Military Style?

So a major trend for Spring is Military. Again.
Ive had enough of Military style!Wasn't it in season not so long ago? Or am I just getting old that i've lost all sense of time?
Military colours, military patterns, military detailing. I find it to be a boring, dull trend. Am I wrong?
I don't believe that the colour "khaki" as it is so called, flatters any woman. Am I wrong there too?
Ok, ok, im overreacting. Some detailing is cute. yes cute!

These Kurt Geigers are one of the only exceptions of military style in my book.
Along with colourful military jackets. Red maybe. Or is that too Cirque du Soleil? Circus freak more like.

Vogue is telling me to ditch my beloved leather biker and opt for a khaki flak jacket.. Am I really that devoted to fashion that i'l be forced into wearing a trend that in my mind is more of a faux pas than fashion forward?

Im not ready to let go of my leather jacket just yet.


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