I hate slumps. Be it diet slumps, school/college slumps, work slumps. You know those slumps you get when you're just not motivated to do anything at all? When you've been eating right but you wake up one day and aren't bothered to exercise, or you just want to binge on everything in the fridge? When you've been studying for exams then decide to screw the exams? When you've been working full time day in day out at a job you hate and decide youve had enough?

Thats when you need inspiration. You need to find something that makes you think about or remember what you love in life, why you are who you are and the things that excite you.

Call me shallow, but for me, its a new pair of shoes, a delicate cream pussybow blouse, a designer clutch, or a new beauty product.

Since I started making videos on youtube i've really gotten into makeup. Its amazing to see other girls like you and find out what other girls like you love and use. I barely do tutorials because of the quality of my camera. But I love makeup. And Ive decided to pursue a career in makeup artistry. When ive completed my degree of course.

Here are some images that inspire me.

A picture can tell a thousand words. It can bring back memories. Or make new ones.


  1. I love this, you go for it hun. You have to be in a slump something to figure out what you want, from what you think you want. I love the photos the Lichtenstein make-up photo is so clever I love it !!!!
    Great post xxxxx

  2. Hi hun, great blog, love the photos for inspiration, i've just been inspired to do a mk up look today on my blog and it always feels strange doing something a bit different but its good to push yourself sometimes. x