Snake Eyes.


I filmed a tutorial video for my YouTube channel for this look a few days ago. I love smokey eyes, but I always seem to opt for my 'safe' smokey eye on a night out. I decided to jazz it up a bit by adding a luscious purple, and absolutely loved the result. I have a ridiculous amount of acid bright coloured shadows in my collection, and more often than not I neglect them all. I don't really know why I purchased them in the first place, well I do, I was drawn to their sheer brightness, and for some reason I can't resist the panache and bounce of a luminous bright.

But this neglect has led me to abuse the pale neutrals in my collection, with the Naked Palette stealing the limelight. (Sidenote: The Naked2 Palette does not appeal to me, it appears to be a collection of duplicates from it's previous counterpart, and i'm just not completely sold on it.)
Apart from the Naked Palette, my Sleek palettes and a few MAC shades are my go-to neutrals.

Although I love the simplicity of a pale neutral eye, I adore the drama and sexiness of a smokey eye. The elements for this smokey eye were all quite simple. All I did was outline a line around the crease using gel liner, and used this as a template for the shading on the lid. I used five different colours for this look, although it could easily be achieved using only two of the colours I used.
I applied a wash of Urban Decays Ransom all over the lid, and blended out with a navy blue and deep purple from the Sleek Bohemian Palette on the outer corner. I brightened up the inner corner using a silver pigment from Lumiere Cosmetics, and finally blended out the gel liner line with Envy black shadow from Smashbox. I then applied falsies, a lick of mascara, and voila! The purple smokey eye is complete!

The next time I go out for a night out I am most definitely going to play around with more colourful
shades and incorporate them into my smokey eye. The technique using gel liner to shape the shadow is a useful one to attain the perfect shape.

Also, instead of making New Years Resolutions, which I usually don't stick to, I have decided to make a list of long term goals, in the form of 101 Goals in 1001 Days. This list is a compilation of things, both big and small, that I want to do. I have barely started, but I have already ticked off a few things. And it feels good. :)

I hope you are all having a good weekend :)


  1. that looks absolutely stunning! off i pop to check out the tutorial xx

  2. OH ME OH MY YOU MAKE ME SIGH. Lol. I'm obsessed with your face!x

  3. Oh Aoife you really do create the best eye makeup looks. Really is gorgeous! xx

  4. That is an absolutely stunning eye look, love it! x

  5. Fantastic i love purples wow !!!!

  6. So gorgeous :) and I am loving your short hair! xx

  7. you are so beautiful, and this makeup is amazing. <3

  8. I think this look is amazing! I love it so much. The crazy purple makes it look really unique and interesting.



  9. Your eyes are amazing, and I love the purple!!!! xx