New Years Babbling & My 2010 Faves

I never make New Years Resolutions, purely down to the fact that I know I will never stick to them, because I am a sham like that. There are a few things I know that I DO want to do though, but Im not one to make a resolution. Because in a few days it will probably change. Because Im indecisive like that.

I added in a bit of a list of my favourites from 2010 at the end. I hope you all had an amazing New Years! Mine consisted of playing charades and getting sloshed with my boyfriend and parents. He was in work late and so couldn't make it out pubbing on time so we thought we'd have a quiet one in mine and ring in the new year that way. It was quite lovely really, the only thing was, watching all the fireworks from London on Sky News made me wish I was anywhere else but Dublin.

Any other Irish girlies reading will be all too familiar how this country has hit a huge downturn, and most of us feel like there is nothing left for us here.
It made me feel like I should be out experiencing places like London on NYE and not sitting in watching it on television. I think being in my final year of university has dampened my spirits. The past year was very hard in many ways for me. I feel like I am getting old. (21?! Old?!) There is just so much I want to experience, and I guess Im a bit fed up of doing the same old things. Knowing that i'll close a huge chapter of my life this year is so daunting. Its like, hello, wake up, real life starts NOW!

In terms of changes for the new year, Im not going to say 'I want to eat more fruit and vegetables' and 'drink more water', because surprisingly, I find that I do look after myself that way. I love being healthy and hydrated! Weirdo I know.
Finishing my dissertation in feb and getting my BA degree will be a huge weight off. Hopefully I'll do well. (if I stop procrastinating!)

I definitely want to travel. I want to experience places like Thailand, Cambodia, New Zealand, Tokyo.. Experiencing different walks of life and different foods and cultures is so exhilarating for me. I get such a rush out of it. Life is about the adventure. And I want to go and be free and experience as much as I can while I can. I don't know if that is a possiblility this year. There is an offer on the table, but its such a big commitment right now, because I'd be leaving so much behind.

I may also have an opportunity to work with a really well established chef here in Ireland, but it means packing up and moving to a different county. I'd have nowhere to live either, and Id be on my own, so I don't know what will happen with that.

One thing I want to do which is totally generic resolution is excercise more. Having done Karate for nearly 10 years, I gave it up, and since then, I just miss being fit. I love the rush you get out of exercising.

There are obviously more things I want to do but I wont continue to bore you with the details!
Onto something more upbeat.

Beauty Faves of 2010

Sephora Sculpting Disk

Benefit Coralista Blush

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

Barry M Dazzledusts

Les Floressances Creme Lift Visage Face Cream

Umberto Giannini Backcomb in a Bottle

Barry M Lip Wands

Kate Moss Perfume

I really loved using these products in 2010 and would recommend them to everyone.
I hope you all have a lovely monday :)



  1. Found you thru MakeYuUp, I really love the Coralista blush too..some great favs!

  2. i've tagged you for a blog award/tag on my blog :) xx