I want I want.

From Top to Bottom:

Platforms: Kurt Geiger
Clutch: Topshop
Heels: Vivienne Westwood
Draped top: Urban Outfitters
Wedges: Topshop
Skirt: River Island
Perfume Top: New Look
Face Flats: Topshop
Perfume: 'Coco' by Chanel



  1. Love the Kurt Geiger shoes! I applied for a part-time job there last summer and they didn't even get back to me :o so ever since I've been boycotting the shoes - it hasn't worked, I'm still lusting after pretty much all of them lol!

    I watched your latest haul video today - how much was the light pink primarni bag? xx

  2. @Sarah Seriously?! Thats bad form! KG shoes are amazing though!
    The bag was €11 I think!?
    :) x

  3. Great wishlist!! I want it all :)

  4. Oh those flats are so whimsical, I love them.

  5. hay glad you changed your layout I could not comment on the other. Great must haves, you are gonna make me go and buy some ;P. I sprained my ankle :( but apart from that I am good. How are you? Do you have sun, hope so than you can wear some of your summer haul bits. Hope you are well, and NEW LAYOUT IS REALLY REALLY CUTE !!!! love it xxxxxxxxx

  6. oh good I was going to try and message you about it today, so glad it's sorted :) Oh wedges and a dip in the stupid unlevel pavement ....its abit better now but my did it hurt. I won't beable to wear heels for a while :( which is rubbish. Oh glad you are having sun too. You should do a DIY (ebay has lots of studs) I did mine in 15 mins it was abit rushed but next time I will put more on. Anyway have a great week and I do love your must haves xxxxxxx

  7. lovely think the KG shoes and VW shoesie look very pretty :) xx

  8. I have this perfume and i love it :)
    I love the face shoes from topshop they look fab :)

  9. oh thank you hunni, yeah I love dressing him more than myself :P Got anything planned the weekend ..............shopping ?:P or you trying to be good like me. Have a good one anyway hunni xxxxx