Into the White.

Hello all! Hope everyones well, and hello to my new followers!

I have scaled down the makeup buys quite a bit recently, which I'm quite proud of, although my full attention has turned to purchasing new clothes, hello Zara sale! How the tables have turned! I have become a mad woman, once I pick something up I like, thats it, say goodbye to the rest of the day, we're going on a shopping binge. I can't stop. On my break on Friday I went crazy in town, it was pay day after all, and I scoured out H&M, Zara, Topshop and River Island, and left them all with a massive bag of buys in tow. Here are my favourite purchases.

I've been loving big necklaces lately, and got these ones from Topshop and H&M. The flats are from Topshop, €10 on sale! The shirt is from Zara, down from €70 to €20. The little buttons are actually tiny skulls, which makes me feel very Alexander McQueen. And the heels. MY GOD. I debated with myself whether to get these or not, because they hurt a teeny bit, but I absolutely love them. So glad I got them. Also from Zara. :)

I love reading Instagram update posts, and so I thought I'd share mine, now that I am the proud owner of a beautiful new iPhone.

Asos Heels | Tshirt Dress | 7am sky | Chanel things

New Dessert on the menu, Strawberry Plate | Makeup Mess | Dressing for dinner | Chocolate Pave

Sunday Breakfast; Buttermilk Pancakes, Maple Bacon, Poached Nectarines and Vanilla Yoghurt | Blazing | New Purchases | Rhubarb, Ginger and Rose Trifles

Thank you for reading! Hope you are all having a lovely week :)


  1. You have amazing style! Every thing you have I want haha..sooo not good for the bank balance! :D xx

  2. I still can't see your pictures :( xx

  3. I really love that necklace and the look of that strawberry plate - is it foamy?? xxx

  4. you should show us everything you bought :D i love this so much.


  5. you got some amazing bargains! the zara top is beautiful!

  6. the shirt!! eh wow - bargain. so annoyed it wasn't in the zara i went into </3 are they the penneys studded pumps? if so. they are so comfy and a total bargain ;) x

  7. Hey i stumbled across your site at the weekend and spent a lovely hour trawling thru some old posts!

    I know this was on another post but would you recommend doing the afternoon tea at the shelbourne? I am thinking of doing it this weekend! thanks.

    1. Hello! Yes I would, it was very lavish and very lovely!! x

  8. Great post, I love that Zara shirt and those heels are bad ass.

  9. Hey Lovely :)
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    You are so gorgeous and your blog is amazing!


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