The Resolutions List.

First off, Happy New Year to all my readers and I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!  :)

As you may have noticed, I have been a bit MIA on the blogging front the last while, and I deeply apologise.

I absolutely love blogging, and thought I'd start this year afresh, with a resolutions list! :) Personally, I love reading resolutions by others, however most of the time I'm not bothered to make any myself, because if I do make a 'New Years Resolution', a few weeks go by and I completely forget about the resolution itself and the change I've vowed to make. The New Years Resolution is such a cliché, and usually everyone has the same resolution; eat more healthily and exercise more! Fortunately for me, I eat quite well anyway, I'm that weirdo who absolutely LOVES vegetables, so eating more healthily has never been an issue or resolution. Don't get me wrong, I'm an absolute glutton, but I love the veg and thats good enough for me. :)

This time last year I made a very very long goals list, which spanned/spans over the course of 2 years. For me, making long term goals will benefit me better; physically, mentally, career wise and health wise. From time to time I have forgotten about it, but a year has gone by and I have completed 48 out of 101 goals, which is nearly half!  Some of the goals are quite farfetched and seem a bit extreme, but that's exactly why they have been entered into the list, because nothing is unacheivable!

2012 ended on a very surprising and exciting note, an unexpected job opportunity arose for me that will possibly be the best thing to happen to me career wise; a chance to work as a Pastry Chef alongside the best chefs in the country in Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, the only two Michelin starred restaurant in Ireland. 2013 sees me focus nearly entirely on this new opportunity, and because of that, my goals list has had to be slightly altered.

My new and altered 101 Goals in 1001 days list!
Start Date: 5.1.12
End Date: 29.9.14
Green Text: Completed Goal.:)

1. Purchase a sunshine yellow Kitchen Aid.
2. Be paid to cook for someone/cater; friends/family/the world. (2/3) Completed: Friends/Family.
3. Learn to drive. (Starting January '13!)
4. Make a blogging schedule and stick to it!
5. Be happy in a job. Completed.
6. Become fluent in French.
7. Go skydiving.
8. Organise my wardrobe. Completed.
9. Build a photography portfolio. Completed.
10. Complete my recipe book.
11. Apply for 5 jobs in 5 high end establishments. (3/5) Completed: Four Seasons, Relais and Chateaux, The Westbury.
12. Host a dinner party.
13. Stop biting my nails.
14. Buy Chanel's 'Coco' perfume. Completed.
15. Make homemade gifts for friends/family. Completed.
16. Visit Japan.
17. Partake in a Japanese Tea Ceremony.
18. Hire a VW Camper and go on a roadtrip.
19. Eat street food in Vietnam.
20. Visit an antiques fair. Completed.
21. Grow a herb garden.
22. Purchase a Vivienne Westwood Handbag.
23. Do someones makeup. Completed.
24. Intern at a magazine; food related or other.
25. Take an evening class.
26. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years.
27. Paint an abstract piece on canvas.
28. Take up yoga or Pilates.
29. Make 5 strange flavours of icecream. (4/5) Completed: Earl Grey, Mint Julep, Buttermilk, Honey and Creme Fraiche.

30. Build a treehouse.
31. Buy a notebook specifically for to do lists and get organised! Completed.

32. Work in a Michelin Starred Restaurant. Ongoing.
33. Walk on the beach at night.
34. Compliment a stranger.
35. Visit Hollywood.
36. Swim in crystal clear water.
37. Stay in a cliff-side hotel overlooking the sea. Completed.
38. Change someones mind about something I care deeply about.
39. Reach 1000 followers on my blog. Completed.

40. Get a massage. Completed.
41. Buy a blazer in 5 different colours. (4/5) Completed.
42. Eat at the Fat Duck.
43. Stay/Work at Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons.
44. Buy a good every day handbag. Completed.
45. Stand up for myself when I'm being treated unfairly.
46. Eat at every Michelin starred restaurant in Ireland. (5/8) Completed.
47. Buy a beauty product from each of these brands; Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Guerlain, NARS. (4/5) Completed.

48. Build a professional portfolio.
49. Live in France. (Again).
50. Read 5 non-trashy novels. (1/5) Completed.
51. Visit London. Completed.

52. Buy my first car.
53. Buy a kitsch item of kitchenware.
54. Have a spa day with my mom and sister. Completed.

55. Have a cocktails and canapés night.
56. Buy a designer piece I LOVE.
57. Buy a 2012 diary. Completed.
58. Get my eyebrows shaped.Completed.

59. Fly first class.
60. Have afternoon tea. Completed.
61. Accomplish something i've worked really hard for. Completed.
62. Visit River Cottage.
63. Donate clothes/shoes to charity. Completed.
64. Buy a new phone. Completed.
65. Open a savings account. Completed.

66. Plan something special for Carl. Completed.
67. Buy a new laptop.
68. Get a facial. Completed.

69. Plan and prepare a romantic 6 course meal. Yes! 6!
70. Try something new and completely out of the ordinary in a restaurant. Completed.

71. Join a gym.
72. Teach myself how to do something.
73. Go skiing. (Again!)
74. Make Christmas dinner for my entire family. Completed.

75. Buy my perfect pair of jeans. Completed.
76. Buy something unexpected for each member of my family. (2/4) Completed.

77. Purchase a vintage piece of some sort.
78. Buy cute stationery. Completed.
79. Be more confident. Completed.

80. Find my perfect skincare products.
81. Reconnect with old friends. Completed.
82. Make new ones. Completed.
83. Write a love letter.
84. Organise my work space. Completed.
85. Hold a blog sale.
86. Visit 5 food markets. (2/5) Completed.
87. Find a hidden gem of a place in Dublin. Completed; Locks Brasserie. 
88. Swim with dolphins.
89. Dance all night.
90. Invent a signature cocktail.
91. Grow a mini garden filled with lavender, roses and apple blossom.
92. Expand my classical cookery recipe book collection. (5/?) Completed.

93. Stay in a beach house.
94. Smile more.
95. Watch a black and white movie. Completed.

96. Save up and move out.
97. Go to a rave.
98. Make contacts in an industry I'm interested in. Completed.
99. Go somewhere spontaneous on a whim. Completed.

100. Camp in a forest.
101. Inspire somebody else to create a 101 goals in 1001 days list. Completed.

My original 101 goals in 1001 days list can be found here if you fancy a gander. I loved making this list and achieving each goal felt so rewarding and accomplished.
What are your new years resolutions? :) x


  1. You have completed so much! I can't even stick to one thing on my list! x

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  3. Ah thats such a nice list.I might steal a few of these to add to my bucketlist. COngrats on the job and have a happy new year

  4. it's such a good idea to do a list like that, something amazing to look back on!

  5. I've got similar on my bucket list on my blog - however most of mine aren't completed haha xx

  6. This is such a good bucket list!
    I really need to do something like this! :)

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    thank you.

  8. i love this list! youve made me feel totally inspired :))) keep up the great work!! love your blog btw it lovely :)