Rusty Rockets.

Happy New Year to all my followers!!
I hope you all had an amazing New Years, mine was quite uneventful, although I had planned to go out and get crunk (crazy drunk), I ended up having a lovely lavish meal with the boyfriend quite early on in the evening then was too tired to do anything else! Sham I know.
I then ended up cracking open the bubbly, watched Indiana Jones, (the Crystal Skull one, not Harrison's finest), then watched the appalling New Years 'Celebrations' on RTE, and collapsed into bed around 1.

This outfit/makeup is from a few days ago, pre haircut. I got mine cut on New Years Eve as it so happened, not for a formal event or anything, or in time to ring in the new year (drastic hair/new year and all that), I just decided it needed to be sorted asap. From months of DIY dying, my hair needed to be just chopped, and it really saddened me to see the scissors chop off (what was left) of my long hair.

Needless to say, I was in there three hours, getting a cut, colour, treatment and blowdry, and it wasn't my best salon experience. The dye burned my scalp, and the stylist ended up giving me a Hanson-esque do, circa 1997. Anytime I tried to argue, he persisted, telling me it looked 'massive'. I walked out of there with a sore head, and an obvious and not so flattering middle parting, one of which I haven't had since I was about 7. I flipped my hair over to produce a side parting and a flowing fringe, which I am more comfortable with. Hair grows.

Here is what I wore for a day shopping the sales in good old Dundrum.




My entire outfit was cheap as chips.
Blazer and snake print top, both from Primark/Penneys.
Jeans and shoes, both from

Makeup was relatively simple. I slicked on my Smashbox 15 Hour Wear Studio Foundation, topped with MAC Careblend Powder, contoured with MAC Harmony, MAC Dainty for blush, and used a few red and copper shadows from the Sleek Sunset Palette for eyes. And done!

If you want to see my new hair debut, I uploaded a YouTube Video yesterday sporting the new do.

As for my sales shopping purchases, I ended up doing most of it online, but my number one purchase was this new baby, my Sony Nex 5 :)


Hopefully my picture quality will be alot better now, new year and all that!
Hope you are all having a lovely bank holiday monday, I am actually DREADING going back to work tomorrow! Kill me now!



  1. Oh Aoife, you are so stunning! My boyfriend thinks I'm obsessed with you, and I am ;) Shoes are IMMENSE! Miss you x

  2. gah, i hate a stylist who wants to ARGUE with you over YOUR hair that YOU have to wear out and about. what a prick

  3. Muito lindo seu blog, adorei e ja estou lhe seguindo. Espero que vc goste do meu blog e também passe a me seguir.
    Beijos do Brasil e do Nolhares

  4. ahh i always find that hair dressers dont understand the words "trim" and end up taking away all my hair :( but yes hair grows! i love your outfit :D happy new year!

  5. Happy new year!
    Gorgeous eye makeup
    Laur x