The Topshop Printed Trouser.

Trousers - Topshop
Cami - Topshop

My bottom half is definitely not one of my best features. My short stature adds a bit of a hindrance in deciding what to wear from time to time. Skirts and dresses alike need to be the precise length in order to accentuate and emphasise. 

Printed trousers, are usually, for me anyway, a definite no-no. I never really saw the appeal. However, like many Geminis, the decisiveness got the better of me, and I saw these trousers in Topshop and immediately decided that they were for me. 

Incidentally, the pictures do them no justice really, as my bended leg fails to deliver the flattery these trousers actually give. (For a a better-postured picture, have a look on my Instagram here.)

I wore these, very bravely and apprehensively might I add, to a Michelin starred dinner. Dressing for a fine dining meal is daunting enough on it's own, without debuting a new ensemble for the first time in the process. It may not have been the classiest choice, as I felt the teeniest bit of self-consciousness at the fact that this outfit may be a bit 'young'. I bought these for a trip away, and figured that if I didn't wear them, it would have been a complete waste. So I slapped them on and headed to my dinner. 

They are high waisted, but they aren't entirely fitted; they droop a bit on the bum, thigh and hip area, and provide a more bootleg style than skinny style on the leg hem. In other words, they're a bit on the loose side. Now this isn't because I bought a size too big, because they're a perfect fit on the waist, but it may be because of my awkward leg shape as previously mentioned.

I had to wear these with heels because flats would have a) made it casual and not very appropriate and b) abbreviated the length of my leg further. The pattern of these trousers is more summery that Autumn, but the monochrome detail adds a darker factor.

Overall I quite like the simplicity of these trousers, but at the same time they exhibit a somewhat intricate and more ornate characteristic. I would definitely try to dress these up more than down, limiting my wear of them to nights out.

In other news, I got my hair 'done', which basically meant a full head of highlights for me, but my roots are still slightly visible in the right  wrong light. I also braved it and opted for a middle parting, which on some days makes me look like a Hanson brother, but looks semi-ok when I whip out the Babyliss Big Hair Styler to try and achieve a more polished look. But I'm getting used to it. :)

What do you think of the printed trouser?


  1. Looking good! Look the trousers x

  2. Stunning! Saw this look on FB earlier and fell in love with it! x

  3. I love the print of these, I think you look amazing in them despite your opinions! Work it.

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  4. So fab! I like the printed trouser. perfect get up and might also be paired with a cardigan or jacket. What do you think?

  5. Wonderful outfits... We like your pretty blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    let us know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Ara & Ale

  6. love this outfit, you look so pretty!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! great outfit. Love patterned pants, they make such a statement with any outfit :)

    xoxo, charlene