Foundation Help.

Hi my sweets!
So im on the lookout for a new foundation.
Over the years I have tried many different foundations and although some were good, some were also very very bad. I have now decided to let go of my beloved Makeup Forever HD Foundation and branch out and experiment with something else.
Interestingly, I have never tried any of the MAC foundations. I know, crazy right?
I have been in and out of MAC many a time testing and swatching the vast range of foundations on display, getting matched to my perfect shade and chatting to the lovely MAC girls about coverage and consistency. But despite all that, I have never purchased one. It may have been due to bad reviews from fellow bloggers and youtubers, many of whom admitted to having break outs due to MACs foundations, and I slowly sidled away from the idea of coveting one for myself.
For the last few months, I have been using the HD Foundation from Makeup Forever. I really like this foundation. But it gives quite a sheer coverage, is quite light, and although that was perfect for me at the end of the summer months, I crave something a little bit more full bodied for winter. Gosh I sound like a wine connoisseur.
I have tried and tested many drugstore foundations from Revlons Colourstay to Rimmels Matte Range and just never found one that was worthy of Holy Grail status.
If im going to dish out €30 for a foundation I would like it to be of a high standard. By high standard I mean non gloopy, non patchy, stay all day foundation. After all, foundation is the base of your makeup kit, your whole face, and if that goes wrong, well what hope does my eye makeup and lippie have.
I would be very grateful if you gorgeous girlies could recommend some of your favourite foundations to me, as I am feeling quite nonchalant and open to suggestions about this whole affair.
Love Aoife :) x


  1. M.A.C pro longwear foundation is my hg foundation, ticks all your boxes and REALLY does last all day!!!!

  2. I really like Maybelline's 24 Hr foundation for everyday medium coverage. If I'm going lighter coverage then it's MAC face and body. I haven't found a higher end more full coverage foundation that I love yet though. Hope you find your HG! xxx

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  4. Estee Lauders doublewear! Im sure youve heard loads about it, but it really is great! its not cakey but coverage is quite full! It lasts all day and doesnt go patchy! Ask for a sample and try it out! Ive also tried a smaple of clarins's new foundation not sure what its called :( It smells like peaches and i loved it! That shall be my next purchase! xxx Good Luck hun

  5. Come into me and I'll give you foundation my lovely!!! :) L.F is right, the ProLongwear is amazing, I'd recommend you come in first and try it on though, I find it goes a bit funny on my skin after a while. But if it works on ur skin, by God does it work!! :) Come in to me and I can give u a few samples to try out ;) xxx