Virtual Makeover from Topshop

Hello my sweets!

So if youre an avid Topshop fan like myself you'll know that Topshop released their very own Makeup line yesterday. I was interested to hear reviews and such before I went to try out their products, because I really did not want to be wasting my moola on makeup that wasn't great yano?!


If youre a fan of Topshop on Facebook, you may have been updated that their website only moments ago launched a Virtual Makeover application. (Yes Im on the ball!)

It allows you to upload a picture of yourself and test out the makeup on your face to see what colours suit! Its quite ingenious really. So I had some fun with it and voila!

Here's a pic of my 'virtual makeover'. :)


And After:

haha :) Trés realistic!

If you want to try it out for yourself just clicky

Have a lovely friday! :)


  1. Oh I really want to try their makeup (: but I'm not sure I want to spend $15 for shipping and handling, I think it's best to wait on reviews like you said to see if it's worth it

  2. You are gorgeous! This reminds me of those barbie makeover things haha I used to play with those alll the time :) xx

  3. Oh this looks like fun. I too would love to try their products, but read reviews first. I wonder if they'd send us some products for free if we reviewed them on our blogs. If you find any reviews please let me know.