Outfit of the Day

Is this too 90's Chic? Maybe I should lose the jacket. Thoughts?

Cheesy Pose :P

I am however, in love with these culottes.

Jacket - Primark
Culottes - Primark
Tshirt - H&M

Hope you all have a lovely sunny day :)


  1. You look lovely & I think the jacket really suits you :) x

  2. cute :)
    think im going to have to get my denium jacket out & about

  3. 90's chic suits you so well, I would not think of it as a bad thing anyway. Loving the jacket, very cute xx

  4. you look lovelyy:D
    the jackect looks fab too!
    wow, you have such lovely eyes(: x
    i followed;) it would be lovely if you could check out my blog, im new + it would mean a lot to me:D
    jess xxx

  5. no more 80's, but a nicer style than the 80's less pretty in pink more the cooler Molly film = Breckfast Club... We love :)
    OOOhh I want to Primark the other day with my mate, they have some stupidly great stuff at the moment. Like you I get a uber huge haul :P I did see the Culottes, but none in my size ....they look really great on and because of the colour and pattern they go with everything.

    Have a great weekend hunni ...oh thank's for following my twit's, I chat alot of rubbish ..hehehehe. I am following your's ...I'm sure your's will be way kooler. xxx

  6. Sorry for my rubbish spelling :P, your skin is looking really fresh BTW...have you been drinking lot's of water and still mixing your foundation with lotion? mine is just yekkk at the mo. Anyway .....

  7. I saw that Jacket, I wanted it lol looks gorgeouson you, like everything does! lol xox