My Perfect Day, Part 2.

It continues. After scoffing down a delicious five course fine dining lunch in the Greenhouse, the boss and I scuttled along to a very posh Afternoon Tea. MORE FOOD?!??! You bet your bottom dollar. I'm a glutton see. It was the prospect of having a delicious brew in a floral China tea cup with a saucer that really appealed to me, it makes me feel very ladylike and proper. And for some reason it tastes better too. Or so I like to think.

Carl and I popped along to the Shelbourne, one of Dublin's finest hotels, a 'Renaissance Hotel' they call it. Afternoon Tea was held in the drawing room, and without a reservation, we were assuming we'd get turned away, but decided we'd chance it. And lucky us! There had been a cancellation. So we plopped ourselves down on the huge Baroque style couches and just relaxed for the afternoon. Our Tea in question came with assorted finger sandwiches, buttermilk scones, various conserves, pastries, and little shot glasses filled with gorgeous things. It was quite delicious.

Apr├ęs  a completely chilled and filling afternoon, we were about to burst, but managed to go and down another few cocktails before grabbing a late bite to eat. It was probably way too much food in fairness, but the tipsy heads on us got the munchies. Enter Bang Restaurant, a quaint and stylish establishment off St. Stephen's Green.

We shared a deep fried hens egg with house black pudding and tomato relish to start, while I had Duck and Carl had Lamb to follow. We also got three complimentary courses, but I forgot to take pictures of those :)

After a seriously long and food filled day, it was safe to say that we were spent. And so were our wallets!

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Hope you are all having a lovely week :)


  1. I was recently treated to the shelbourne afternoon tea by my bestie and it was amazing - I love tea and it was luxury sitting and chatting

  2. All that good looks sooo yummy. Especially the sandwiches. mmm. xx

  3. looks like you had a fab time. i've never been to the shelbourne before. looks nice.x

  4. Looks yum! where would you recommend for dinner in Dublin city centre that dosn't cost a fortune? Every time we go out for dinner we end up getting chicken wings in Elephant & Castle..I'm ready for a change!

  5. I went for afternoon tea for my birthday with my boyfriend and I'm pretty sure you were there on the same day as us! I thought it looked a little like you and your photo of those two empty chairs by the window is where we were sitting! Haha, crazy. It's such a nice day out isn't it, we really enjoyed it too x

  6. Woooowww, all the food looks so yummy and petit ! >w<
    Hehe, love the set-out ! ^^

  7. I love all your food posts, they make me want to go and try lots of new restaurants! xx

  8. yum!
    Lovely blog! i love finding Irish bloggers!
    now following,
    Katie x

  9. This looks too delicious. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a day.

  10. I wish my boyfriend would eat more adventurously. He's very picky and on eats plain this, plain that. Boooring! This sounds and looks amazing!