I Hate:


As most of you probably don't know, Im leaving the country for 3 months. Tomorrow. AGH!
Im going to France as part of my college course to work for the summer. Im unbelievably nervous and getting quite hysterical at this stage!
I haven't mentioned it because I haven't really felt the need. Basically posting might be a bit irregular for a while, but I assure you im not gone indefinitely :) Everything is going so quickly.
Ive finished college for the year, assignments have been handed in, exams have been sat. Now I have to practically pack my entire room into a suitcase.
With all the birthday celebrations everything has just been a blur!
Ive gone on a few maaajor shopping sprees the last few days, partially for things for France but mostly to spend my birthday money on some well deserved treats :)
I have loaaaads of stuff to show you guys but I dont even know if ill have the time to make haul videos and stuff (if you follow me on youtube youll know what im talking about :) )

My boyfriend bought me a HD camera for my birthday so ill be bringing that with me and hopefully ill be able to make videos over in France. Theres a few on my laptop i havent uploaded yet so ill be uploading them soon enough :)

Im really going to miss the whole routine of posting on blogspot and on youtube over the next while because its something ive really come to enjoy doing. It seems I have no one to ramble on to about makeup and clothes so it really is like a sanctuary where I can talk about what I love to other people who love the same things!!

Ive met so many amazing people on my youtube/blogging journey so far, and corny as it sounds, it really has been overwhelming. I really hope I don't lose touch with any of you because you all seem like true friends to me.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who is following me and who has subscribed to me, it really is such an amazing feeling to know that somebody likes reading/watching what i have to babble on about! I have so many amazing ideas for videos and things now, and it saddens me that its pretty much coming to a halt. For the next few days or so at least!
Just until I get settled.

If anyone has a twitter be sure to add me on it
HERE because then ill be able to keep you upto date with whats happening :)

Talk soonies :)
Lovee Aoife xxx


  1. Ooh, good luck my love! Think of all the croissants and that it'll be over before you can blink and you'll have loads of fun and meet loads of awesome new people :)


  2. Aw I know exactly what you mean about blogging, it really is a sort of sanctuary haha! Have a wonderful time in france <3

  3. Aww good luck! I know how you feel, I have to go in September to spend a year there! I'm sure you'll have an amazing time though :) xxx

  4. i agree. i hate goodbyes. good luck!

  5. Best of luck in France Aoife!! I'm moving to New York for 3 months this summer too. It's scary but so so exciting, so make sure you live it up there:)


  6. Hay ohhh so this is why you have been shopping so much. Oh la la well enjoy it hunni, you are gonna have a blast. Think of all the shopping in France !!! Oh and the vintage, so lucky :P I hope you can do some post's, I will miss you. I won't be going any where you are defo one of my blog buddies for sure, you always leave me such great input and I love that you shop more than me !!! Which is ALOT :P oh that was sooo nice of your blokey, it will be great to take to France ...he is gonna miss you heaps :( still enjoy your time and I'm sure once your back you two can have a la la love fest :P Ohhh have a great time. People should love ya damn it !!!! Oh I will have to go on twitter now (I'm not a fan) but will see what your up to. Mucho love hunni and be sure to take pictures xxxxx

  7. Best of luck in france pet..u'l have a ball!!xxx

  8. hay I need to go on Twitter, to see what you are up too. Hope you are well girly xxx

  9. hay hunni hope you are well, am really missing your post's xxxx