Top 10 Favourite Blushes


I absolutely adore blush. I used to ponder that all blush was the same, like how many shades of pink can one really pull off?! Boy was I wrong. As you can see from my favourites list below, pale pink blush is positively tame compared to my lot. I do tend to favour the louder varieties of blush, as I have countless pinks in my collection as a whole, and find them to be a bit blasé. Here are my favourites and most worn, and what I think of each of them.


Harmony | Dainty | Mocha

Harmony: (Matte muted rose-beige brown)
I love love love this to contour with, but sometimes use this as a blush in it's own right if my lips are particularly bright, and I don't want to appear drag-queen-esque with a loud blush.

Dainty: (Light Yellow Pink with Gold Pearl)
This is a really pretty blush if I want a bit of shimmer without having to resort to using a highlight product.

Mocha: (Matte Soft Plum-Pink)
The perfect pink for my skin tone. This is my go-to blush.



Santorini | Pomegranate

Santorini: Matte loudmouth pink
This is my ultimate 'mad' blush. It is so highly pigmented that even the faintest swash of this blush will give the most amazing look.

Pomegranate: Shimmery Plum Gold
A gorgeous soft plum for everyday.



Morale | Libido

Morale: Deep Violet Flush with Shimmer Finish
I can't get enough of purple blushes! They are just so stunning, and this one by Illamasqua is unbelievable. So pigmented, perfect colour, easily buildable.

Libido: Cream Blush, Vibrant Red Orange with Dewy Finish
The fact that this is a cream blush makes applying so easy to build, so it can be as sheer or as pigmented as I like. I really love the piquancy of this colour.




Orgasm/Laguna: Peachy Pink with Shimmer/Brown with Golden Shimmer
Believe the hype about this cult classic. The duo is the perfect combo together. The peachy coral of the blush just oozes summer, is shimmery and lasts a very long time. The bronzer, well, bronzes, without looking muddy, and is a lovely contour despite its teeny bit of shimmer.




Powdered: Matte Bright Candy Pink
This is the pinkest of Topshop's blushes, and it was actually a mistake purchase. I thought I picked up Pop, a coral orange, and was disheartened to see that when I ripped off the packaging, it was in fact, not what I thought. I kept it any way, and it is now one of my favourite pinks. So bright and candy like, it peps up my face on a dreary day. I was also surprised at the quality of Topshop's makeup, and I intend to add to my little collection.


#1 | #12

#1: HD Cream Blush, Vibrant Plum
I told you I was mad for the purples. As far as cream blush goes, I was relatively new to that whole trend until I picked this baby up at IMATS. I absolutely love it. It is very buildable and gives such a unusual hue to the cheeks. I like to wear this on my lips too.

#12: HD Cream Blush, Bright Apricot
This is so pigmented it's almost overwhelming to apply. It is definitely easier to build on the cheeks than it is to mute, if you go over the top you run the risk of having neon orange cheeks! Suffice to say, this is also such an unusual colour that makes me love it even more.

What are your favourite blushes? Have you tried any of these?



  1. I need to own ALL of these!! x

  2. You have some amazing blushes! I don't think I could get away with wearing the Santorini one, but I definitely need to take a trip to MAC soon!


  3. i wish i had these! I've never seen the make up forever ones, they look amazing xx

  4. I have the orgasm one on today really like it!

  5. Fab blushers I want that Topshop blush looks gorgeous :D x

  6. Sleek Santorini looks flippin' amazing, that colour is crazy.

  7. Adding Pomegranate and Morale to my wish list....

  8. I've been buying blushes like a crazy person lately. Need to get some Illamasqua soon but hate not having a counter in Ireland. X

  9. Love these colors! I think I need to splurge and buy a nice blush. Following you :)


  10. That's quite a collection! I gotta say though, Santorini-Libido all look a bit scary to me- props to you for being so daring :-)

    Nat x

  11. Hi hun! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! :D

  12. Fabulous collection!! I love Sleek blushes for their pigment and inexpensiveness, I need an illamsqua blush, it's my favourite brand but don't have any of their blushes yet!

    Drea xo

  13. I really love the have some beautiful choices here!

  14. I've only got one blush, deff need to invest in some more! I think I'm gunna spend some birthday money on MAC Melba, can you recommended any blushers for really pale skin? xo

  15. amazing colors.....I must buy sleek, need have pink one :)

  16. How weird, I did exactly the same thing as you, accidentally buying Topshop 'powdered' when I was after 'Pop'. When I first opened it, I was gutted, as I thought it would be way too bright a pink for me, and it just didn't look very wearable, but as they wouldn't let me return it, I decided to give it a try and I actually really like it now, it gives a lovely flush and is not as overpowering as it first appears.
    Great blog!