Floral Tea Party

I am so excited to be posting this post! I really don't know why though, which seems odd. I feel a sense of accomplishment at completing my new layout, which I made all on my lonesome! I feel so proud, as web design isn't my forte, and I think it looks much cleaner and fresher. I have also used my dad's mahuuusive Sony DSLR camera to take pictures for this face and outfit post which I am totally loving as I feel they also look much cleaner and focused. My dad gave me some odd looks when he saw them on the memory card, and I then felt obliged to tell him about this blog, as I obviously wasn't taking random pictures of myself for some weird vain photoshoot, but he just laughed. In a nice way obv. :) Awesome.

This is titled Floral Tea Party because the floral top made me feel so dressed up like I was going on a date or to afternoon tea or something. I wish. I love afternoon tea. :)







Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation in Limpide
Benefit That Gal Primer
Bere Escentuals Powder Foundation in Light
Benefit Erase Paste
MAC Select Cover Up Concealer
Sephora Sculpting Disc
MAC Mocha Blush
Inglot Stipple Brush
MAC 168 Brush

MAC Thunder Eyes Quad
MAC Fig 1.
Revlon Venetian Blue
Lord & Berry Liquid Liner in Brown
Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara
MAC Brushed 239 & 224

Barry M Lip Paint in 100
Barry M Lipwand in Baby Pink


One Shoulder Top - Primark

Black Jeans - Zara

Pink Hair Pin - Topshop

Swallow Necklace - Primark

Belt - Primark

There has also been talk in the twittasphere of a few of us bloggers meeting up at the Stellar/River Island event in Dublin this wednesday the 22nd. Check out the lovely Laura's post for all the details!! :) Let me know on Twitter if you're thinking of going!

Anyways that is all for now but I shall be back soon! Toodle!

Aoif x


  1. Ah...... wowza, this is so gorg Aoife. You're good with using bold colours. Love it :) hope yev a great time at the event xo

  2. Loving the new design, such a pretty colour!

    Make-up is looking great too! Love the colour combo and your eyes look so blue!


  3. Well done on the design! I was overly proud when I revamped mine too lol. Fab makeup and the photos are great :) I am so jealous of all the Dublin based events! :( x

  4. Your layout is the cutest! You look lovely also :D xx

  5. so so so pretty! would love to be able to do eye make you like you! xxx

  6. Well done on the layout missis, you look gorgeous. Love the makeup :) cya weds :P x

  7. Sooooo pretty! I do love the new layout and the make up is gorgeous!

  8. Holy Moly - that eye makeup is so amazing!! Fab colours. x

  9. you look WAY cute! love the colors coordinating with the top, great shirt by the way


  10. your makeup looks great!! love the colors!!

  11. Your eyes look so amazing!! Going to give this look a try this weekend I think :) xx