NEW LOVE: FCUK Polished Whipped Bodycream

Hello my lovelies!
I got this gorgeous bodycream for Christmas as part of a set of goodies
from French Connection. I just HAD to post about it because I am actually obsessed with it. NO JOKE PEOPLE! Every chance I get I am smoothing this onto myself. I can not get enough of it. Sometimes I even just find myself opening the lid, having a sniff and closing it again, just to give myself a hit. Gosh I sound like a junkie.

This stout tub contains 300ml of creamy goodness. I must admit I love that its pink.
It boasts extracts of orange blossom and pomegranate, shea butter and sweet almond oil. Ok orange, pomegranate, almonds? YUM. Im getting hungry now. Anything with shea butter in it and im sold anyway.
The back of the tub states that it has a rich and velvety texture and provides lasting hydration. The sweet almond oil helps to nourish and smooth while the shea butter helps lock in moisture and protect against dehydration.

I can honestly say this is the goddess of bodycreams. I never post about beauty products I love. Maybe because I rarely find any that Im so mad about. But this thick cream leaves my skin feeling supple and soft, and smelling delicious.
I wish I could somehow capture the scent of this beautiful cream and send it to you all. I love it. It smells sexy and warm and sunny and nutty..And ts so rich and creamy that you feel pampered and amazing after using it.

If you don't believe me it is available in Boots for £5.75 or about €7 if you want to pop in and have a cheeky sniff!

**Times I opened the tub to have a sniff during the writing of this post: 3

Hope you are all having a lovely evening and i'll speak to you all soon :)
Aoif x


  1. That is one hell of a description!! It's a fact the next time i'm in boots.... i shall be sniffing!! :)

  2. I love love love LOVE this cream :) It came in a set for christmas and its sat in my shower eve since. I use this after other products in the fcuk range like the soufle and the scrub, though I don't think it makes any difference whether you use it with or without other fcuk products. It smells incredible, very fruity and sweet and it is very very thick. Usually I use moisturisers more like Johnsons baby lotion types, a lot thinne and more spreadable so this took a bit of getting used to. It comes in a big tub and you have to scoop it out which feels a bit like you're scooping up mud and slapping it on yourself. So, my skin is very dry (like flakey dry, it's kinda gross :p), and this does work wonders on softer areas like my belly, back, thighs and bum, the only thing it doesn't seem to be able to shift is the dry skin on the backs of my calves, but asides from that it's great.
    I would recommend this cream, maybe not for people who are looking to treat dry skin (e45 is probably better, this is very heavily perfumed and may even irritate cracked skin), but for people that want a bit of luxury and to smell great and feel great with nice smooth skin, and the smell definitely lingers for a good few hours

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