MAC Multis.

I am all about multipurpose items. I'm a sucker for a product that denotes that it is for hands AND feet, for cheeks AND lips, I mean, it's somewhat satisfying knowing that you're being totally economical and snagging a bargain, it's like two products in one! I for one feel completely smug when I manage to nab an item like this, and I'm guessing that is exactly how marketers and advertisers want you to feel. Smug that is. Yes, I can put my hands up and admit I fall for these ploys, because it makes me feel like i'm saving money and space. But even though I'm aware of this, I still edge towards these items when I'm shopping. These and miniatures. I'm a sucker for a good miniature.

Now before you're thinking I'm introducing a fabulous multi-purpose-all-in-one-product from MAC, I'm not. I'm unaware of any MAC products that can be used in various ways. Excluding pigments that is. But I have come across a highlighter and a bronzer that I use in more ways than one. It might not be a surprise for most people, but I got that smug feeling using these products in places they aren't actually really for, and felt like sharing.


Meet Lightscapade and Harmony. They sound like cool Hippy names.
Lightscapade (left), and Harmony (right).


Lightscapade is a gorgeous gold, silver and blue pearl Mineralize Skinfinish that looks stunning just swept across bare cheekbones, but is complemented by a dark contour underneath the cheekbone for a sculpted finish. Now for the multi part. I also use this on my eyes, in two ways. I use it firstly as an eyeshadow. There is something so satisfying about having a large compact eyeshadow, as opposed to a tiny standard one. I dab the powder onto my brush, spray the brush with a spritz of water (Fix+ would also work), and the colour is absolutely transformed. It becomes so pigmented and 'poppin', that it goes from a mere dust of shimmer to a strong, vibrant shadow. The second way I wear this on my eyes is as a brow highlight. I don't don the water for this one, because I prefer it to look soft and more subtle. I use it just under the highest point of the eyebrow to highlight the arch, and another technique I've been using recently is to dab a tiny wash of highlight just above the highest point of the brow, this gives the illusion of higher, fuller brows. :)
The third way I use this product is to highlight the face. I use it on the top of the cheekbones, along the bridge of my nose, and on my cupid's bow. This focuses on the highest points of the face, reflects light away from them, and does exactly what it says on the tin, and that is highlight.

Harmony is a stunning matte pinky brown powder which can be found in the blush section in MAC. This powder is used specifically to contour the face. I use it with Lightscapade as it complements it perfectly and I use this in a multitude of different places on my face. This powder is used to create depth in the hollows of the face and can give the appearance of a thinner and more sculpted face. I use it under the cheekbones, along the sides of my nose, around my jawline, above my temples, and in my eye crease. Talk about multipurpose! This also doubles up as a matte eyeshadow and is a perfect neutral to accompany any nude or paler tones.

This duo isn't only economical and multipurpose, but a perfect combination of colour if applied togther. If the two shades are used on the face as well as the eyes, this will create a perfect colour palette, and compliment all features.

What multipurpose items do you love?!
Let me know!

Talk soon :)


  1. Harmony is the ultimate contour! Absolutely obsessed with it - must try the Lightscapade soon! Only problem is my poor Harmony is in a palette, can I use yours in London (pretty sure I'l buy another in duty fee though ;)) x

  2. I've heard so many good things about Harmony I need to go and pick one up! Lightscapade looks beautiful too, is it in the permenant line? x

  3. ohhh Lightscapade looks stunning. you look gorgeous btw!


  4. Both of these look and sound amazing!

    Such a pretty picture too - I love how you've done your eyeliner :) xx

  5. What lipstick are you wearing? I love it! xxx

  6. Sorry I know I should be focusing on lightscapade and harmony but I got distracted haha xxxx

  7. I love how many different ways you can use just two products! Amazing! xx

  8. I bought Harmony thanks to you review x

  9. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! You're adorable!
    I love your make-up, you're so pretty!