Review: Anastasia of Beverly Hills Beauty Express Brow Kit

Ok, first off, I am all about the honesty. I have always, always been honest about products, if I love them or loathe them, if I received them for free, whatever. I hate lies and deceit and the whole 'free stuff' debacle is a controversial one. But that is why I am starting this post with this little informative 'in your face' paragraph.

I received this product for free. I make no qualms about it. And I'm going to tell you exactly what I thought of it, what I thought of the PR behind it, and why I am actually reviewing it at all.

A few of my fellow beauty bloggers here in Ireland were approached by a PR company representing this American brand in a bid to get the name noticed overseas. I was also contacted, and the first thing I do before even considering to review a product is research the brand and the products. I was actually reluctant at all to even think about agreeing to review a product by this particular brand, as I was informed that in order to receive this product, I had to write a blog post on the brand and the product, hyping it up and making them out to be fantastic. Was I going to do that? No. First and foremost I don't agree with deliberately lying about how amazing a product is, when one has never even heard of the product, let alone tried and tested it. Secondly, I always inform a company that I never lie to my followers and readers about products, and I always give my complete and honest opinion. Ok, I sound as if I get contacted all the time, I don't. When I do, of course I'm like, 'free stuff!', but the hype and novelty surrounding it has worn off.

I agreed to test this particular product out, and gave the company my details. It was only when I was informed that I had to write a post before actually receiving them did I step back and think: What kind of a company is this? I didn't even have to question what I was going to do. I most definitely did not believe in hyping up products and brands I had not tried out. So I declined.
I like to think I have morals, and that loyalty to my followers who actually take the time to read my posts is alot more important to me than having free products to play with.

I was surprised when a few weeks later this product actually arrived at my door, packaged up all pretty and stamped 'L.A postage'. I was confused, as I had not actually agreed to their requests. I tested it out anyway, using it in place of my usual brow set, because I was curious, and it was new, but I was reluctant to actually post anything on it at all.


This product and the brand itself appear to be quite popular in the U.S, having read a detailed review of the pristine Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Salon off Rodeo Drive did I realise that this brand is posh, highly commendable, expensive, and has been featured in Elle, Teen Vogue, Cosmo, Bazaar, W, and People magazines. The brow kit above retails for $39.50.

As you can see it comes with a brow brush, brow gel, two powders in blonde or brunette shades, and two highlighters which can also be used as shadow. It also includes assorted brow stencils, to attain the perfect brow shape.

I did like this product. I haven't used the stencils, as I find that to be a bit fiddly for my liking. The brush is accurate and precise, and the gel holds the brows and colour perfectly. The powders themselves are of adequate quality, and can be mixed and matched to achieve the perfect colour. Overall this is a nice kit. But for the price, I really wouldn't recommend running over to L.A. to buy it. You know, on your day off.

It is only now that I write this I realise this is not really a review of the product, but more of a review of the PR behind it. I may be coming across as a total snob who doesn't appreciate any of the niceties being offered to me, but as you can see, there is always a catch. I don't like the catches. I wrote a post similar to this one called The Truth About Beauty Blogging. Have a read if it interests you.

On a lighter note, I hope you are all having a lovely sunday! :)
Talk soon


  1. Love how honest you are in this, Aoife. Hate PR companies like that! Miss you x

  2. Would love to try the stencils out. Don't think I'd pay that much for a brow kit though when sleek do a perfectly good one x

  3. I got an email from this company too, but it was so generic that I honestly thought it was spam and just ignored it! A while later I saw some blog posts appearing about it, and wondered if people would actually receive the goods! I'm glad you got it and were totally honest about the PR involved. Not worth the money by sounds of it though, I love my HD Brow kit!

  4. I can't believe they asked you to review the brand before you had even received their product? That's ridiculous. That being said I think the brow kit looks pretty nice, I'm glad you still shared it. I could really use one with stencils, I'm not very good at making the perfect shape myself. Maybe a bit pricey though x

  5. They wanted you to write a post before you revieved it? That is crap it makes me wonder how many untrue reviews I may have seen, I'm so glad you have morals and are honest!x

  6. Such a shame that the PR overshadowed the actual product - especially seeing as though it seemed quite good! Well done on expressing your views :)

  7. You know what? I had the exact same reaction as you and I initially declined to review the product, saying that I didn't have any reason to write about a brand I didn't know at all without having a product to present to my readers, but they did sent me the brow kit anyway!

  8. the brow kit actually looks good but shame on that PR company :(

  9. Shame the PR acted that way, because the product actually looks rather good. They shouldn't have to "buy" it good reviews, don't like companies that do that x

  10. Yeah I got that email too and was immediately put off with the way the company went about it. I thought it was weird that yer man had a gmail account as opposed to a company one but well done on calling them out in this post :) They really went about the whole thing in the wrong way, starting an email "Dear Editor" ugh!

  11. I received this brow kit in the post a couple of weeks back but cannot remember speaking to any PR company about this product! I was puzzled when it arrived to my door lol!

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