my blog buddie xxx