Point Dexter.



I did my eyes like this weeks ago, around Halloween. Not very Halloween-y I admit, but it felt Halloween-y to me. It reminded me of gothic architecture, of daggers and gargoyles. It was kind of eerie, and so, I wore it all day.

My lip colours look different in the first two pictures, which is odd because I used two lip colours to make one colour. I used both Up the Amp by MAC and Barry M Lip Paint in 101, but the first picture looks more Up the Amp and the second more Barry M. Funny what a flash can do!

A while back I saw one of the MAC girls sport a green line underneath her lower lash line and it popped back into my head as I did this look. Not a smudgy line; a slick, straight, fine, emerald green line. She wore it with burgundy lips and it just looked amazing. So subtle but it worked so well. My interpretation isn't quite so subtle but I felt it was more subtle than some Halloween looks out there. :)

This is by no means a costume, just playing around with a liner brush and some liner. Kind of Gaga perhaps? I never really get creative with eye looks, but I think the more you experiment and practice, the better you become at something. I remember my old Karate teacher saying "Repetition is the mother of learning", and it's so true! It's kind of nice and somewhat therapeutic to just spend your free time playing around with makeup. Sometimes I hate just trying out something new when i'm putting on my makeup for the night, I feel that I have to know something works well on me before I can wear it. Other times, I just apply, and i'm happy with the final result.

Here i'm wearing:

Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation in Limpide
Bare Minerals Powder Foundation
MAC Blush in Mocha
Sephora Sculpting Disk

Urban Decays Primer Potion
Sephora Smokey Eyes Palette - Noir
Make Up For Ever Eye Seal
Urban Decay Naked Palette e/s in Virgin, Naked and Buck

MAC Up the Amp
Barry M 101

Dress & hairband - Penneys/Primark
Belt - House of Fraser

Hope you are all having a fab week, I am absolutely LOVING my time off!
I also just made my debut back to YouTube after a hefty few months of not making videos, check it out HERE.



  1. The eyeliner looks amazing, I've been trying to perfect the same look for a while now but it always comes out uneven. P.s. You look a lot like Tulisa Constavalos in the second picture!x

  2. you are sickly stunning <3 miss you x

  3. Love how you've done your eyeliner :)

    Both the lipstick shades are so pretty xx

  4. i really like the sharpness of it, quite beautiful. thanks for showing :D

  5. Great eyes! I love the dramatic flicks!

  6. I love your eye make-up in these.. so beautiful xxx