April Ins and Outs

Hello sweets, apologies for lack of posts, I really just haven't been feeling the best and am in dire need of a big hug! :(
For this months ins and outs I am going to compile them altogether because a) I am a teeny weeny bit lazy and b) organisation was never my strong point. :)
  • Cleaning and re-organising my 'vanity'. Actually no its my dressing table. I despise the word 'vanity'. Anywho :) I sorted it all out and realised I need a bigger storage area for skincare and makeup in particular. Must get on that soon.
  • DIY Lip Scrub - Sugar and olive oil is all you need and it gets rid of dry flaky skin on the lips to make them look nice again :)
  • Fixed my GHD! Halleluiah.
  • Skin Spritz's - My personal faves are No.7's Really Reviving Skin Spritz and Evian's Face Mist, perfect for that dewy refreshed "im never tired" look.
  • Simple Breakfasts - Tasty and delicious, and whipped up in a flash. Poached eggs on toast and tropical fruit salad are just the ticket to get set up for the day.
  • Planning my 21st :) So much to do but I love it!
  • Ricecakes - OMG


  • Lack of money to buy necessities - Yes mom a €33 foundation IS a neccessity! :P
  • End of college exams! - HATE HATE HATE!
  • Im leaving Ireland for the summer! Although im excited I may not have internet access for youtube vids/blog posts etc.. GAH!
  • Contantly feeling lethargic/run down.. What is wrong with me?!?!
  • Clogged pores - Seriously peeving me off.

Hope youre all having a lovely bank hol weekend :) xx

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