Pink Swoon.

Hello dears!

This morning I am sipping rose and hibiscus tea and nursing a very mild hangover. Im shocked really considering I dabbled and mixed my drinks last night profuuuusely. But yay! There's nothing worse than waking up and spending ALL DAY feeling groggy and nauseous and you're left wondering if it really was worth having all those shots and all those cocktails.. But I love waking up without a hangover. Its like a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. Aoife 1, Drink 0.

I used to love posting my outfits for my lovely blog readers because frankly, I love seeing what other people are wearing and if you post an outfit post and it pops up on my dashboard, I will most likely clicky on in there pretty much immediately. So this is what I wore last night.

First off, please do not be alarmed at my hair. I know it looks like something out of the circus, and I will explain in the post following this one. The craving for blonde hair + incessant bleaching = the realisation that it is more complicated than previously thought. I am keeping it this way for the moment, mainly because if I do anything else to it it will fall out. I am getting used to it actually, and someone even told me I looked like a fairy. I took this as a compliment.

I went out with my girlies for dinner and cocktails, so I wanted something that was kind of casual and kind of dressy. It was thursday night after all, and sporting a mini and stilettos is not really my cup of tea.

Top - Primark
Jeans - Zara
Leopard heels - Primark
Pendant - Topshop
Egg ring (if you can see it!) - HOF

Foundation: Chanel Pro Lumiere in 10 Limpide mixed with a splodge of MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW 15
Primer: Benefit That Gal Primer
Powder: bare Escentuals Powder in Light
Concealer: MAC Select Cover Up Concealer in NW 15
Bronzer: Natural Collection Sunkissed Bronzer
Blush: MAC Mocha Blush (not pink swoon :))

Primer: Estée Lauders Stay in Place Eyeshadow Base
Lids: Sephora Smokey Eyes Palette, Smashbox e/s in Etch
Liner: Liquid: Lord and Berry; Kohl: Clinique Black Kohl in Noir
Mascara: Max Factor Colossal Volume Mascara

Lipstick: Barry M 100, MAC Hue
Gloss: Clinique Superbalm Moisturising Gloss in Grapefruit

If any of you are wondering, my cocktails of choice are an Absolutely Fabulous (Prosecco and Raspberry Liqueur) and Strawberry Daquiri :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Aoif x


  1. Aoife I am seriously liking your hair!! Even though it was by accident, I love that it's completly unique! Kinda like how mine turned out, don't actually know what to say my hair colour is now! I want a cocktail.... 1pm on a Friday.....hmmm!

  2. Cute top. Can't believe it's Primark!

    And I looooooveee you blonde!!!

  3. Gorgeous top, had to re-look when I saw Primark haha You look gorgeous as always. I was debating the change back to blonde, it seems like so much effort. Im liking your hair though, you should take fairy as a compliment :) like tinkerbell hehe xx

  4. I stand by my original statement, that being your hair rocks! Ok, maybe not the exact words I used at the time, but it does - I love it, stop defending it! I'm so jealous of how good it actually looks!

    I noticed u wearing this top one of the days you came into HOF and meant to ask where u got it.. Can't believe it's from pingins!! I have a TOTAL obsession with anything sheer, blush and nude, except people, you big pervert :P