Sccccaaaarrryyyyy FOTD :P

Hello pumpkins!!

So it is Octooober :) And October means Halloween! (See what I did with the pumpkin thing?! Halloween?!) Ha :P

This isn't literally my Face Of The Day because I was not wearing it out among the public! It was just a bit of fun :) I havent decided if I should do makeup tutorials on Youtube yet.. I was in the middle of doing this one and my battery died without me knowing! :( So maybe its just not meant to be!

Anywho.. Its my take on a ghoul/zombie/skeleton/mighty boosh type thingy :)



  1. Nice!:D

    I like that you've used green, some people just use black and gray.. your version is fun!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Hey that's scary..Great job..Like this!Lovely blog...Try checking out mine.

  3. Wow those are some cheekbones, must say im a little bit jealous! hehe
    You did an amazing job hun xox

  4. hahhaa love it that is so cool, oh trust the camera to die (that would sooo happen to me too) Oh I love this so much fun, I have not decided yet what I want to do ......hmmmm we need to brainstorm, hope your well kitten xxxxx