I ♥

1. Tea with 2 sugars.
2. Cooking programmes.
3. The way my boyfriend looks at me.
4. Turning my swag on.
5. My shoe collection.
6. Baking treats.
7. 80's hair.
8. French culture.
9. Michel Roux Jr.
10. Fine Dining.
11. Basslines.
12. Pussybow blouses.
13. Feeling accomplished.
14. Making new friends.
15. Waking up in the morning and feeling like P. Diddy.
16. Dancing like nobody's watching.
17. Strawberry Daquiris.
18. Brunch.
19. A runny boiled egg and toastie soldiers.
20. Feeling safe and looked after.
21. Vintage jewellery.
22. Coming home from a day out shopping and going through everything you bought just cos.
23. Making Wedding Cake Flowers.
24. Being picked for something.
25. Proper big bear hugs.
26. Picnics with lots of goodies.
27. Wearing a great outfit and feeling really confident in it.
28. Learning something new.
29. The look on someones face when you do something special for them.
30. Being young and free.
:) x

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  1. This is sooo sweet and I wish I could do number 23. I think number 29 is the best, I love that too it is priceless xxx