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Hello dollies! This post was meant to be posted last week but the photies didnt upload. Here it is now!

So when I popped myself into Boots a few weeks ago I found myself diving for bits and pieces I knew very well I didn't need, but thought to myself, 'hey, i've got cash to burn on this gift card, go on Aoif, treat yourself!' :P
But me being me, I persuaded myself that I did of course need these items, and told myself it would be ok as I kind of made up for it by purchasing a few 3 for 2 items. Yes! I go for the bargains!

Heres what I bought:

And a few closeups:

Boots Botanics Skin Brightening Cleanser and Toner - I decided to change up my skincare routine a tad and opt for a wipe away cleanser for once. Most of the time I feel like my face isn't actually clean if I don't use water, but this stuff is just lovely. It smells divine too. If im wearing a lot of makeup i'll use a makeup wipe first to get rid of the excess, then use this to ensure every last bit of dirt and grime has been removed from my face :) It's a skin brightening cleanser, which is just what I need during these harsh winter months. I am quite happy with the toner as well, I could drink this it smells so good; like a liquid rose garden, so fresh and clean scented. It refreshes my face after using the cleanser and makes sure it is squeaky clean.

Boots Botanics Organic Smoothing Face Polish - This scrub does exactly what it states, and that is exfoliate! Its nice to use two or three times a week to remove dead skin cells and leave behind a bright complexion. It contains cranberry and cupuacu (I have no clue what that is but it sounds fab!), but it kind of smells and feels like liquid brown bread. Please do not be alarmed, I was not keen to use this as I detest brown bread, but now I have come to enjoy it.

Aussie Volume and Conditioning Mousse and Coloured Hair Protection and Shine Serum -
Aussie products are quite the dark horse next to leading brands such as Tresemmé and the like. They are fantastic. This mousse smells amazing, volumises, and leaves hair shiny without any frizz. The serum is amazing too. The best thing about it is you dont even have to use a pea sized blob to tame your entire head, meaning it will last AGES! It smells delicious, and when used on a recent night out, it kept my hair in place all night. Tres happy with that like.

Lipstick from L-R: Revlon Superlustrous Lipstick in 700 Fire and Ice, Revlon Matte Lipstick in 006 Really Red, Barry M Lip Paint in 100 (Baby Pink)
First off, the lack of lighting in this picture does not do the red lippies any justice, because they really are so vibrant. I apologise!
I love Fire and Ice. Its beautiful, lasts ages and moisturises my lips. Really Red I was not so sure of because I find that Matte Lippies tend to dry my lips out but this is great for a really striking classic pin up look. :) To be honest I haven't tried the Barry M one yet as I had not intended on purchasing this. I thought I had picked up 101 Marshmallow, but to my dismay I had picked this one up instead and only realised after I had got home and torn off the packaging. I find that it does feel a bit chalky in texture and im not sure it will suit my complexion. But I will do a more in depth review at a later date :)

Barry M Limited Edition Lip Wands in Red and Baby Pink, Cocoa Butter Vaseline, and Barry M Liquid Liner - I did a product rave post last month regarding the Barry M lipwands and I couldn't resist picking up the Limited Edition ones when I saw them in Boots. The red seemed perfect for smoothing over Fire and Ice when I wanted a glossy finish, and the baby pink is perfect over nudes, worn alone, or over well.. baby pinks. I only picked up the liner because after a quick trip to Inglot I was told the gel liner I had waited patiently for for ages was sold out, again, so thought i'd give this Barry M one a go until I could get my hands on the Inglot liner. So far it does suffice, the liner tip is quite thick so its thick liquid liner whether you like it or not! It doesn't last as well as the Rimmel Glam Eyes Professional Liner I have been using for aggggges so I may resort to that again.

Catrice All Around Concealer - I had heard the lovely Dazzledust25 and gorgeous KatieElisabeth21 talk about this concealer palette before and was interested to see what the fuss was about. This baby was €1.99! Seriously. I was shocked as well. And so I didn't expect much from it. It contains 5 concealer colours; A pink to conceal dark circles, a green to cancel out red spots, and 3 skin coloured shades that can be mixed and matched to suit your skin tone. I have been using Benefits Erase Paste in No. 1 Fair for the past while but it is too pink for my skin tone. The second shade in this palette matches my skin perfectly. I was quite surprised at this! This is a bargain to be honest, the coverage is fairly all right, it not the best concealer in the world or anything, but for €2 it is an absolute steal. 5 shades?! Come on!

Anyway rambles over! I got some more lovely Beauty goodies for Christmas so I will review them soon enough. Product Rave also!
Hope youre all having a nice monday :)
Aoif x

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