Chanel Vitalumiere Liquid and Powder Foundation

I had been meaning to purchase the Vitalumiere Aqua foundation for a while, I had heard marvelous things about the beautiful light consistency and dewy finish, and I eventually got around to using up my Smashbox 15Hour foundation and thought it was time for a new addition to the makeup family. I had a long and lengthy chat with the manager of the Chanel counter and found myself veering towards the original Vitalumiere foundation, turned off by the Aqua version's sheer lightness, as I favour a fuller coverage. She explained that the Aqua is pretty much a step up from a tinted moisturiser, and while I relish a 'barely there' face in the summer months, I figured if I was splashing nearly €50 for a foundation, I might as well go the whole hog. I have been let down by tinted moisturisers in the past, controversially, the Laura Mercier number being one of them, and when she mentioned it was not too dissimilar, I had my mind made up.

The foundation itself, which Chanel describes as having extracts to boosts cell energy to enhance radiance, and light-reflecting pigments to smooth away imperfections, is lighter is consistency that some foundations I've tried. It doesn't provide as much of a glowy finish as I would've liked, and it's longevity is mediocre. On the plus side, it blends very well, and it delivers on coverage. I was advised to wear the Vitalumiere Powder Foundation along with the liquid version, although I have found that the combination of liquid foundation and powder foundation is quite excessive and cakey. For me, its either or, and not together.

The powder foundation, is light and gives a soft matte finish to the skin, which unfortunately I am not really a fan of. Its consistency is sheer and natural on the skin and provides light coverage when used with the powder brush, and medium coverage when used with the sponge. It's also quite the handy little compact to carry around for touch ups. 

So for days where I want a fuller coverage, I'll opt for the liquid, with a swish of powder on the top, and for days when I'm not particularly bothered about a full face, I'll swipe on a light dusting of the powder foundation.

Overall, I will always choose a liquid foundation over it's powder counterpart, I can't help it. There is something about liquid that I love and will always come back to. I do like this foundation, although I am quite fussy when it comes to each component and aspect of a foundation, and this one ticks half the boxes.

Have you tried this foundation?

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