Fashion Wishlist

Ok so I'm going shopping today to pick up a few much needed makeup products.. Ok theyre not that much needed but still!
There are a few bits and bobs ive seen on a few clothes websites that I have my eye on too.. But it can only be one or the other! Makeup or clothes, makeup or clothessssss?!

Heres a few of the clothes items I saw:

Oh my gosh isnt it adorable?!
Its from New Look and is £35.. hmm.

Mademoiselle Tee - €23 - Urban Outfitters

Polka Dot Playsuit - €58 - Urban Outfitters

Mini Pocketwatch Necklace - €32 - Urban Outfitters

Kimichi and Blue Tulle Dress - €64 - Urban Outfitters

Wildflower Bunch Earrings - €11 - Urban Outfitters

Obviously this post has been dominated by Urban Outfitters.. Agh! They do have the most amazing accessories though.. Theres a few more items i've spotted in Topshop too.. Sure we'll see!

:) x


  1. oooh great choices how was the shopping - success? xox

  2. @When Annie Met Makeup oh my gosh Anna im such a sham!! I went to Benefit to finally get my hands on Powderazzi but it wasnt there!( I think im like way behind ha ) Then I thought i'd try MAC to to treat myself to some nice lipsticks but the shades I wanted (Shy Girl/Patisserie) werent there and there was a HUGE queue of people and all the mac girls were busy so I was just like URGH!! Ended up spurging in Primark. Major splurge!! What a sham!

  3. oh I love your wishlist, did you get any of them?
    My fava is the new look top xx