Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in #71 Style

I have been on the hunt for the perfect nude lipstick for a while. The perfect nude for me is glossy and balmy, but stable, durable and long lasting. While I relish a nice statement bright, there comes a day, or night for that matter, where slicking on a simple nude to finish off a face is all I need/want. Especially with a statement eye.

I have a few nudes in my collection, a good few, but I've never been entirely satisfied with any of them, be it their colour or consistency, there is always one characteristic that lends a hand to their downfall.

But the Chanel number is absolutely perfect. In every single way. I actually adore it something terrible.

(Just-purchased token Instagram photo.)

So the thing about nudes is that they don't really suit everyone. Why try rid your lips of their perfect pink pigmentation? I once thought that lipsticks were supposed to augment the natural shade of lips rather that obscure or mute them. But then I came to realise that a perfect nude, paired with the right palette of colours for the rest of the face can look timeless, sexy and classic, just like a pillarbox red can. In my opinion, the key to a perfect nude is consistency and finish.

My search for the perfect nude began last year, in February, when I went to the IMATS in London with Julie. I splurged my last few Sterling pounds on Myth by MAC in the airport, but unfortunately became entirely turned off nudes for a while, my distaste for it briefly mentioned in this post. Its texture and consistency made my lips dry and flaky, and it's colour just did not suit my complexion.

Fast forward a few months and I decided I absolutely needed to find a nice nude. I was all set to buy Creme d'Nude by MAC, a muted beigey cremesheen nude which looked as if it had the potential to be my saviour. I love a bit of cremesheen. Unfortunately for MAC, I had a few mishaps that day with customer service, and I ended up at the Chanel counter. I settled for Style, no.71 in the Rouge Coco Shine collection and left feeling very smug and quite delighted with myself.

(Sidenote: I have since purchased Creme d'Nude, and while it is beautiful, Style definitely surpasses it!)

Now first off, it doesn't really look very nudey. It's a very pale pink, with gold shimmery flecks and a very glossy finish. The thing about Style is that is mutes my lips, while still giving a slight pigment of colour, lasts all day and looks glossy and beautiful. That to me, is the perfect nude. One that mutes, but still delivers on shine, durability and texture. 

Do you have a perfect Nude?
 :) x


  1. I also don't like myth, such an awful nude, washes me straight out! I love MAC's Hue and also Shy Girl, they're both gorgeous!

  2. Ooh this looks gorgeous! :)

    It's not really a nude but it sits perfectly with my natural lip colour which is Boy from the Rouge Coco Shine shade x

    Sarah @ xx

  3. Beautiful colour! Love the texture and quality of Chanel lipsticks x

  4. I love the rouge coco shine lipsticks, although I only own the one. I have dry lips so always look for something that isn't gonna dry them out and love the colour of this! x

  5. That really does sound like the perfect nude!
    It's a real bummer when lipsticks make your lips dry and flaky! -.-

  6. Awww its so pretty!! Must go look at the Chanel counter :)

  7. Nice colour

  8. Amazing post, your blog is totally adorable!
    Love, Anna

  9. This looks gorgeous. I do love nudes that might the colour of your lips without entirely removing all colour so this looks wonderful. I absolutely love Nevada from Topshop, that is defiitely my favourite nude, but again that is very beige and muted. I will have to have a look for this one when Im next out and about :)

    Victoria at In the Frow xx

  10. Such a gorgeous lipstick

    A little bit Unique


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  11. oh this is so covetable. I love your blog, I've just come across it. I'm from Ireland too and your new follower. xx