NARS Wicked Attraction Gift Set


NARS Wicked Attraction Gift Set
Spudge Proof Eyeshadow Base Larger than Life Lipgloss in Spring Break
Orgasm/Laguna Duo Eyeshadow in Fathom

I succumbed to buying this beauty for a myriad of reasons. The main ones being that it was a gift set, contained mini versions of products, and it also contained the much sought after Laguna/Orgasm duo. I felt like I was getting my money's worth, as the blush duo alone retails for around €40. Here I got a little set that came with other bits on top of the duo, for much the same price. Now it wasn't my birthday or anything, I just kind of found myself in a splurging frenzy, and talked myself into buying it as I have been sick for a while now. I like my slow but steady accumulation of NARS products, and felt a few more couldn't hurt, as I really love the products I do already own.

NARS is one of those high end brands that I never really knew about, much less one I was able to afford, but I now feel like I have graduated from drugstore brands and moved up a level onto the more grown up (albeit more expensive) brands. That is not to say I don't purchase drugstore products any more, I'm just getting more familiar with more higher end products. I have glided past the small NARS counter in Brown Thomas on Grafton Street and not really looked; mostly because I never know what to buy. I tend to do this with brands quite a lot. I'll trawl their websites, MAC being a main one, pick out what I think is nice, then go into the store having a few ideas in my head, and kind of knowing what I'm looking for. It just makes it all that much easier when faced with crowds of shoppers lurking around the eyeshadows swatching the pretty shades on their hands until closing time. You know the score, busy saturday, and you can't get next or near the products to have a proper look. I also sometimes shop on weekdays, that way I know I'll be able to get a word in with one of the Makeup Artists if I want to try some products out on my visage.

This Gift Set however, was a purchase from Asos. I seem to be on that website a lot as of late, it's terrible. I was excited when it arrived. The minis are just so adorable, perfect samples to test out before progressing to a full sized product purchase. This particular set comes with a smudge proof eyeshadow base, which is sheer and smooth and holds on to every crumb of shadow. The gloss, is called Spring Break, and is a perfect baby pink, although upon first testing of this product, I found it to be quite gloopy, almost like a MAC dazzleglass in consistency. I think I may just be out of practice from using glosses, as I usually reach for a lipstick on its own, or a balm. But it lasts quite a long time. So far it has pros and cons!

The blush duo, is, quite frankly, gorgeous, and it's so perfect for travelling, or popping in the old makeup bag when out and about. I have mentioned previously my love for palettes. Although Orgasm blush is a colour I have an abundance of in my collection, it's sheer and it sparkles, but it is pigmented all the same. It lasts all day too. Laguna, it's other half, is a gorgeous mid tone brown bronzer used to contour and well, bronze. Although it's not completely matte, (teeeeeeeeniest bit of gold sparkle), I do find myself reaching for this to contour with quite a lot.

The little shadow is called Fathom and matches the gloss in colour perfectly. Its a soft baby pink with silver shimmer, and so far, I regret to say, that I'm unsure about this product. I never usually opt for neutral pinks, I think they are kind of pointless, that and they just don't look very nice on. I feel a bit silly for getting this set because of this, because I completely overlooked the shadow colour in favour of the fact that it was a gift set. And I love gift sets. Sham. I find these sort of frosty pastels to be quite unpigmented, whatever the brand. And so, that is my one major disappointment with this set. (The gloss, I'm sure I'll grow to love).

If there was a moral of the story, it is perhaps to test products out before purchase to avoid disappointment! Although, you can't really beat a cute gift set, can you. :)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend :)



  1. awh i got this too from asos few weeks ago had a 20% off code and I never tried nars before love the blush/bronzer duo x

  2. I almost bought this a few days ago but wasnt sure about the eyeshadow, looks lovely in the pan though.

  3. Sweet lord, these are all beautiful! I've always wanted the orgasm and laguna duo but i already own orgasm...i just can't bring myself to splurge on laguna now :P i hope you're feeling better! :) xxxxx

  4. But where have the mustaches gone?! :{

  5. Oooh Aoife I shouldn't of seen this so tempted to buy it now!! Your a bad influence lol xxx

  6. Oooh, think I'm gunna have to pop my nars cherry, and invest in this!