Aoife needs Help!

Hi guys! So heres the lowdown.

My 21st birthday is in 2 weeks time and Im having a totally fabulous party to celebrate :)
Problem is, I am having serious difficulties in trying to find a dress that will WOW.
I want it to be formal-ish, but not so formal that I look like im going to my debs/prom :P
I also want it to reflect me as a person and show my sophisticated side :) I don't just want any ol thing :)

I have looked in shops such as Topshop, River Island, Oasis, Awear, Warehouse, and Miss Selfridge with no luck! I just havent found anything I am tote happy with.

Are there any places that you guys know of that sell nice dresses?! Remember if its an online place I need to know quick as I only have two weeks for them to deliver!

Your help would be greatly appreciated!!!

:) x


  1. I always have the same problem! But Urban Outfitters always has something to help me out! Slightly pricey, but well worth it :D

  2. Hey Hope you have a nice 21st! definitely try out ASOS.COM they have really nice dresses and different brands :) xx

  3. Karen millen, a bit pricey but def worth it..if you saw something you liked you could even go north for it? good luck x