Yes.. Another Foodie Post.

Ok so I have no idea whats up with my bloggy. My info on the sidebar has completely
vanished, so I thought I'd annoy you all with another wee post about my food blog, to make up for the missing link on the side there.
It is also to get you all in the festive Christmas mood and such as I CANNOT WAIT for Christmas dinner and thought i'd sprinkle a bit of festive sparkle unto all my readers. It will also allow you to coo over my latest seasonal creations which are my lovely little gingerbread men :)

Check them out as well as some of my other recipes here at The Kooky Crumb

Thank you all for reading and I will be posting a little beauty post for you tomorrow :)

Aoif x


  1. This looks absolutely yummy! :) I haven't eaten gingerbread in such a long time!

    Hey, I'm having a giveaway in the spirit of Christmas. Please join if you can. <3

  2. OMG I want to make these !!! Corben would love them, I will make some after Christmas when I am not all flued up not good ..would cough in the mixer :( YUK.

    Anyway have a fab Christmas and a wonderful new year kitten and I hope you do more cooking these are brill xxxxx