March Ins and Outs

Hello lovelies :D
Riiiiighty so I know its already April blah blah BLAH!
I need to keep upto date with these thingys! Heres the lowdown :



  • Body Butters - Keeping my dry sensitive skin smooth and nourished. Im loving Avon's Banana and Coconut Body Lotion at the moment; its so tropical and when I put it on I get the scent of summer!
  • Scrub scrub scrub! - I've been taking extra care of skin as of late, and obviously its not good to use a gazillion harsh products on your skin, but I keep packin em on to make sure my skin is clean! Im loving removing my makeup with Johnsons Baby Lotion, it smells so sweet and soothing! Then I wash my face with Neutrogena's 3 in 1 Wash & Mask. This is an amazing product. I then use an oil free moisturiser, i like using a light Nivea one for the day and a good Olay night cream for night!
  • Water ! - I've really been trying to drink as much water as I can; 2Litres a day! Its really important to drink as much as you can to get rid of toxins from the body and keep skin clear!
  • Mixing my foundation with a very light tinted moisturiser: This routine is ample for when I want to use the foundations I have in my collection that are slightly darker than my skintone. This step lightens up the product, and it allows the foundation to be applied so smoothly and evenly.


  • Giant pearls. If you saw my recent Fashion Haul video on Youtube Here you'd know that I purchased a giant pearl necklace from Primark. Its such a statement necklace, and I love pearls, so I've been finding every excuse to wear them.
  • Florals and Lace - I have a few dresses in my wardrobe en ce moment that have lace detailing around the shoulders and a floral pattern on the remainder on the dress. Spring is here and they make me feel pretty!
  • Pastel Belts - I have been wearing these with everything. They are adorable.



  • Dry lips - I have recently realised that alot of my lipsticks are making my lips dry and horrible! So i've been whipping out the Carmex quite a bit. God bless you Carmex.
  • Shedding Makeup Brushes - This is absolutely horrible. I can't take it anymore! Peeling shed hairs off my face and d├ęcolletage is not my cup of tea.
  • Having a wishlist as big as my arm - it keeps growing! Someone help me stop this madness!


  • Nautical Trends - Hasn't this trend been around for ages?! Im not feeling it this summer. I don't really like boats too much anyway.
  • Heels that are too big - Pink Patent heels: I love you so much, you are so pretty! But I cannot wear you on a night out! No matter what I do, insoles, heelgrips, the lot! You still slip off me! :(
  • Scarves - I used to have scarves in every colour, now I find myself feeling self conscious when I wear them as it makes me feel like I have no neck. Does this happen to anyone else?!

Hope youre all having a lovely week! :) x


  1. love your list, and yeah I agree with the heel's I have a stupid amount and I can't walk in any !!! But they are so pretty and they call too me Evil !!!but pretty. :P
    You do love your pearl's I love the primark necklace you showed in your haul. Ohhh I have been Ebay buying like mad for pretty dresses that are soft and girly ....never thought about a pastel belt ...hmmm maybe try that one :) Body butter yes, yes defo on the leg's if I stand any chance of wearing a skirt. I think the water will help in turn with the dry lip's as well.

    After having my son I have had to change my wishlist and my style you say spring is here ....before I was very kooky and quirky but I want to look abit my grow up but not grannie. Anyway love this list and I hope you can start ticking it off.

    Have a great week to hunni xxxx

  2. Thank's for your comment, I do love my pink boots. I have been sooo ill, how are you? How is the list going? You inspire me I've been trying to drink more water and the mixing the foundation skin is looking a little more less dull. Have a great weekend :)

  3. @Vintage and Cake aaagh ive been sooo sick too!Hope you feel better! just been doing college work and the like! bleh! Ooh thats good, i love picking up new tips from people on youtube or blogspot, its great! :)
    The list is ok! just ok! :)

    Have a good weekend to you too! x