What I Wore.. The other day.

Hi girlies, finally a fashion post for you! I do apologise that my posts have been a bit random lately, i've been going crazy with the amount of college work i've to do! Im in my final year and although Im only in college two days a week, I tend to busy myself by doing loads of work at home!
This kind of outfit is not what I usually put together but I found some old gems in my wardrobe that I rarely wear and thought I would break them out. This is what I wore on sunday, and unfortunately most of my day consisted of cooking and baking in my kitchen for a gigantic dinner at our house, I didn't really get to go out. Bummer. Its quite casual and possibly not very autumnal but whatever! The weather's been gorgeous here lately.

Inadvertently, most of what im wearing happens to be from Primark.

Boots: Primark
Belt: Primark
Tights: Possibly Primark! Maybe Topshop :)
Shorts: Primark
Waistcoat/Cardigan: H&M
Tshirt: Bershka
Bangles: H &M
Bag: Vintage

I used to say to myself that brown was the most vile colour ever, and I would never buy any clothes or shoes that were brown because a) its horrible and b) I wear alot of black and they would never go. But lately I have found myself to be breaking this rule and pairing black pieces with brown or tan pieces, and I quite like it.
My eye makeup is also brown, im such a hypocrite!

I cant even remember what I used, I think it was the taupey brown from the Paul & Joe Palette, with a bit of Urban Decay's Zero in the crease? Anywho, pretty simple schtuff. :)

I also never ever wear my hair like this, as I think ive mentioned before that a stylist told me to get a fringe because I had a big forehead. I kinda like it though. Change is good. Ive used some new Umberto Gianni products that I will be reviewing and hauling on my Youtube channel soonies :)
Hope you girlies like and hope youre having a nice tuesday :) xx


  1. The weather has been gorgeous lately and the outfit is perfect for it! :)
    Hmm id love to know what you made on sunday, maybe a few more posts on cooking and baking?
    You wouldnt have a recipie for melting moments by any chance? I remember making them in school and they were gorgeous but cant remember what the ingredients are other than butter and cornflakes! :(
    Have a nice day xox

  2. Your Outfit is gorgeous !!
    No matter what the wheater you can go wrong with a pair of shorts hehe. I'm on a mission to try and wear skirts all the way into winter, cause usually i chicken out because of the cold :)

    Please check out my blog ?? And possily follow !! xx :

  3. oooh so pretty!! I love weraing shorts and tights!!! xox

  4. Great outfit, really like it & you pull it off well! You gorgeous lady you
    The t-shirt is my fav ♥

  5. Lovely outfit! I was exactly the same about black & brown and now I pair them all the time!! You look gorgeous hun!! :) xxx

  6. OMG I love that tee, so cute and I have to say your eye makeup in your posts is so lush :) I hope you are well kitten I love this outfit very roc k chic xxxxx

  7. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! As soon as I read "David Bowie" I knew your blog would rock. Cute outfit. Really love the vest/ cardigan.

  8. i love this outfit!