Girl Crush - Dakota Fanning

Although Dakota is only 16, she totally rocked the character of it-girl and lead singer Cherie Currie in the new film The Runaways about a 70's girl band called, well, the Runaways.

She totally rocked Bowie in the film aswell which of course is an added bonus. :)

Soft and delicate hippie 70's trends are back in for Fall/Autumn, but I was inspired by the grungey 70s look in this film. She looks feminine and pretty, but cool and sexy at the same time. The blonde hair has made me want to dye mine back that colour, yes? no? Hm.
Anyways, shes beautiful.
What celebities inspire you?

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  1. Hay hunni bun, I have given you a blog award so check out my new post for it. I Love this and really want to see this movie, that girl rocks and I still can't believe how fast she grow into a young women !
    Hope you are well kitten xxxxx