The St. Tropez Family

I adore being tanned. It sounds so unbelievably shallow and I can't really justify it. That's just the way it is.

I have tried and tested various self tanners over the years, but for some reason never really veered towards St. Tropez. As a student, I mostly stuck to drugstore versions of tanners, as price usually became priority. Although it was the first 'major' tanning brand I had ever heard of in my youth, I took to glossy magazines and drugstores in search for the perfect St. Tropez knockoff without ever giving it a chance. I finally gave in, after years of evasion, and purchased a few products from the brand. Surprise surprise, I took quite a shine to them, and they have now become a permanent staple in my beauty product collection.

These are the ones I have at the moment.

The Bronzing Gel: €29.99*
 The Bronzing Mousse - €27.89
 The Gradual Tanning Moisturiser: €17.75*
 The Illuminator: €20.38

I use each of these products in a different way, depending on my mood. The gel and the mousse are quite similar in principle, but obviously completely different in consistency, texture, and slightly different in colour depth too. The gel is thicker and richer, it's kind of got a treacly nuance to it, while the mousse is lighter, aerated (obviously!) and easier to apply and blend. I find I get better colour payoff from the gel, as it gives a darker finish, and a slighter more browner tone. The mousse on the other hand is somewhat frothy and gives a paler brown, if slight coppery/rust tone to the skin. Both gel and mousse are applied using a mitt all over the face and body, after exfoliation to buff away dead skin so that the tan has a perfectly smooth canvas and base to work upon. I find applying and rinsing off after 5-6 hours gives a faultless, rich, deep tan, although the tan can easily be applied before a night out without rinsing.

The gradual tanning moisuriser is a nice way to build up a light glow, although personally I'd rather just whack the gel or mousse on because I'm an impatient person! It does moisturise quite well and I sometimes slap it on before bed, as it dries in quite quickly.

The Illuminator is such a stunning product. It's the perfect highlighter. I use this in place of MAC's Strobe Cream on my body to highlight, as it's much thicker and gives a better glow. It contains gorgeous gold particles which sparkle in the right light when applied to the right parts of the body. It's also quite thick so a little goes a long way!
Do you use St. Tropez?
Hope you're all well and having a lovely Tuesday!
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  1. Thank god for St Tropez! Sadly though, her cousin St Moriz is more in my price range!:( xx

  2. I love the Illuminator and they all look fantastic on you but St Tropez goes SO patchy on my skin :( I end up looking part giraffe just without the height. xx

  3. I had the gradual every day tan in a SSB box once and I liked it a lot :) Not quite dark enough for me but nice for a slight colour :) xo

  4. I've never used any self-tanners before, we have plenty of sun all year round. But from where I come from, people here wanted to be pale, lol.

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  5. Hmmm...this looks like a good product to try out. I haven't tried this brand but i am now willing to try it out. I wanna experience how it works.

  6. I'm glad I really like being very pale :)

  7. I'm not really a fake tan 9or tan at all?) person as I'm already naturally 'tan' (hehe) but these products look and sound so luxurious, it makes me want to use it!! lol xx

  8. Just found your blog. Wow they're amazing :D

    Have a nice day, kisses Elena
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  9. I love St Tropez! The colour always seems to look so natural on my skin xxx

  10. I love the St Tropez Gel I find the colour comes up so much nicer than the mousse, and i feel its easier to apply

  11. You're such a style chameleon, you always look different in every post (but gorgeous!) I wish I could use tan, all of it triggers my eczema though. Shots are great, what camera do you use? xxx

  12. These look great! I'm quite nervous of trying out the fake tan, I'm so pale I'm scared it will totally fail and I will just look like I've rolled in you have any tips for avoiding streakiness? xxx

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